Part 4

Mumbai Times


Breaking News: Spotted! Neo on a Road Trip with a Mystery Girl!

Neo, the Indian origin international pop star who had recently gone missing from the Mumbai airport has apparently been spotted in Vadodara, Gujrat!

Some eyewitnesses claim to have seen him on the Mumbai Surat highway in a blue colored Chevy. Observers have alleged that he isn’t travelling alone but is accompanied by a mystery girl!

Who is she? Why is Neo with her? Where are they going?

We don’t know!

We still have no information or confirmation regarding the lady’s identity or her relation to the international music star, on a visit to India for the first time ever.

Till now no official statement has been made by Neo’s family, the Mumbai police, and the US Consulate regarding this matter!

Interestingly, the Mumbai Surat highway connects Gujarat to Rajasthan. We wonder if that is the final destination or just a stop over to somewhere else!

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The discreet cough of a passerby had brought both Neo & Aarohi out of their individual dream-like state.

Embarrassed, they had simultaneously begun babbling about flights and travels and Delhi and that’s when they had realized that they were both headed in the same direction - Delhi!

The only difference was that Neo was flying there while Aarohi was driving down!

Perceiving there was a once in a lifetime opportunity here that shouldn’t be missed, Neo made a split second decision.

He immediately proposed a joint road trip with shared costs.

To a stunned speechless Aarohi he explained that since this was his first visit to India he would like to experience the country more closely than an aeroplane allowed!

Besides, entangling with her had already made him miss his flight.

Considering they were both going to the same place, travelling together with her made perfect sense!

It was the most ideal solution actually!

Even though he changed his mind within a fraction of a second, Neo very capably offered up the excuses...urmmm...explanation to Aarohi.

He handed over all his IDs to a still speechless Aarohi.

Instinctively trusting that the person proposing such an insane idea was actually not a mad man, psycho killer, or more, Aarohi too made a split-second decision and accepted Neo’s proposition!

Besides, she did feel a bit guilty about him missing his flight, though she wasn’t wholly responsible for them crashing into each other and falling into a classic Bollywood pose!

Since Aarohi had already planned the route and Neo was the last minute passenger, she explained to him the route they would be taking.

The mapped out route was as follows: Mumbai AIrport - Surat - Vadodara - Halol - Godhra - Udaipur - Ajmer - Jaipur - Delhi.

The idea was to cover the 23 hr, 1,394 Km journey, over the course of the next 3 days, while taking appropriate breaks along the way.

“Nevil Khanna”, Neo extended his hand to formally introduce himself. “Aarohi Ayesha”, placing her hand in his, replied Aarohi.

And thus began the adventure!

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