The Thorn and the Rose


34.69k words

33 chapters



Table of Contents


She can’t see what’s inside her heart, so he’s opening it up for her.

"Youth" was supposed to be fun, memorable, laughable, and the time for freedom to know who you are and do what you love. But not for her.

Mary Adelaide Rose was raised and taught to obey her parents to perfection. No rules were to be disobeyed. No requests should be made. That’s why she grew up not being able to do what she wants or even get the chance to know what she wants. With no right to reject her parents, she was forced into marriage as soon as she turned 18.

The husband, Aaron Payne, a multi-millionaire handsome CEO is on his way to break Mary's thornful state of not knowing her true self. But could he really break her ‘obedience’ and finally help her feel the love and freedom she deserves?

"Why do you always do what I say?!" He quickly buttoned her shirt.
"I have to obey." She lifelessly says, pushing his hand away, before undoing her buttons again.
"You don't even love me!"
"I just need to obey..."



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