Chapter 8: First Day of University

-Mary Adelaide Rose-Payne-

Aaron dropped me off at the university. Once the students saw my husband, everyone turned their heads and people started bickering.

It was a bit uneasy for me. Everyone was looking our way and I couldn’t take the pressure from their stares. I felt… scared and shy somehow.

Aaron chuckled lowly as we walked through the hallway, “I see you shivering, Mary.

I glanced at him and shook my head, “I-I’m not.

“But you stuttered.” He said lowly, “Don’t tell me you’re nervous?

I gulped and stopped, causing him to do so. “Yes.” I faced him, “I’m nervous and scared.” What if these people bully me or worse, hurt me because I’m Aaron Payne’s wife? I balled my fists.

Suddenly, I felt a warm hand envelope my balled fists. Aaron lifted it up and opened my palms, “You’re wearing our wedding ring so why are you scared?” He then kisses my hand which made my eyes widen and all the other people around us gasp in shock. “Don’t worry, I’ll pick you up when you’re going home, alright?

Is this even right? I know I must obey him at all costs. But… what’s this? Why am I frozen in place?

His soft brown eyes and long eyelashes abruptly made me… calm. He looked at me reassuringly, “Do you understand, Mary?

I hung my head low and nodded.

“Good girl.” He softly says and then plants a kiss on my forehead and immediately, screams and shrieks of girls(and boys) shook the hallway.

-Aaron Payne-

I had to show everyone she’s mine. Mary was already feeling scared and everyone around her was making it more difficult. I needed to show them that they can’t touch her.

Because if they do… they have to suffer the consequences.

But did I make the right choice of putting her into university? It must be difficult, but I know this is the right way.

“Hello, Brett?” I called my secretary, “Make sure to inform me at 5 pm that I have to leave the company early to fetch Mary.

-Mary Adelaide Rose-Payne-

What is this? Why is this room filled with… noisy people?

My eyes wandered from left and right, up and down, checking all of the things that are happening. There were girls gossiping with one another, boys were huddled into a group while talking about their videogames and who to hook up with next. What does ‘hook up’ even mean? And then, there are these quiet students but with other students, too. They were all grouped together except… me.

Now I know why Mom didn’t want me to go to school or university. She’s right, I should’ve listened to her but what can I do? Aaron wants me to attend university.

“Alright, everyone please be seated!” A person comes inside and everyone obeyed him. So, I guess he’s the teacher? He introduced himself and told us about his subject which I think is Math? Cuz there were numbers so it must be math… it could be his age, too. But I don’t know.

Aaron explained to me that I’m not going to study any course as of the moment. He enrolled me to this study-thing program where I will get knowledge for about 2 years and then after that, I’ll choose whatever course I want to get. How do I know that? I don’t know. I’m scared. I need to find something that I want to do. But how is that? How do you even know what you want or like? Gosh, this is difficult! It’s easier if mom and dad tell me what to do.

Aaron said that I’ll enjoy this university of mine but I’m not. All I could feel was being scared. Students were giving me glances here and there, especially those overdressed girls.

I’m glad that when lunch came, I was able to get my own food and run somewhere to hide and eat. I had no choice but to go to the bleachers and eat there. It was calming because it was a big space and the people there were only busy with what they were doing. Some students were in their training for rugby.

I was chewing my food when suddenly, something very interesting caught my eye.

Okay. That’s a real muscular body right there. Perfect abs, good balance of biceps, and back muscles. The top part not too bulky, and the leg down is just the right ratio of muscles—

“Hey!” Someone shouted.

My ears perked and I immediately looked for the person who did it. I couldn’t find him though.

“Hey, baby girl!” A shout came once more. Ah, it was the guy I was looking at. Apparently, he was taking a short rest from training which I didn’t notice at first.

Once our eyes met, the corners of his lips stretched and he smiled widely. “You like the view?” He asked me and then his friends laughed.

I said nothing and just blinked at him, not taking my eyes off his stare. What does he mean I liked the view?

“I’m talking to you, beautiful.” He said and I looked around me, seeing no one else. “What’s your name?

Oops, okay. That’s the cue. Don’t talk to strangers.

I stood up and walked away, ignoring his question. I took my trash with me and went out of the bleachers. Seeing a trashcan, I then walked towards it. I threw out all the trash I had and was about to walk away when suddenly, I felt a hand grab my wrist.

The person spun me around to face him, “I was talking to you, baby girl. Why’d you leave?” His voice was mischievous. I looked up at him and saw him smiling.

I just blinked.

“I saw you looking at my body, you interested?” He chuckled lightly, looking down at his still naked top.

I nodded, “I was, actually.

This blonde, blue-eyed, and tall man was caught off guard, but then laughed, “You’re very honest. I like that. So, why’d you looking at my body?

I don’t smile in front of strangers so I just tilted my head to the side and looked up at this tall man, “My husband said that half-naked men will make my heart race. And if my heart beats fast, then that means I will know what I like or what I want.

“And did this stud’s muscles make your innocent heart race, shortcake?” He grinned while flexing his body.

My head shook automatically, “No.

He laughed, “You’re a very unique girl. I like you already.

“Thank you.” I replied curtly, “Now will It be alright if I take a picture of your body? Don’t worry, I won’t send it to anyone.

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