Chapter 31

Emily’s POV

He pushed me up against the wall, holding my hands with one of his. His other hand was placed my hip in a tight grip. I know he was leaving marks behind, on purpose. He wanted me to remember his hands, his lips, and his face for the rest of my life.

I wish I could tell him that I would never forget him, but I didn't want to scare him. I also couldn't say if he was angry because I'm leaving or simply because I didn't tell him. He was breathing into my ear, and other then our arms and his hand on my hip, we weren't touching.

I tried to move closer but his hand on my hip was strong and kept me against the wall. "I'm so mad at you." He stated as if I didn't know that. I just wish he would explain why, but he didn't say anything for another few seconds.

"But don't worry. I remember our agreement when you leave, I won't ask you to stay. We'll just have to make this night and the rest of the time we have memorably." He started kissing from my ear down to my neck, sucking on the sweet spot behind my ear and nibbling the muscle on my shoulder.

My legs went into a liquid state and if it wasn't for the fact that he let my hands go, so I could cling to him, I would have sunken to the ground. A breathy moan left my lips as he continued to nibble on my collarbone.

Alexei moved back up to my ear where he whispered, "I'm going to kiss you until the only name you will ever taste is mine." He then quickly moved down my collarbone to the valley between my breasts. They were heavy with need and my nipples hard with lust.

He started pulling my shirt over my head, the cold air covered my body and I shiver. He placed kisses over my bra before unclipping them and sucking on my nipples. The hot and cold air made me squirm. He stayed there for a few minutes before pulling my jeans and panties down.

I quickly undressed him, because I could no longer wait for our naked bodies to be against each other. I sighed in relief when his hot body pressed against mine. I could feel every groove and ridged muscle.

His forefinger ran along my sleek slit, in a teasing manner. He wasn't pressing hard enough to make me come or give me any amount of pleasure. I moaned into his neck and thrust my hips forward, hoping to feel more pressure, but Alexei expected it and pulled his fingers away.

I was starting to get frantic, I could feel how wet I was and I knew with just a little pressure, and he would bring me my release. He helped me wrapped my legs around his waist before carrying me to the bed.

With him on top of me and my hips wide open, I could feel his hard member pressing itself against my opening. All Alexei had to do was slip his hands between my legs and press himself into me. Alexei groaned as if he was in pain. I knew he wanted to make me beg but I wasn't going to do that.

When he finally started entering me, he pressed his thumb against my clit. The pressure was so good that it almost hurt. I was sobbing helplessly, wanting him to simply thrust hard and be inside of me. I would only be satisfied once he was settled deep inside and I could feel him all over.

He stretched me with his slow thrust, in and out, not fully entering or leaving me empty. I scratched my nails down his back and a soft scream left my lips as he gave one final thrust. With little to none foreplay, even my own wetness didn't help with the burn.

It felt like he has never been this deep. I could feel him nudge my clit as he rolled his hips, getting comfortable in a way that left me breathless. Once he was settled he simply stopped moved and kissed my neck once again.

I tried moving my hips for friction but he was heavy. "I am going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before, I'll leave you unable to think, only feel & be lost in the moment, to lose yourself & reach orgasms like never before."

With his words he started moving, at first, it was slow and gentle. Then out of nowhere, he started moving faster and thrusting harder. The feeling was painful but also pleasurable. This was his way of marking me because I knew that no matter how far we were, I would always remember this night.

Every time I came close to a release he would stop and smirk against my skin. I wanted to roll us over so I could take control, because with him in control this was punishment fuck. When he stopped for the fifth time I bite into his shoulder and shouted. A tear ran down my cheeks because I was so close.

If you asked I wouldn't be able to tell you if I hated Alexei for making me wait or loved him even more for being able to control my body the way only he could. I was once again close and I was already preparing myself for the movement to stop but when it didn't and he pressed his thumb to my clit, I felt myself clench around him

"Not Yet, I want to hear your beg." It felt like an invisible line that I was about to pass before freezing. He had more control over my body then I would admit to anyone. If he said wait, my body wasn't going to give in to the release.

As I figured this out I moaned in painful pleasure, "Please Alexei!" It was a half-shout half-whisper. He thrust a few more times, before placing a kiss on my lips. When he pulled away and whispered, "Come" my body shattered into a million pieces. The orgasm was the best I'd ever had.

He found his release with a shout while fisting my hair. Once he emptied himself inside of me He placed an open mouth kiss on my neck before kissing my lips. The kiss didn't last long and soon he pulled away and out of me.

Alexei stood up and walked to the bathroom, "Wait, let me get a towel." I was too tired to move my lips to form a word, there was no way in hell that I would be able to move from this spot. Alexei cleaned me up with a hot towel. Before plopping down on the bed.

Once I regained the ability to move I looked up at me before crawling onto his lap. I placed my hands on his neck holding on tight. I kissed him long and deep with my legs locked around him hard. I didn't want to let him go, not for anything.

But I had to.

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