Chapter 11

Emily’s POV

A few hours later I woke up with my head resting on Alexei’s chest. My naked leg was wrapped around his and I sighed in content. My body ached in places I didn’t even know existed. The sun wasn’t shining through the window yet so I glance at the clock.

3 am

I didn’t want to leave the heat but sleeping over would make this more intimate, which was something neither of us wanted. I untangled myself from him and got dressed. He moved to where my body was before relaxing again into the heat that stayed behind.

On my tippy toes, I walked into the living room to find a piece of paper. ‘Thanks for last night. I went back to my room. Let me know if you want to do something today.’ I wrote my number down and signed it with my name.

I couldn’t get to my room any sooner. My body heat was leaving and I was starting to freeze. I got into the very cold and very empty bed and surprisingly sleep quickly took over my body. Sex with Alexei was no joke. He could go 3 or 4 times before tiring out and my body was hurting waist down.

« • x • x • x • »


I stirred and snuggled deeper into my pillow while mumbling no, Hoping the offending sound that was taking me away from my dream would go away.


I sighed, knowing that I had to stand up and answer the door, “Coming!” I winced as I got out of the bed. My body hurt in an uncomfortable way. With heavy eyes and knotted hair, I opened the door. On the other side was Alexei.

“Good Morning sleepy head” I groaned and turned my back on him, walked back to the room, and fell face-first back onto the bed. “I guess I’ll just come in then.” I heard the door close. “I got you some coffee and ordered room service.

When I didn’t give him a reply he plopped down on the bed next to me and rubbed my back up and down. I sighed and simultaneously snuggled into my bed and closer to him. He chuckled and placed a kiss on my shoulder.

“Come on, it’s a new day and you’ve got lots of things to do.” I groaned before rolling over so I could watch him. Just then my phone lit up and Soldier by Samantha Jade rang through the room. I glance at the screen and then back at Alexei.

“I’ve got to take this.” He nodded and I grasped the phone and answered while standing up, “Hold on” I slipped on the gown that was hanging behind my door and walked onto the balcony. The air was freezing and my breath came out in white puffs.


“You’ve missed my call for the last 2 days, I’ve been worried” Rayon spoke on the other side.

“Sorry, I’ve been busy and tired at night. Is everything okay that side?

“Yeah, all good. Our moms are talking about the wedding.

“Oh, well it’s probably only going to happen much later this year.

“No, I know that’s what you want. They just want it to happen as soon as your back.

“Rayon, I’m not going to do it when I come back. I’ll need to spend time with you, we’ll have to move in together and get used to each other and the idea of being married. Maybe closer to the end of the year.

I could hear him breathing heavily on the other side. Then he sighed. “Is marrying me that bad?” I could hear his hurt over the phone. “Getting married is bad, marrying you makes it a bit easier but this isn’t about you. I don’t want to get married, but I have to.

Soon I ended the conversation, promising to send him photos. The door opened behind me and I looked up at Alexei. “Sorry, it was Rayon. I’ve been ignoring him.” Alexei nodded, “It’s all good, and breakfast is here.” Just then my stomach grumbled and Alexei chuckled.

We sat at the table in silence while eating. “What are your plans for the day?” I looked up at Alexei and shrugged. “Well, I have a few things I want to see before leaving Moscow at the end of the month.

He swallowed, “End of the month?” I nodded and took another bite of the amazing omelet. “Yeah, at the end of the month, I’m leaving for Saint Pietersburg and then Kaliningrad before going home.

“Oh, well I’ve got work to do today, but maybe I can take you to dinner tonight? Not a date, just dinner.” I finished my coffee and then answered, “Okay I’m going to see the Ural Buddhist Temple and the Giant Lenin Head today.

“Okay that good, how ‘bout we go away for the weekend, we can go to Sverdlovsk Oblast. Then we can snowmobile to Shunut Mountain.” I looked up at him and frowned, “A weekend away? Is that a good idea?

He nodded looking excited. “Yeah, think of it was a weekend with lots of Sex, Food, and Fun.” I laughed and then nodded, “Okay if the weekend exists mostly out of sex, it sounds like a good idea.” He grinned and winked.

“I’ve never even asked, what is it that you do for a living? Other than owning a hotel of course?” He smirked and I looked into his eyes. “Well, I have a hand in a lot of cookie jars. I own 3 hotels, and I’m co-owner of a Casino down in Saint Pietersburg. I do a lot of trading and selling things you know.

I nodded and forgot about the subject. I went to brush my teeth and then placed a kiss on Alexei’s cheek. “So, it’s still early. I’m going to stay in bed for another hour before getting ready and going out.” He glanced at his watch and then smirked up at me.

“I’ve got 30 minutes before I need to leave for work. Can you think of anything we can do?” I laughed and shook my head. “No, I can barely walk, there is no way we are doing the dirty and please you can’t just do one round.

Alexei laughed and winked, “I can think of one thing to do.” He took me to the bed and sat me down on the corner.” He pulled my shirt off and kissed down my neck and sucked on my nipples. I moaned and pleasure. Shit, he knew how to use his mouth and tongue.

It was quick and dirty, he pulled my pants off and went down on me. I rested on my back, my eyes rolled back into my head as he entered me with his tongue. He traced circles with his tongue in all the right places and sucked on my clit. It wouldn’t be long before I found my release.

He played with my nipples as my body clenched around his tongue. He drew his face away and blew a soft but cold breathe out and the feeling sent me spiraling. He liked up my release, not missing a drop. When he stood up, I was out of breath and couldn’t move my body.

He grinned before playing a kiss on my forehead before leaving the room. It took a few minutes before I could stand and the only reason I attempted to was that the smell of food was wavering into my room from the living area.

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