Chapter 24

Emily’s POV

I woke in a dark room. For a second I was back in the basement and wondering if it all was a dream that Alexei rescued me. Then something moved next to me and I hoped it wasn’t the man from the farmhouse.

I slowly turned my head to the side, groaning from the pain that radiated from my shoulder and looked up at the beautiful sleeping face of Alexei. My heart rate started slowing down and a smile made its way on my face.

I was saved. It wasn’t a dream.

The pain in my shoulder took my mind of Alexei for a second and I looked at the table next to the bed, seeing a couple of pills and a glass of water. Struggling to sit upright with just one arm, I laid my head back against the headboard.

I then shifted to move closer to the table and grabbed the pills. Without a second thought, I downed them with the glass of now room temperature water. “Are you okay?” My head bobbed to where Alexei was now looking up at me.

His eyes were heavy and his voice hoarse. A shiver ran down my spine and I simply nodded, not being able to say anything. He continued to stare at me before sitting up straight next to me. “I was worried. When you were gone and the strange message on my phone.

I looked down at my lap, still unable to say a word. The water that felt soothing earlier, now made my throat dry. I looked around the room and only then felt the amazingly soft mattress under my body. “Where are we?

Alexei looked around the room before pointing at the glass, “Drink. We are at my mother’s house in Saint Pietersburg.” The mention of his mom made me nervous. You weren’t supposed to meet the mother of the person you were casually sleeping with.

I downed the rest of the glass before nodding and shifting to get off the bed, “Where are you going?” I frowned at Alexei and pointed at one of the 4 doors in the room. I could see that one lead to a balcony and another one that had light under it was probably the one that leads out the room.

So pointing at one of the other two I hoped was the bathroom he raised an eyebrow with an amused smirk on his face, “The Closet?” I rolled my eyes and pointed at the other one. “Oh, the bathroom. Why don’t you just use your words?

My face set in a resting bitch face and he chuckled under his breath. His eyes then blazed hot as he trailed them down my body. I could feel the wind coming in from the balcony and refused to look down. If I was correct, which I hoped not, I was only wearing his shirt and I could feel my nipples pebble under the cold materiel.

Alexei saw me trying to avoid looking down and he chuckled once more. He raised an eyebrow and smirked, “You look good in my shirt.” I winced in annoyance because now I couldn’t stop myself from looking down.

And yes, I was dress in only his black button-up shirt and my lace panties that I wore the day I got kidnapped. “Really?” I whispered, afraid my throat would hurt if I spoke any louder. Alexei got up from the bed and walked closer.

He was so close I could feel the heat radiating from his body. He ran one hand down the side of my body that was wounded and leaned in to whisper into my ear. “If you weren’t injured I would have had you against a wall, with that sexy legs wrapped around my hips.

My body contracted in lust. Mr. Alexei wasn’t playing fair. My eyes trailed from his happy-trail, over his stone-carved abs up to that vein in his neck that drove me crazy, past those wet lips that I wanted to bite into his gorgeous ocean eyes.

“I, mister Alexei, am going to go pee. Can you leave me in peace?” I wanted to say something completely different, like take me against the bathroom wall, loud enough that your neighbors know what we are doing but my bladder was full and I couldn’t wait anymore.

Not waiting for him to reply I took the last few steps to the room he so kindly pointed out to be the bathroom. Shutting the door behind me I looked around at the bathroom.

There were 2 basins, a shower with 2 heads, and a bath that sat next to the toilet. I plopped down, almost forgetting about the pain in my shoulder as my body found the much needed release. Once done, I got back up and washed my one hand.

Staring up at the mirror my eyes grew with two sizes, how on earth, did that man want me against a wall while looking like a beat-up witch? My hair was standing in every direction, my lips cracked from I don’t even know what and with dark circles under my eyes.

There was nothing I could do to make myself look better with on hand, so I closed my eyes and counted to 10, hoping that when I exit, Alexei will be back in bed sleeping. My hopes were crushed when there was a tiny knock on the door, “Are you okay? Do you need some help?

I whimpered in displeasure and opened the door. Alexei was leaning against on side of the door, concern written in his eyes. “Do you have a brush?” I asked. Maybe if I ran one through my hair and then asked Alexei to help me tie it, I would already look better.

He nodded before entering the bathroom and opening on of the drawers under the basin. “Here.” I took the brush from him and then pulled the practically useless tie out of my hair. After combing it, Alexei helped me put it in a small pony and then lead me back to the bed.

“Relax, we’ll be here for a few days before going back to Moscow.” I nodded and laid back down on the bed. My brain didn’t want to shut off so I turned my head and looked over at Alexei. He had his arms crossed behind his head.

“Is your mother here?” I hoped not, because if she was and we were spending a few days here, there would be no way to avoid her. He looked at me with a soft smile on his lips and nodded.

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