Part 6

Mumbai Times


Search for the Missing International Music Star Neo, Called Off!

The police have officially closed the case of the missing, Indian origin, multiple Grammy winner artist, Neo.

In the official statement issued at the press conference held at the Police Headquarters in Mumbai, the Commissioner of Police said that the young star was in Delhi, visiting his ill grandmother.

Apparently he had stated his intention to one of his staff but a miscommunication had caused an almost international incident!

Evidently he had reached Delhi on the evening of 26th Dec.‘19 and had not touched base with anyone back home since he thought they were already aware of his plans.

Unaware of the chaos that had erupted because he was presumed missing, he had been quietly nursing his ill grandmother back to health.

With his widowed aunt & cousin out-of-town on some urgent business, he had been closed off at his grandmother’s home this entire time, disconnected from the rest of the world!

The statements issued by the US Consulate & Neo’s side make no mention of a mystery girl or a road trip.

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The end of the journey had brought an end to all the secrets between Aarohi and Nevil.

Nevil had told Aarohi about him being Neo, the one whose award winning song she hated with a passion.

Aarohi then told him about her dark painful past.

How she and her younger brother were actually part of an extremely influential and wealthy family of India. And that after their father’s death the family had tried to get rid of both of them!

If not for their step-mom, they would have vanished without a trace from this world and no one would have even known or cared!

Nevil’s heart had ached for the children who had suffered such tragedy at such a young age and saw the worst of human nature from their own flesh and blood.

But he was also thankful to their step-mom! If not for her, he would have lost his soulmate even before he had a chance to meet her!

Once the secrets between them had vanished, they had talked about what to do next seriously.

Realistically, they knew they were too young for the kind of commitment their hearts were demanding!

Also, apart from their age, Neo had just started gaining recognition in the field of music and Aarohi was on her way to Stanford to build her future!

They had then rationally decided to let real life infringe on their idyllic romantic bubble to see if what they were feeling was genuine or just a by-product of the situation they had found themselves in.

They resolved to give themselves 6 months to separately and thoroughly examine their feelings and their heart.

Knowing that Aarohi was just a 6 hour drive away from him at Stanford had eased Nevil’s heart just a tiny little bit!

Aware that his grandmother’s house would be under siege by the reporters, he had asked Aarohi to drop him a block away from his home!

He could handle the paparazzi but he didn’t want Aarohi or her past becoming tabloid fodder because of him. So with a heavy heart he had waved her goodbye!

But that did not mean that he was not in immense pain! The agony of saying goodbye to Aarohi had been indescribable!

Aarohi wasn’t faring any better either! She felt on the throes of a massive heart attack. Everytime she thought of Nevil, her heart hurt and she thought of him with each passing breath!

It was strange to think that they had met just 3-4 days ago. But now her condition was such that she didn’t think she could survive another second without Nevil, let alone 6 months!

Good thing was there was a New Year party at their house tomorrow, courtesy her brother Amit. The preparations were bound to keep her busy, otherwise she would go insane from missing Nevil Neo!

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