Chapter 6: The Moon

In another part of the world; It was the same booming sound; a fireball hit the ground.

The night was filled with the whiteness of moonlight, a full moon night.

An asteroid like thing hit the crest of the rocky mountain.

The Stike was so loud and powerful; it took a few moments for the mountain to vanish from the ground like dust.

The fire thundered the ground.

While falling, his eyes pivot to the mesmerizing moon, the keeper of night.

He always loved the moon and the calmness; it helped him to accept sudden changes that occurred in the last few moments of his life.

They used to call him the lover of the moon; his angelic eyes always explored the fragility of the moon. His name was Naksh; he was the finest shapeshifter of heaven.

Naksh POV

With a burning body and dejected heart, I stood up immediately. The feeling of anger got me. I didn't want to accept my defeat like that.

I felt deceived when I got to know the actual reason behind the rebel.

It broke my heart; I took the wrong side of the war.

Is that my fire or my anger that destroyed this place?

I looked around and saw the stones tuned black as the trees become ashes.

The moon looks like a pearl; it means I am far from my home on a new planet.

I saw this planet from heaven; it looked like a blue ball; I am here.

Father never allowed us to come to this planet; he originates this planet for creatures, humans.

But now I am here; confused where are these creatures,

Initially, I roamed the surface in my spirit, taking no form.

After a few days, I saw creatures who looked liked us; they have their own body.

While observing them; I shape-shift myself into them, a human

It was an undemanding job for me; master of shape-shift; my strength.

I learned the way they live their lives, observing them from a distance helped me to build myself like them.

As a human, it was easy for me to get food and shelter.

I still didn't figure it out, why am I here, but I was enjoying it.

The night came when the moon reached its zenith; illuminated the white light on this planet.

It felt like the moon controls my spirit, or is it my love for this beautiful star. I felt an urge to roam freely in the woods; I took the shape of a wolf.

Howling all night, my spirit was free and powerful.

The rustling of leaves and howling at the crest of the mountain gave me immense gratification.

It relished me when I killed an animal; enjoyed my hunt.

I felt the gleam of the moon were controlling my spirit; freed the soul of power in me.

After a few moments, I realized something changed,

My angelic spirit changed completely; exhausted with the rambling and wandering in the woods; it snuggled into a deep sleep.

After a few hours, I woke up; refresh full of power, but hungry,

I tried to change myself into a bird; wanted to find river stream; couldn't do it,

Surprised, I tried to change myself in other forms; it didn't work either.

In desperation, I change into the form of a human; it worked.

After several attempts, the quaesitum was I can only change to a wolf or a human.

My angelic strength was gone; It shocked me.

Being on the edge of anger, it broke my heart as my powers changed.

It took time for me to accept the real me.

Every month when the moon reaches its zenith, I felt the same pain of losing myself in the moon's gleam.

I felt the pain of the broken bones in my human form when I change myself into a wolf; my undemanding work hurts me more than ever.

My angelic spirit changed into a wolf spirit, conducting me, guiding me, dominating my human form.

I started living with humans; It was a small hamlet with different people in it.

We lived together as I helped them to feed their herds, took care of their sheep and animals,

After a few days, the leader of the hamlet called a feast for his son's wedding.

All people helped him to set up the altar for marriage and prepared the feast.

The people from another village came to join the feast; it was a wonderful celebration.

The decorations with flowers and mud pots filled the place.

I had given the duty to serve wine to the guests. I filled the flagon with aromatic wine and walked towards the group of the people.

Suddenly I felt something growling in my chest; there I saw a group of girls.

My eyes started glowing like a crescent of the moon.

My body dragged towards her; I met with a girl name Accalia.

I offered her some wine; she smiled and took the bowl from my hand.

When I touched her hand; the wolf stirs,

"She is our mate,"

Confused, I looked here and there," It's me, your spirit,"

How can my spirit talk to me?

"Your angelic spirit changed into the wolf spirit, Naksh,"

Confused, I looked here and there," It's me, your wolf spirit,"

How can my spirit change into a wolf spirit?

Animal spirit doesn't talk?

"You changed your angelic spirit into the wolf, Naksh," again, the voice pounded into my head.

"Am I a human or a wolf," I asked myself.

"You're both," the spirit replied,

"How can I be both,"

"I told you, you have a spirit of the wolf and the body of the human," I sensed, the pacing in my mind back and forth.

"How do you know, Accalia, is our mate?" I asked with curiosity,

"She smells like fresh honey; she is mine to mate," smirked at me,

"How can I ask her to be my mate? I am not going," I replied,

"I am not asking you, I am telling you, she's mine," he growled from inside.

"Ok," I felt my wolf tried to take over my body, wanted to shift himself,

That scares me; I can't let this happen in front of hundreds of humans; I need to hide what I am,

"Please wait, let me talk to her," I raised my request to my spirit.

I went to check, but she was not there.

My wolf pounded harder than before; I sensed, searching for our mate will be difficult.

I tried to make my wolf calm down, but it didn't listen.

I ran towards the woods as my wolf almost revealed himself in front of the people.

We ran and hunt; he enjoyed the hunt.

When he hunted and enjoyed his meal, it allowed me to come back to human form.

"Spirit, please clam down; together we will find her," I purred,

"I want her; she is my mate. I want my dynasty on this planet," he answered in an exhausted voice.

"We will," I added,

He growled with happiness, looking towards the moon.

The moon reminds me of the change that happened in a few days in my life; my eyes and the moon were the constant here, but everything changes.

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