Chapter 2: I do

Aaron Payne

As soon as I opened the door to the hotel room that Mary’s parents gave us, my eyes widened. “They were obviously setting us up.” I sighed.

“What do you mean—?” Mary gasped.

The lights were dim, candles were everywhere, the floor had a trail of petals going to the bedroom and guess what… of course, a king-sized bed was in the middle of the luxurious suite.

“Mary…” I looked down at her and she immediately stretched her lips out to a smile. My brows furrowed, “Did your mom told you to wear red lingerie today?

Smiling, she blinks her eyes, thinking. It took a few seconds before she nodded her head, “Yes. Why?

“I knew it.” I shoved my face in my hand.

I then felt Mary walk towards the bedroom and I followed suit. My eyes widened and I quickly ran to her when I saw her taking off her clothes.

“What are you doing?!” I panicked, putting her shirt back on herself.

“What’s wrong? Isn’t this the reason why you wanted to talk to me… alone?” Her robotic smile stayed on her face while she tries to take her clothes off again.

I pulled her hands away and buttoned her clothes back, “No, and don’t take your clothes off!” I got a little peek of that red lingerie and I don’t want to lose myself tonight. Not to her. “Why are you doing this?!

“I was told to take my clothes off when we arrive here.” She says innocently but lifelessly.

My brows furrowed and I looked up at her, “Who told you to do that?

Her eyes wrinkled when she smiled more. Mary then explained in a cute tone, “Mom told me that I have to sleep with you tonight so that you will agree to get married to me. She said that rich men want a beautiful, sweet, smiling young girl for themselves. And then they…” She continued explaining, but I never understood what she said next.

This was sickening. What have they done to her?

I couldn’t imagine such a beautiful young girl was brainwashed by her own parents just for the sake of marrying me. What do they really want? Does Mary even know what they’re doing to her?

I cut through her words, “Mary.

Her brows raised, “Hmm?

“Do you want to get married to me?” I asked, hopeful that they haven’t totally brainwashed her.

She looked around before pressing her lips into a smile. She nodded once.

I shook my head, “Please stop smiling and tell me the truth.” She obeyed and dropped her smile. “Why do you want to marry me?

Her beautiful, innocent black orbs never left mine, “Because I have to.

“Why?” Now that I noticed, when she doesn’t smile, she looks lifeless and cold.

Mary doesn’t answer my question but takes my hand and says this, “Please… marry me.” It sounded very planned like her mother has told her to tell me this. But all I saw in her was a cry for help.

Her eyes held no feelings at all, and that’s when I knew I must do something.

Without thinking twice, I took her shoulders and pulled her to me. My arms automatically wrapped around her petite body and I felt her stiffen in surprise.

“Oh, Mary… what have they done to you?” My heart broke. She was tortured all this time by taking her freedom away and forcing their will for her to satisfy. That’s when I knew that I must save this young girl before it’s too late.

Suddenly, I felt fingers unbuckling my belt.

My eyes shot wide open and I pushed her away sharply. “What are you doing?!” I panicked as I put on my belt once more.

She blinks, “Mom said that I must unbuckle your belt for you and help your little junior to breathe and—” I didn’t let her finish. I covered her mouth but she continued to explain, though I will not tell you what her mom told her to do. It’s wild.

I sighed deeply as I shook my head, “What in the world are they teaching their precious daughter?!

She then stretched out a creepy but cute smile.

Note, always be prepared.

Our marriage was hurried. I did my best to organize the arrangements and ceremony by myself with the help of my secretary and some staff. I didn’t want Mary to be brainwashed more than what she already knows. So, I scheduled the wedding a week after our ‘hotel incident’.

At first, her parents were angry that I wanted to organize the whole wedding. But all I had to say to have the upper hand was ‘I will not marry your daughter unless you do as I say’. And that was it.

Now, we’re leaving the venue after that quick wedding ceremony and that wild after-party. A lot of my friends were eyeing me the whole time because I got myself an 18-year old. I really shouldn’t have invited them.

But that whole time, I was glad that Mary was somewhat showing some of her true sides. The young girl could eat a lot, I tell you. But I noticed that she could only eat more when her parents aren’t looking.

We danced, too. Mary was a very talented dancer. I know men are supposed to lead when dancing, but she did it instead.

We arrived at my house and I helped her get off the car.

Her eyes widened but she immediately hid her reaction as soon as possible. Was she also prohibited to show how she truly feels?

My brows furrowed when I realized that she wasn’t supposed to show her true emotions.

“How do you like it?” I nervously ask.

Suddenly, her face beamed and she looked up at me, “I love it!” But underneath that beaming happy face, I felt it wasn’t how she truly feels.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and turned her around to me, “You will obey what I say, right?

She thinks but then nodded.

“Then please,” I leaned my face closer to her, “Tell me honestly… do you like it?

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