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Multiple Grammy Winner Neo Ringing in the New Year with his Significant Other in India!

PR agency of the international music star Neo has confirmed that he is no longer single!

He is dating an Indian born non-celebrity Ms.Aarohi Ayesha, who is currently an International Relations Major at Stanford University.

Ms.Aarohi hails from Delhi where she lives with her younger brother and their stepmother.

If insiders are to be believed, the couple have not known each other long. Yet the instant connection between the two convinced them to take the leap of faith!

As of right now there is no mention of marriage, but then Ms.Aarohi is only 19 years old while Neo is just 20.

They’ll be back to their college & work respectively in the New Year after the holidays.

We have it on good authority that both the families are happy for the much in love couple, though ‘mother of the groom’ took some extra convincing. But in the end, true love prevailed!

Here’s wishing the new couple a Very Happy New Year and a lifetime of togetherness!

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The events at the New Year party had let the cat out of the bag that left scratches on the furniture!

Who knew that Nevil’s cousin Kareena will turn out to be Amit’s college friend who would invite her elder cousin to accompany her to Amit’s New Year bash!

A party that Nevil had agreed to attend because he needed a distraction from missing Aarohi too much!

A shindig that Aarohi had helped set-up and was planning to attend because she needed a distraction from missing Nevil too much!

A dressed down Nevil had, upon entering, claimed a slightly darkened corner of the charming house for himself. From here he could witness the on-going party, undisturbed.

After sometime, Aarohi too had withdrawn to the same corner, but to regroup.

Unintentionally finding themselves in the same space after an unbearable interval of a few hours, their emotions had broken all floodgates to rush towards each other, uninhibitedly!

About to leave her teenagers-filled house in the capable hands of her two step-children, Neeta had quite suddenly yet instinctively decided to approach that particular corner.

To say that finding her straight-laced step-daughter ‘In Flagrante Delicto’ had shocked her speechless, would be an understatement of the century!

To find her accomplice to be the international music star who had become a recent favourite of the tabloids because of his decision to visit India and the consequent lost and found story, was just too much for her!

The party had effectively wrapped up once the smelling salts had been called to action!

FaceTime, multiple phone calls, and several hundred messages later, the two families finally accepted that despite their age, their children’s feelings are not only genuine but strong too!

They got their blessings with strict instructions to behave themselves from now on, knowing it was a futile warning but still doing their utmost in upholding their parental duty!

Quietly leaving the families to continue with their chit-chat, the young couple escaped to the tiki torch lit backyard for some alone time.

It felt amazing to hold hands while standing under the star-studded night sky!

Nevil was so happy that he couldn’t stop himself from humming a song of his, its words suddenly full of meaning, for both of them!

Our meeting was by chance,

And the love at first glance.

You might consider it too soon,

But my meeting you is a boon.

You might consider it a lie,

But I'm looking for the red string tie.

So Baby don’t fret,

I’m not done with you yet!

I know you are feeling unsure,

But my heart is already on your side,

This, right now, is IT for me,

For this lifetime and more!

So Baby don’t fret,

I’m not done with you yet!

All this is new for me as well,

Yet it doesn’t feel like it’s recent,

It’s like we’ve been destined,

To meet and always be together!

So Baby don’t fret,

I’m not done with you yet!

Coming together naturally, they slowly started swaying to the synchronized beats of their hearts!

The End!

P.S. Original Lyrics, not copied from anywhere :)

P.P.S. Though this marks The End of the Main Text, there is a part more to go. Consider it an Epilogue of sorts...

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