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Alexei or Don Volkov is known for his ruthless actions against those that defy his family and his codes. And you know what they say, "Heavy is the head that wears the crown."

For once in his life, he wishes he didn't have to carry so much responsibility. He doesn't want to be alone anymore, he wants the type of love his parents had but with enemies coming at him in every direction, the last thing he needs is to find someone to care about.

And then Emily enters his life.

Emily Kloss, world traveler, aspiring travel blogger, and future heir of Kloss Industries. She's seen all of America and almost all of Europe. She's lived the life she's always wanted but now responsibilities are catching up to the Heiress.

With a Family-Legacy comes a lot of responsibility and that is why Visiting Moscow, Russia would be her last solo trip. Because once she comes back, her life will exist out of board meetings and an arranged marriage.

2 People, from totally different places, from different backgrounds and different id



is there a 2 book

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Shannen Chelsea V Booth

I need more

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That was great ! Did anyone find out if there was going to be a second book?

2022/5/31 Reply

Alex Musker

Is there going to be book 2 or

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Kristin Cobb

I need a book 2 ASAP!

2022/1/26 Reply

MJhanzy Agader

is there a book 2 of this?

2021/12/7 Reply

Danielle Beam Sabins

awesome book. I think it needs a few more chapters like does he go after her or does she really marry someone she's not in love with

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Oluwafunmilola Oyawole


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Joy Katongo

Really nice

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