Chapter 4: I Miss My Home

Yaahadana POV

I opened my eyes and found myself covered with clothes.

The aroma of different herbs and the smoke coming from the lamp covered the atmosphere inside the tent.

With my blurry eyes, I saw another human-like figure.

A man looked at me with his old eyes; held my hand wanted to check something; my pulse,

He helped me to get up," How are you? What happened to your body?"

He offered me some fruits; I agreed as I wanted to know how to handle this human body.

With a blank, emotionless face, I gazed at him. I wanted to study his body language. He covered his body with different layers of clothes.

I looked myself; I was covered with a single cloth on my manhood.

I stood up, and the cloth dropped.

"Calm down; you need to rest." He grabbed my hand and instructed me to sit.

He kept the cloth in the same position.

Do I need to hide this from others? I can show my whole body except this?

He looked at me and smiled, "I am thankful; you are safe, but your...,"

It stunned me; I thought he recognizes my actual identity; an angel,

I looked around, touched my back to feel my wings, but they were invisible,

I answered," I am Yaahadana, an...," I was about to say an angel, but I changed my answer.

The language, the words came automatically into my mouth.

"I am Yaahadana, a farmer," confused, I answered him.

"What happened to you. Did that falling fireball hit your people?" He looked at my burned body.

"Fireball?" I asked,

"A few days back, something came from the sky, a fireball, shook everything," he seems scared talking about that.

They were talking about me; I hit the surface of the earth so hard; it shook everything.

"Yes, I saw that too. That thing hit my people, but somehow I survived," I lied,

"Thank you, father, for saving this man. I am sure he has some work to do in your will," he looked towards the sky as he thanked his creator.

That surprised me; he cannot see his creator, but he thanked him.

"Yes," I answered, as I remember he gave me a chance to revive myself.

While we were discussing these events, I heard a voice coming from outside.

Suddenly, I saw a woman entered the tent with a bowl of water.

She looks different from the man who was standing next to me.

She covered her body very well, but her body was a little different from us.

I must say, she was the beautiful creation on this earth; she looked delicate, like a grapevine.

She looked at me and smiled," How are you? Are you feeling better," she offered me the water.

"She was the one who found you; saved you from that wild animal," her father informed me.

That man is her father? She is a different human?

The aura of her body made me feel something different.

I smiled as my angelic spirit started pounding inside me; I thanked her as I gulped the water,

"Thank you for saving my life,"

All this time, my human body was paining with my wounds, but when she arrived, I felt an incantation in her presence that heals my wound.

Later, when they were talking, I realized she is a woman.

Another part made out of a man's rib.

It took time for me to understand; it attracts my youthful male body.

Being a human was not an elementary thing; Since the day I fell, I felt so many things in human form.

"What is your name," she purred.

"I am Yaahadana; I am a farmer from the nearby village," that's what I knew about myself.

She told her father to take a rest as he was busy taking care of me the whole night.

She applied some paste on my back; asked me a few questions.

"You have strange marks on your back? I hope you get well soon." She rubbed the paste on my wounds with her soft hand.

"What is your name?" I wanted to know more about her.

"I am Yarrow," she looked over my shoulder and answered,

"Yarrow," I mummer,

"Yarrow is a herb used to stop wound bleeding; it's a medicine to reduce pain." She smiled as she told me the meaning of her name.

"There is one more spiritual meaning of my name; the essence of love and power," she came in front; she seems to be the talkative one.

She applied the paste on my chest.

Her eyes got stuck on my chest as she was exploring every cut intensely.

I saw her throat gulped the feeling of pain I went through.

I tried to distract her aze, wanted to read the spirit beyond this body; Through eyes, you can see the spirit.

"Who gave you this name?" I smiled and saw her golden eyes closely,

"My parents; my father is a healer, and my mom is a spiritual lady." She answered.

She applied the last stroke of the paste on my neck," Here, is your yarrow from Yarrow,"

"Last stroke of Yarrow?" I backed with confusion.

"Yes, this is the paste of Yarrow's flower." She smiled and purred.

We looked at each other for a few moments; maybe she wants to read my spirit too.

"What is the meaning of your name?" She questioned.

It took me to my origin. I came from the almighty's hand.

"Offering to God, or offering from God," I answered,

She looked at me with questionable eyes.

"I will take it as God's offering; you survived, it's his blessing," she replied, with a deep smile on her mesmerizing face.

I thought to touch her face; I stood up, she turned her face with nervousness.

She signaled me to keep the cloth on my manhood.

At least, I knew I need to hide my particular body parts from a woman.

She turned and started again.

"You know, Yaahadana. I don't want to die a simple life; I wanted our father to use me in his will; a life-changing thing," seems like she was talking to herself; lost in her thoughts.

"He will, I am sure, you already surrender yourself to him," I replied as I know my father very well.

She told me to rest as she went outside; being in spirit form, I never felt so many emotions.


It's been a few days; I understood the human body and the need for survival.

People here gave me food, shelter, and above all, love to survive.

But my heart always beats fast when I see Yarrow.

A woman with a caring heart; always busy to take care of other people. A prayer warrior.

Slowly, I started forgetting about my fellow angels; I didn't know they fell on the same planet or not; are they still alive or not, or they accepted their new avatar as humans.

Even If they did, I sense them through my wings, but I lost my strength of communication.

I started living my human life; I need to work towards my salvation and way back home; being a human is not what I am; I am an angel, and I needed to go back.

But at the same time, I felt connected with these humans and especially with Yarrow.

"What are you looking at Yaahadana, did you find some precious stones? Do you want to come with me," she tapped my shoulder as I was looking towards my image in the river.

"Nothing; Where are we going?" I asked, dragged myself out of hazy thoughts.

"We are going to pick some herbs. I will show you the beautiful place here," she clasped my hand and took me up on the mountain.

"Yarrow, It's getting dark. We should not go out, especially through the forest." I sensed something was not right with the forest.

"It's ok, will come back quickly," she answered with excitement.

She took me through the forest. As we reached the top of the mountain, I saw a beautiful sunset.

I realized how much I miss my home; my home, above and beyond the Sun; my home filled with my father's light.

It upsets me," Did you like it," she purred,

"Yes," I answered in a lower voice.

"Yaahadana, I feel good when I come here." She showed me different herbs and flower beds.

My father is the best creator; he created humans in his form; he loved humans over us; he gave me a chance to be with humans and understand them; It made me feel jealous sometimes.

I looked up and said," Thank you, Father, for giving me a chance; I understood why did you send me here," tears come into my eyes as he is strangely revealing himself.

I am human, and he gave me a chance to choose what I want to be.

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