A Series of Fortunately Unfortunate Incidents

Part 1

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Grammy Winner To Ring in the New Year in India!

Winner of 2 Grammy awards, Song of the Year for ‘I’m Not Done With You Yet’ and Best New Artist 2019, the rising pop sensation, 20 year old NEO, is heading to India this holiday season!

Alas! It’s not an official visit but a personal reconnaissance trip. Born & brought-up in the US, apparently the young music star wants to commune with his roots. As per our sources, he is looking to imbibe the vibrant culture of his parents' birth country into his songs!

In 5 short years, this young yet talented singer songwriter has managed to make us all sit & take notice of his artistry.

His foot tapping winning number ‘I’m Not Done With You Yet’ is on everyone’s playlist!

Despite his success, he’s still as humble & as shy as he was when he was a novice in showbizz.

We wish the young star success in his journey of self-discovery!

Stay connected with us as we bring you more glimpses of his Indian voyage!

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Neo was pissed! His quiet visit to his ill grandmother in Delhi had just turned into a media circus & he knew who was responsible for it...his own mother!

In spite of being a brilliant dentist & running a successful practice with his dad, his mom’s propensity to act before thinking had not changed at all!

He knew that she had done this thinking she was promoting him, but this wasn’t what he had wanted right now!

In today’s time, being ‘visible’ and showing your ‘real self’ was also a part of being an artist.

But this visit wasn’t linked to his professional needs at all. This was purely a personal visit that he had wanted to undertake for his own self!

After so many years of struggle, his hard work had finally paid off! He had wanted to celebrate this win with his family. But since his grandmother couldn’t travel due to ill health he had decided to kill two birds with one stone; visit her in Delhi & meet his aunt & her family, and see & experience the country of his origin!

He had just wanted some quiet time with his paternal family in India.

But now, thanks to his mom, that seemed like a distant dream because with his anonymity gone, he’ll be completely housebound in India!

Times like these made him doubt his mom’s intelligence. He knows she knew the true purpose of his visit to India and still she did this!

Most probably, she had published his intenary to instigate her side of the family who had ostracized her after her marriage to dad.

But doing things like synching the media on him was not the way to go!

However, the time to explain this to her was not now. He had bigger problems to worry about.

He was stuck here on the airport, all alone and without any sort of protection.

He had to first come up with a plan to escape from here unscathed and unrecognized. Then ensure that he doesn’t get followed because he didn’t want his unwell grandmother to bear the brunt of his fame in her condition!

The rest he will work out when the time comes.

But first things first, let's escape!

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