Something new

I turned my face up to give her answer but I was shock to see. I firslty get out of my mind but coming back to reality I realised what just happened. I was fully wet from head to toe I looked at her while she was laughing holding the empty jug in her hand, she is died I swear "Lizard you are going to die" I said while she ran from there while I too run behind her 

We were running around the bed whenever I was going to held her she ran fastly and I loose her.
After two to four runs we get tired, we were breathing heavily just than I realised that she wasn’t looking at me. I went close to her without any noise and held her "finally I got you now what?" I said

"Ok I am sorry now leave me you are so wet" she said pushing me away but as she is little poor girl she is able to do

"Really and who is responsible for this" I asked but she was just pushing again and again and unfortunately after two to three attempts she won but she pushed me with a force that we fallen on bed 

I was now on top of her and I looked in her eyes, dark brown eyes in which my reflection was clearly visible 

‘Wait what no, what the hell Alex, what are you thinking stop thinking about this lizard as she nothing else accept of your nurse so kindly it's a request my stupid mind stop thinking like that as she nothing less than a lizard’ I said to my mind

"Alex stand up, you are so heavy" she said due to which I came back to reality 

I think I should check myself to doctor as I am really talking to myself, Alex you need a treatment maybe

"What if I say no" I smirked because I am on her and without my permission she can't even move

"Alex leave me please" oh look she pleaded really and that to me?
Me ‘The great Alex’ Strange but she has to pay back for doing this stupid joke with me but not like this so what to do?what to do? Yup it will be funny. I held her from her arms and drag her towards bathroom

"Alex leave me why you took me here?
" Oh so she still didn't get it? "stop smirking otherwise I will surely kill you" just listen her so called threatening, like I am scared of her

"Oh I am scared my little lizard please don't kill me huh your anger my foot" saying so I just turn on the shower 

She was trying to loose my grift on her arms but poor soul I start coming close to her and she was just looking at me.
I went close to her and putting my hand on her face I start caressing it and after few seconds she herself jerk my hand away

"You stupid donkey leave me you surely have to pay for this I will tell to mam just leave me" she is still trying to blackmail me

"Ya ya, do whatever you want first call me by my name with respect until then I won’t leave you" I said taking the opportunity 

"Aww respect...
" she stopped and come close 

"my foot leave me You monkey" what monkey? Damn it how come she find new names 

"No dear you have to otherwise stay here only" I said cutely

"Alexxx leave me" she said in irritation 

"Not like that, coldly look kAlex leave me please’ like this now say" 

"In you dreams" she said rolling her eyes, she is really stubborn 

"No you have to otherwise stay here for hours" I said 

"Alex leave me please" did she really said?

“What I didn’t heard say again” I said teasing her

“I will chop your face you dinosaur” she said 

“Are you saying or not?
” I asked seriously 

“Alex please leave me” she said cutely 

"Ok lizard" saying so I turned off the shower and she left but stopped and turned back

"You are still a monkey you Dinosaur" showing her tongue she left and I nodded my head in disbelief 

" I heard her scream and smirked, so dear it was my real revenge I smiled and ran out

"What happened" I asked acting innocently 

"Alexxx, what is this?
” She asked while turning and I seeing her starts laughing


I just turn on the shower while she was just trying to loose my grift on her arms but poor soul.
I was looking at her when my eyes went towards the toothpaste I start coming close to her and she was just looking at me. I went close to her applying the paste on my hand I put my hands on her face and starts caressing it 

Flashback end

"So how was my revenge Lizard?
" I asked laughing

"What revenge?
seriously Alex you are such a kid" and here again she starts that kid and all

"I am not, just leave it" saying so I went towards the cupboard and taking the clothes went to take the shower.
Turning it on I closed my eyes to firstly see my friends

 I open my eyes with a shock why they suddenly came in front of me?
Are they alright?  what if they are not save? I need to meet them but how I don’t even remember their phone numbers? 

Taking the shower I went out but she was not here anymore, I sat on bed and took out the album of us my friends and my parents. I have made it with my own hands. I opened it and starts looking the photos, my family, my friends. I just want to meet them but I can't as my parents are no more with me anymore and my freinds I don't know where they are my eyes filled with sudden tears. 

I am missing them, missing them so much, I felt  her presence behind me.
I wiped my tears before she see me"what are you doing here?" I asked 

By: Shiza Fatima 

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