Chapter 4: What Mary Likes

Mary Adelaide Rose-Payne

I didn’t know the first bath with your husband must have rubber duckies and boats involved while you’re both on the bathtub. I don’t know what to say… Mom said that it would be so much fun. And maybe playing rubber duckies and boats with Aaron is… fun?

Aaron Payne

I had to leave the bathtub after 10 minutes of spending it with Mary. I didn’t want unexpected things to happen or to grow. We don’t want that on the first night.

Mary continued to play with the toys while I left and change into my clothes.

I told her that she can continue while I go down and check our dinner. She nodded and lifelessly played with the toys. I went down to the dining room.

Gosh, I was close to losing my mind back there. I slipped on the tub when I pulled her, and she fell on my chest while we crashed onto the water. Her face was too near me and I was so close to kissing her juicy, beautiful lips. Thankfully, Mr. Rubber Duckie fell from the cabinet right in between our faces.

“Ugh.” I covered my face in embarrassment.

I heard an old, familiar giggle. “You like the girl.

My head turned to her, “No, Mrs. Potter. I don’t.

Her wrinkled eyes beamed when she smiled, “It’s my first time seeing you so different, Ron. Believe me, you like the young lady.” She teases as she prepared the table.

I shook my head, denying. “I just pity her, that’s all.

“Aww, but look at your flushed face.” She took a metal plate and showed me my face.

I pushed it away, “The water was hot when I took a shower.

Mrs. Potter stopped what she was doing and looked at me with a lopsided smile. She was about to say something but she scoffed anyway, “Alright, alright. Oh, and if you’re looking for your wife, she’s right there.” Her old finger pointed out of the dining room.

I turned to look where she was pointing and my eyes dropped. “Mary!” I ran as fast as I could towards her and took a towel to cover her body.

The other servants and maids were looking at her, and the men were blushing that they had to look away.

“Why are you wearing a… very revealing lingerie?!” I hissed.

She looked up at me in confusion, “Mom said I was supposed to wear this after the first bath with you.” Then she whispered in my ear, “Because she said that I must dress for the occasion. May I know what occasion is it?

Mrs. Potter overheard us and giggled.

“Let’s go and get you dressed.” I then helped her to cover up as we went to her room.

After changing her in a full, complete, body-covered dress, we then went down for dinner.

“So.” I began the conversation, “What do you like to do, Mary?

Her brows raised and she looked up at me, “I uh… have piano lessons in the morning, dance lessons in the afternoon, arts and crafts before dinner and—”

“No, Mary.” I stopped her midway, “I was asking what things you LIKE to do.

Her brows furrowed, “Didn’t I just say it earlier?

“Those were the things you DO, but not the things you LIKE to do, right?

Her head tilted to the side, “Is there a difference?

My jaw dropped. I looked over to Mrs. Potter who was having the same worried face.

I sighed, placing my fork and knife down. I focused at her, “Mary.

“Yes?” She chewed on her food.

“What’s your favorite color?” I asked.

“Hmm…” She thought, “Well, my mom said pink and red look best in me.

My hands tighten. I breathed deeply to calm myself down, “What’s your favorite meal then?

She didn’t have any emotions at all, but her voice was trained to sound very much pleasing to listen to. “Dad said that a balanced diet of meat, vegetables, and fruits are good for my body, so I eat everything they put on my plate.

I heard Mrs. Potter sigh. Mr. and Mrs. Rose never really gave her any freedom… even to speak.

Silence filled the room.

Mary noticed the cold aura and looked up at me to ask, “What’s the matter? Did I do something wrong?” Her voice suddenly become shaky and scared once again.

I relaxed a bit to show her that there’s nothing she did wrong, I shook my head. “No, you did nothing wrong. It’s just that… we’re going to somewhere special tomorrow.

“Okay.” She nodded her head.

That night, I was suddenly awoken by someone’s touch on my chest.

My eyes shot open and I jolted up. “M-Mary!” I saw her sitting beside me. “What are you doing here?

“I was told that we were going to do something together on our first night. Mom said I had to obey you completely.” Her innocent eyes just say it all. But up to what extent does she really know?

Gulping, I was nervous to try it out, but I had to.

“A-Alright. Please get me a glass of water.” I said and she got back in no time.

I tried to give her tasks from closing the door to turn the lights on and off, and she really obeyed each and every task just the way I said it.

“Come here and sit down in front of me.

Mary climbed up the bed and sat down in front of me. I then took off her cardigan and she didn’t even budge. What did her parents teach her?

“Unbutton your shirt.” I simply said and for Pete’s sake! She was really doing it! This is crazy! Feeling angry and pity, I shouted at her, "Why do you always do what I say?!" I pushed her hands away and quickly buttoned her shirt.

"I have to obey." She lifelessly says, pushing my hand away, before undoing her buttons again.

"You don't even love me! Do you even know what you’re doing?!"

"I just... need to obey."

Couldn’t stop her, I thought of something that might shake her up a bit. Cupping her petite face with my big hands, I pulled her to me and gave her a kiss.

Mary didn’t move one bit, but I felt her tear touch my skin and that’s when I knew that this was something far worse than I thought.

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