Aarohi Ayesha

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Aarohi hadn’t known how to react when Nevil had told her that he was the ‘Neo’ that she had been cursing and criticizing for the better part of their 3 day journey from Mumbai to Delhi!

She had had no reason not to believe him!

She was just mad at herself for not recognizing him sooner!

Why hadn’t she?

Since Dev had discovered Neo, he had done everything but cosmetic surgery to look like his idol!

The anger at herself had then turned to anger at Nevil/Neo!

Had this been fun for him? Had he been laughing at her naivety this whole time?

Nevil had known and instead of stopping her then and there, he had let this charade play out this long!

A solid kick to his shins had relieved Aarohi of some of the simmering anger in her! Seeing him hopping on one foot like a frog on hot stones, had been somewhat satisfying!

But that gleeful satisfaction hadn’t lasted long. The embarrassment of making a complete fool of herself in front of him was quickly taking over her system!

And this was all because of Dev! She had embarrassed herself in front of the boy she likes because of that OTT Obsessive Fanboy Dev!

Of course, all this would not have happened had Dev, with his excessive fangirling, not turned her against Neo in the first place!

Dev didn’t know this yet, but his demise or atleast loss of a few limbs was a certainty in his very near future!

Aaaaahhh! What must Nevil think of her? He must find her a complete dumbo for not recognizing him!

Her somersaulting emotions were making Aarohi’s head spin!

What should she do now? Apologise or brazen it out? Think Aarohi? What would Neeta maa say?

Besides, didn’t she have something to confess to him as well? Her true identity and her feelings.

But will Neo ever forgive her for being so clueless about him?

Maybe it was time to take that leap of faith that Neeta maa always encourages her to take.

Maybe it was time that she trusted her instincts and confessed to him that she has feelings for Nevil Khanna.

Maybe it was time that she trusts the fact that Nevil or Neo, she will be accepted for who she truly is….spectacularly flawed yet totally in love with him!

“The world was running and so were we,

Ignorant of what was in our destiny.

The brain reigned supreme,

And we let it be,

Unconcerned of the resounding silence,

Where the heart is supposed to beat!

Then fate took charge,

And played its trick,

It created convoluted incidents,

And we instantly clicked!

Fortunately we have found,

A lifetime of togetherness,

The fragrance of love,

And the sprinkling of that everlasting happiness!

Nevil Khanna

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Nevil had not known how to react when Aarohi had put a ban on playing his latest song on their drive to Delhi! Not only was the song banned, but mentioning it, or its singer was prohibited too!

Nevil had, till date, never ever met anyone who hated Neo or his songs to such an extent that even talking about them was forbidden!

She blamed him and his songs for her friend’s obsession with him, because she was the one bearing the brunt of it!

But still, wasn’t it a little unfair of her to hold him accountable for her best friend’s condition?

For a while there he hadn’t known how to proceed!

In one way it was refreshing to be with someone who didn’t know nor care that he was Neo, a famous international rockstar!

On the other hand, he was really scared.

He didn’t know if he could even impress the girl of his dreams without Neo’s help!

Will she accept Nevil Khanna without the more famous and flamboyant Neo furthering his cause?

And what about when she comes to know that Nevil & Neo are one and the same person?

What will happen then?

Will she be able to accept them both?

The alternative didn't bear thinking about because his soul had already recognized her as its mate!

So maybe, it was time to trust...trust her that she'll accept him in all his avatars, trust his heart that it hasn't chosen the wrong girl for him, and trust his feelings that their sincerity will shine through!

“Everyone I meet, asks how we met,

I laugh at the memory that has no set precedent.

How do I explain that it wasn’t arranged,

It was more like a very strange coincidence.

It started off as being quite unfortunate,

But then it turned around to be of much significance.

Because incidentally we were brought together by,

A Series of Fortunately Unfortunate Incidents!

A New Beginning...