Chapter 5: How Do You Know?

-Mary Adelaide Rose-Payne-

Mom said that on the first night of a newly-wed couple, the husband will kiss the wife. Aaron fulfilled that part last night. But mom also said that after the kiss, the husband will make the wife feel good. She said that it will feel amazing and that I might get addicted to it.

I didn’t understand what she meant because after the kiss last night, I was told by Aaron to go back to my room. I didn’t know why he did that. And I’m not supposed to ask him so I’ll just obey him like what my parents told me.

But I don’t know what’s wrong. I obeyed what Aaron said and now he’s acting uncomfortable with me all morning. Did I do something wrong? I hope he doesn’t punish me and lock me in my room.

Aaron told me that we’re going somewhere today, so I prepared myself and we left.

Later did I know that we were going to this University. Aaron got me enrolled and the professors said that I don’t need to take the entrance examination since Aaron’s company is their biggest shareholder. What are they even saying?

Through all that time, I just nodded my head and did whatever he said for me to do. So, I filled up this form and now they told me that I will start by Monday.

What? My eyes widened, “B-But I’m not supposed to go to university! Mom said that—”

“Your parents told you to obey me, isn’t that right?” Aaron cut my words off. I nodded my head. “Then do as I say and take this course.

-Aaron Payne-

Was I too harsh on her? Should I have just asked her permission first? No, this is the better way. If I ask her then she’ll just tell me mom said that and dad said this. It won’t be any of help.

Today was going to be a busy day for me, but I decided to just take a day-off and get to know this girl right here. She had her eyes roaming around the place. Her long black hair was shining and her black eyes were curious, it kept roaming around the place.

She’s a very petite girl, just right at my shoulder. And I could see why she’s easy to manipulate. Mary was a helpless girl, innocent, and gullible. But, I know it’s not too late for her. Most petite girls have that ‘big’ personality in them.

“Is this your first time being in a café?” I asked.

She shook her head, “No.

“Then why are you looking around like it’s your first time?

Her eyes then looked around again, “Because I don’t know why you brought me here when we’re supposed to make babies at home.

I choked on my coffee, “What?

“Mom said that after the wedding, we’re supposed to make babies.” She sounded scripted.

My brows furrowed, “And do you know how babies are made?

She shook her head.

I sighed, massaging my temples.

Her back stiffened, “D-Did I something wrong?” She asked, shivering.

In a panic, I immediately calmed her down. “No, no. Please don’t think like that. You didn’t do anything wrong.” Her parents are the worst. I hope they didn’t manipulate my parents for this arranged-marriage, too.

“Y-You didn’t bring me here to punish me, right?” Her eyes wavered.

“What?” My heart broke, “No! I won’t do that to you, Mary. I brought you here because I wanted to know you more. And I wanted to teach you something.

Her head tilted to the side, “What are you going to teach me?

“Okay.” I moved from my seat to the chair beside her. “I want you to answer my questions honestly, alright? And don’t be afraid to ask me about anything that comes into your mind, understand?

She nodded.

“Do you know what ‘like’ or ‘want’ means?” I ask.

Mary’s cute brows furrowed and she shook her head, “Isn’t that supposed to be what your parents tell you to do or say?

Exactly what they should’ve taught you. But they didn’t.

I gave a quick sigh and shook my head, “No, Mary. That’s not what THEY want or like that you have to listen to, but it’s what YOU want or like.

She pressed her cute plump lips, “How do you know when you want something or like something?

Oh, thank goodness this girl still knows how to ask. But… how do I answer her question?


I took her hand and placed it on the left part of her chest. “Here,” I told her.

Mary looked at me with her eyes, blinking in confusion.

“When you want or like something or someone, your heart beats fast and loud. You’ll feel it.” I explained.

Her brows furrowed for a moment, but then her eyes widen and her mouth shapes into a circle. “Ohhh! You mean like how our heart beats fast when we run or jump from a window?

Jump from a what?! My eyes widened while I nodded slowly. “Yes…” I had difficulties whether to agree on her point, “It’s like how our heart beats fast when we run...

“But how will our heart beat fast without running or doing physically tiring activities?” Mary asked.

“Hmm…” I thought while looking around. “Ah, there! Look!” I pointed outside the glass window at a couple kissing one another. Mary looks at where I was pointing.

I then looked at her, seeing how bored she was looking at the couple who were passionately kissing. “Is that supposed to make your heart beat fast?

My eyes widened, “That doesn’t make your heart beat fast?

She turned her head at me and she shook her head.

“Fine, look at this.” I fished out my phone from my pocket and searched for the most handsome men in the world (which showed some of my pictures, not to brag but just letting you know), “There! Doesn’t that make your heart race?

She shook her head.

What the—. There was no effect on her?

I searched ‘other’ pictures, “How about these!

Mary… still shook her head.

“WHAT?!” I was in too much surprise that I didn’t realize I stood up from my chair and shouted out loud, “HOW COULD YOUR HEART NOT RACE WITH THESE PICTURES OF HOT, HALF NAKED MEN?!

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