The Sons Of God And The Daughters Of Humans


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32 chapters



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Are you ready to listen to a life-changing story?
The story of seven fallen angels who were exiled from heaven.
They supported the wrong one and fell on earth in human form.
What happened when they mated with the daughters of humans? Did their children lost their lives; or they become the origin of all mythical creatures like the werewolf, vampire, dragons, sirens, Nephilim. Are they still alive or killed by the prophesied flood as justice to the human race. At last, who is waiting for its salvation; wanted to return home. Join the journey of the fallen angels who supported the wrong wicket one; came to spend their life on earth. Yaahadana, the strongest of all; Naksh the moon lover; Dev the mind controller; Quasar the manipulator; Lohit the lover of elements, and lastly Zayaan the protector of the human race.



Adelina Portugal


2021/9/10 Reply

Kiel Bantule

nice story

2021/9/2 Reply

William Libatique

im only habit of reading coz ive been long working for magazine writting editing and lay outing i missed it and thanks for the enviting.

2021/8/28 Reply

David Adewole


2021/7/17 Reply

Nhel Dimacs

its an interesting story

2021/7/13 Reply

Nhel Dimacs

its an interesting story

2021/7/13 Reply

Chie Lara Cadavos


2021/7/11 Reply

Jon Joseph Dejesus

not bad

2021/6/18 Reply

Elnor Luching

it seems interesting

2021/5/27 Reply

Jabu Vilakazi

its a must read, very interesting indeed.

2021/5/12 Reply