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Neo Plays Hooky! Runs Away from the airport to Meet Mystery Girl?

It is good news for his family and all his fans worldwide that the young pop star is in no danger!

Multiple Grammy winner, international music star Neo is believed to have escaped his minders at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, to meet up with a girl!

Though his whereabouts are still not confirmed, it can be safely said that his running-away was all pre-planned.

Eagle eyes have spotted the duo driving a blue Chevy along the Mumbai - Gujarat - Rajasthan highway. It is speculated that the two are heading towards Delhi where Neo’s grandmother lives with her widowed daughter & granddaughter.

Eyewitnesses also claim to have seen the two enjoying impromptu dates at the various eateries along the highway!

Does this mean this relationship is an old one and soon wedding bells might be heard? Will it be as dramatic as this courtship seems to be? Only time will tell!

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The moment Neo/Nevil had bumped into Aarohi, it had felt like a wish, that he didn’t even remember making, coming true!

His heart had rejoiced her arrival and now his soul feared her departure!

From the moment he had looked into those smoky quartz colored eyes, he had known that he was home.

The road trip was an added bonus! The conversations were as profound as were the silences.

There was no need for pretense, no need to act….with her he could be himself and know that he would not be judged!

He knew some would consider 20 to be too young to know, but the age didn’t matter when the heart knows!

And his heart knew that all that had happened till now was because he was supposed to meet her!

Aarohi had already met Nevil, now it was time to introduce Neo to her. Hopefully, she won’t hate him as much as she hated his award winning song!

Aarohi knew she needed to get her brain checked!

She couldn’t believe the things she was doing! It felt like it was happening to someone else while she was watching the whole thing slack jawed from the sidelines!

The whole thing felt so surreal! She had let a stranger’s Onyx eyes talk her into taking him along, across the country, in her car!

But then he didn’t feel like a stranger. From the moment they had met, it felt like it was meant to be.

They had talked and laughed and it had felt like they’ve known each other for ages, and maybe they have….known each other lifetimes!

She knew at 19 she should be thinking about her future and not getting sidetracked by romance.

But the fact was, Nevil wasn’t a distraction. His presence motivated her to not ever give up and to always look and move ahead!

Nevil had already met Aarohi Ayesha, now it was time to introduce Aarohi Mehta to him. She trusted him enough to know that he’ll accept her along with her twisted tormented past!

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