Chapter 30

Alexei’s POV

I was seething mad. No, we hadn’t agreed that this was permanent but hearing Emily tell her mother she would be flying back home in just a few days was something that made me incredibly mad and hurt my heart.

It was too early to say that I love her but I could see it happening. I could see myself spending the rest of my days with her. But I guess she didn’t feel the same, because if she did we would have talked about this.

I’m sure that we could have convinced her father that she didn’t need to marry someone that she didn’t love. We could have convinced him that we would be great together and I could be a benefit to their family but she didn’t even think that was an option.

I guess that’s what made me mad. That she didn’t even consider the fact that maybe her father would agree to us. If in the end, he had said no I would have fought for her but also understood.

I downed my glass of Vodka as Emily came down the stairs. Even from a distance, I could see she felt uncomfortable, she looked out of place. Here between my friends where I dreamed she would stand and fit in, it turned out to be the exact opposite.

Emily was waiting at the end of the stairs as if she couldn’t decide what to do next. I turned my back on her and poured myself another glass, hoping this would cause her to rather walk to Octavia. I just wasn’t in the right mindset to talk rationally to her.

Octavia pulled Emily into a conversation with Adonis. I had to admit, the look he had in his eyes when he watched Emily, caused my fist to clench in anger. He had that look on his face he always made before he made his move.

Adonis sensed my eyes on him and his smirk disappeared. If Emily was any other girl, I wouldn’t have minded switching girls during the night but just think about his hands, or any other man’s hands on her body made me boil.

Adonis excused himself before walking in my direction and stopping next to the bar to pour himself another whiskey. “She’s someone special, isn’t she?” I glanced up at him in annoyance then at Emily who was now relaxing with Octavia before back at him.

“I thought so, but apparently to her, I’m not.” Adonis frowned and took a gulp of his drink, waiting for me to explain. “Don’t call me pussy whipped or anything but I care about her. More than I’ve ever cared about someone else. Like I could see us together, making whatever we have permanent. I thought she was feeling the same, but I caught her telling her mom that she was leaving in the next few days and heading back to London.

Adonis smirked and shook his head, “Then follow her man! I know between the 5 of us, you’re the sappy one, most likely to fall in love.” I poured a third finger in my glass before shaking my head.

“That’s the thing. I can’t. Long story short, Emily is engaged. It’s an arranged marriage. I thought for a few seconds we could convince her father to wait so we can be together. But she didn’t even talk to me about it. Like it wasn’t even a possibility for her.

I continued the story when Adonis had questions. By the end, he was flabbergasted and shocked. “Are you telling me, that if push came to shove, you would marry her?” I took a second before answering and then nodded.

“Not that it matters anymore. I just want to spend the evening with my friends, act like I’m not mad at the fact that she is leaving me, and then have sex with her to make her regret leaving me.

Adonis laughed loudly enough to draw Emily’s attention to us. I mockingly raised a glass and smirked at her. Yes, that was what I was going to do. I wasn’t going to beg her to stay, I was simply going to make sure that when she leaves, and she’ll regret it.

Emily had a weary smile on her face. I downed my glass once again and could feel the heat inside me. I poured another glass before walked to where Emily and Octavia were standing.

Adonis followed me and Natasha, his entourage, followed him. She clung to his arm as Emily and Octavia continued talking. Soon Giovanni, Valentine, and Gale joined the conversation. There wasn’t a second of quiet for the rest of the evening.

We ate our dinner that was served by a chef that always stayed at the lake house. The food, like always, was utterly delicious. The meat cooked to perfection and the vegetables soft and crispy at the same time.

The clock struck midnight but we continued talking. Valentine and Gale left the room to go upstairs and soon Adonis and Natasha followed. Apparently sometime along the evening Valentine and Adonis switched girls.

Adonis winked at me while his hand was pressed against Natasha’s ass. He was always the player of the pack but I felt unbelievably glad that my room wasn’t next to his. He could go all night, and I knew this from an experience in college and Natasha looked like a screamer.

By now I had started to sober up because if I was going to make Emily beg for more and would need to be fully alert and responsive. With each glass I drank earlier, I felt my anger towards Emily stay the same. I had hoped it grew less, but this was also to my advantage.

I knew that tonight would be rough and she would feel me the next morning and for days to come. I wrapped my arm around her body as the night grew to an end. She shivered into me. She glanced up in surprise when I slapped her ass in front of Octavia, which caused her to blush.

Octavia rolled her eyes and wished us goodnight. I could feel Emily’s body tense as she had no idea what to expect. I didn’t show on my face that I was angry or okay. It felt like she was stalling but soon we were both upstairs in our room.

The lamp was off but the natural light that the moon gave, sent a glow off her body. I craved every inch and curve of her body. And tonight I would make her mine for the last time.

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