She Is Nice

Alex’s pov

"Vanessa shut up and stay away from my personal life, ok” I said while yelling 

"No it's not ok.
Alex she is really worried" she shouted back

"If she was and is than why she left without even talking to me once?
” I asked

"Because she thought you would be hurt"she replied while in the same tone

"Not again” I said rolling my eyes

"Yes she knows that if she came to meet you will be hurt because you are addicted to her in very short time and also she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from going.
Alex she love you so much more than her own daughter who is just of nine years, she loves you more than her family and her work but she had to go to give time to her family and her job. Her intentions wasn’t wrong she doesn’t wanted to hurt you, she just can't see you sad that is why she left like that. She is really worried she called you more than 20 times and see she is countinously calling you I think you should talk to her once, please” she explained 

I thought for a while and looked at her I took the phone from her hand and called her.
As soon as the phone was picked up 

"Are u okay?
Has something went wrong? Is your legs paining?"she ask in a go with panic voice

“Mom relax I am fine” I replied with a smile

Vanessa was looking at me with shocking face after the world Mom even I was too shocked

Alex have you called me mom?"she asked me

"Why don’t you like it?
” I asked 

"No I don't like it, I love it my son” she said with excitement 

" I asked

"Yes Alex really"she said

"Ok then tell me why you left without even saying bye?
" I asked with sad pout

"Because I knew that if I came to meet you, you would be sad just that’s why.
Alex my work was really important otherwise I would have never left you alone” she said 

"Mom I already know the reason” I said looked at Vanessa

"she asked

"Your nurse told me, seriously if she haven’t told me I wasn't and will not answer your call” I replied while giving her smile the same smile 

"Really, So she is teaching you?
” she asked 

"Yes, she is.
" I said unknowingly

"So now tell me how is she?
Isn’t she good,caring,nice, beautiful and cute?" She again asked

"She is...
nice, very nice” I said to which she give me a smile while looking at me

"Oh so you should give solute to my choice right?
"she said

“Ya ya why not” I said

"Ok Alex I have to go to check the patients, you take care of yourself I will come after 3 to 4 days ok my son"she said to which a smile on my face becomes more huge

"Really, that's amazing” I said with so much happiness

"Ok then bye"she cuts the call and I first look at Vanessa than drink water 

"You were right, she was really worried” I said with a smile

"I told you” she said back with a smile

"Thanks” I said 

" she asked 

Like seriouly she is behaving like she don't know what I am talking about

"For giving me a right lecture” I said while she chuckled 

"It's ok, now come I will will you" she said and helped me to reach my room

Vanessa’s pov

It was almost 8pm, I after preparing the food and washing the dishes came in his room to see him again sleeping.
Oh god how can someone sleep so much? He don’t have anything to do expect this? 

"Alex" I shouted because I know he will not listen in a low voice

"Now what?
" He asked in a sleepy voice like seriously? He is really childish

"Dinner" I said with a bit angriness

"Ya ok"he after saying this sits straight waiting for me to put the tray in front of him and I after putting it went out but after couples of minutes he shouted

"Oh god miss Vanessa Scott I want water” he said while shouting, this bastard is again ordering like I am his servant

"Coming" I shouted back

Come on Vanessa give him water.
I after filling the water in the glass along with the jug went in his room 

"Take this" he was going to hheld and I left it thinking he would have held it.
I was going but I slipped and the water from the jug fell on him along with the water in the glass. I looked at him with shocking expressions. 

"What th-" he was going to yell when I interrupted him

"I am sorry, really really sorry it was by mistake" I said in calm/panic voice but deep inside I was controlling my laughs "one second” I rush towards the cupboard and comes back with a shirt in my hand "wear this, the water is so cold.
You will catch cold” I said while offering him shirt but here his monster wakes up

"Did I said you to give me you opinions?
I don't want it get out" I was shocked to listen him. What is the meaning of I don’t want it? But I also becomes angry and throwing the shirt on his face I left the room

Its late almost 3am I was so worry for him because the water was really cold.
What if he gets ill?

After thinking too much I decided to went in his room to check him weather he changed his shirt or not but when I comes to his room I saw him and again like again sleeping without changing his shirt 

I went towards him with low footsteps and checked his forehead and thankgod he hasn’t gotten fever but his shirt was still wet

I went close to him sitting besides him I starts unbuttoning his shirt and he moves a bit but his next move made me shocked he moving a bit held me from my waist and pull me closer just like he is dreaming 

I tried alot to come out of his grip but failed so I unbottoned his shirt in that position only and tried to pull it down but failed.
He hugged me more tightly and I was shocked my head was resting in his chest. 

Suddenly I listened his heartbeat it was like a music his heart was beating fast.
I rested my head properly and closing my eyes I slept listening that beat

Alex’s pov

I woke up due to the sun rays falling in my eyes but after realising the weight on my chest I opened my eyes to see none other than Vanessa.
I looked at my shirt which was unbuttoned. I was confused and shocked. Many questions starts running in my mind.

What was she trying to do?
Why she is here and why she is sleeping like this? And also I am hugging her What is happening dude?

Suddenly I realises her breath on my heart, her lips were touching my heart. I felt something, this is first time I am feeling like this and I am not stopping myself from this? what no no Alex stop what are you thinking, just remember she is your nurse only nurse nothing else

I held her tightly unknowingly and she wakes up I was looking at her when her eyes met mine there was an eye lock.
I move little up till her face looking at her lips. My hear was beating faster 

"Alex" she said in a husky voice and I came out in reality.
I left her and she immediately gets up and was about to run

"Listen I am hungry" I said while changing the topic

"Ok" she said and ran out 

What happened to me, what was I doing, what she must be thinking about you? Wait but what she was doing here last night. I was thinking all this when she came inside with a tray

"Alex your breakfast" she said while smiling and I was totally seeing her with serious face

"What you were doing in my room last night?
" I asked her in a serious tone

I wa... I was...I came to change your shirt"she replied with nervousness and I smirked

"Oh really?
You were here to change my shirt when I was sleeping?” I asked to tease her and she rolled her eyes while smiling

"It was because I don’t want you to catch cold nothing else" she said with bit angriness and I smiled at her

"Thankyou" I said

“It’s ok"she replied and went out while I just smiled at her

By: Shiza Fatima 

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