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Breaking News: Rockstar Neo disappears from Mumbai’s International Airport!

In an unexpected turn of events, winner of 2 Grammys; Best New Artist, and Song of The year 2019, pop star Neo has gone missing from Mumbai’s International Airport! His disappearance has created quite a sensation!

He was last seen at the airport’s baggage claim area in his signature all-black ensemble of ripped jeans, fringed leather jacket, and ankle length leather boots, sporting a cap & shades.

His sudden disappearance from the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, has created quite a stir among the local & international community!

The I&B Minister, Ms.Sneha Irani has charged the Mumbai police with the responsibility of doing a thorough investigation in this case! She has promised positive results within 48 hours!

The local police have assured his frantic family & fans that they are treating this case as their top priority & that they will find the missing music star at the earliest.

They have appealed to the public to not create panic and to instead assist them in the search.

The US Consulate and the Indian Home Ministry have issued a joint statement offering assurances to Neo’s family & lending support to the local police in their search for Neo.

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Before his departure, Neo’s dad had handed him two tickets, one from LA to Mumbai & another from Mumbai to Delhi.

Unsurprised at his dad’s as always thoughtful gesture, Neo had still been touched by his dad’s understanding.

Even though he was going incognito and on a personal trip, a certain amount of subterfuge was still required.

No matter how diligent his security team and their preparations are, there are always people who manage to infiltrate that many layers of protection!

He had many fans in India and abroad and they were a mixed bag indeed. Though most of them were only interested in him because of his art, quite a few of them in comparison, belonged to a whole different spectrum altogether!

These fans had no limits when it came to him and were wholly capable of finding out not only his itinerary, but his minute-by-minute movement.

That was why he has gotten in the habit of employing devious means to reach where he is supposed to go!

With his dad taking care of things for his first ever visit to India, he knew things will be nothing short of perfect.

Besides the travel arrangements, his dad had also instructed him on how to proceed once he lands in Mumbai.

He knew that he would be ‘ditching’ his retinue at Mumbai airport and then travelling alone to Delhi!

The staff accompanying him would be staying back in Mumbai while he would be proceeding to Delhi without them.

For weeks Neo had been so excited at the prospect of actually travelling alone in a foreign land!

Thanks to his dad, he would get to experience how people felt when they eloped/ventured solo out in the world.

He had been conscientious about preparing a backpack accordingly. It contained all his IDs and travel documents with hard and digital backups & a couple of sets of change of clothes!

Overkill but it was better to be prepared than be sorry!

Guess his excess preparations didn’t turn out to be entirely fruitless afterall!

Because the moment he landed in Mumbai, he found out about the ‘leak’ regarding his arrival in India.

Somehow, many of his ‘die-hard fans’ had managed to accost the area from where he was supposed to catch his connecting flight to Delhi.

That meant that he would have to change his plans and catch a different flight directly from the departure area.

It was decided that his staff would continue with their plans to stay in Mumbai as previously thought of.

Seeing a chance, Neo sneaked into the empty Men’s washroom near the baggage claim area with his carryon and quickly changed into a simple white tee, blue jeans, & sneakers.

For good measure, he ruffled his hair and plugged silent headphones into his ears.

Then casually sauntering towards the exit, he left the ‘Arrivals’ openly, amidst the fan frenzy

Once outside, he seeked directions & raced towards the departure gates to try his luck in getting the earliest connection to Delhi.

But in his haste, right at the Departure Gates, he crashed into another person.

Reflexively preventing their fall, he then found himself drowning in a pair of deliciously deep chocolate colored eyes, clearly reflecting his own image back to him!

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