The Sons Of God And The Daughters Of Humans

Chapter 1: The Rebellious Child

Situated at the head of the resurrected Bay of the Kenai Peninsula, Seaward is the picturesque destination.

My home is Seaward Alaska is popular only for chilly winds and the shades of blue ice to mesmerizing your eyes.

The whale migration, the glacier, the resurrected bay defines the peaceful atmosphere anyone can wish to live with.

My hometown is the place where people use to come and relax from their busy urban life.

But here in my home, I wanted to run from here.

Every morning when you have a father like Hitler, these natural beauties will not support your mental health for a long time.

"Get out of my house," dad screech at me.

Holding a thunder inside my chest, I replied politely.

"Dad, this is my life. I want to live the way I want,"

"Will you please understand?" I added.

"If you want to live here in this house, you have to follow my rules," He busted again.

The anger in his tone peeled my etiquette of being polite with him.

"I can't live like this. I want to pursue a career in music and if you think following my dreams is a rebellious act against your will, I can't help it. I have to leave this house." I screamed.

Startled with my raised voice, he didn't expect this.

I stood there for him to blast on me again.

"You are not leaving; I am throwing you out of this house.

Get out," He concluded our talk.

His words penetrate my heart. How can a dad be ruthless like him, for not allowing his son to pursue what he wants?

"I am leaving," with exhausted words, I had nothing to reply.

In the rage, he threw a vase towards me; maybe he thought he could control me this time by showing his anger.

While I was packing my bad to leave this house, the last thing he wished me was, "Go to hell,"

I smirked, and this time with my fiery eyes, I looked and said,

"Hell is a better place, rather than staying with you,"

These were my last words to him.

I grabbed my car keys as I kept my bag in the back seat.

He glared at me for some time, but later, he realized I am leaving him for sure.

It hurt me when I talked to him like that. But He can't control my life anymore.

With this thought, I turned the gas on of my car.

Where can I go? Is there any other place? My mind started to tune itself.

The only place where I can go to is my grandpa.

Without giving a second thought, I turned my steering towards Fairbanks, Alaska.

Fairbanks is one of the best places in the world to view the northern lights as it is located directly under the Auroral Oval.

The fourteen-hour journey seems to belong, but when you have pounding thoughts in your mind, the time stated flying.

With some songs and some beer, I passed my journey.

Although Seaward is a chilly place, there is something different in the air of Fairbanks.

It can be the northern soothing lights or, is it my heart which felt cozy when I thought of grandpa.

With the icy slaps of chilly wind and the google map voice, I reached my destination.

I saw grandpa standing outside, shaking his head as the earplugs gave him the beats to shake his booty.

Enjoying the music, he was cleaning the settled ice on the car bonnet.

I stopped my rusty engine and walked towards him.

"Hello grandpa, did you miss me?" softly, I touched him on his broad shoulders.

"Damon, my boy, what a pleasant surprise?" he hugged me the same moment.

"How are you? Where is grandma?" How come you look so young?"

Fired lots of questions.

"Oh! my impatient boy, wait, wait, wait..." he took me inside.

"The answer to your questions, I am wonderful, your grandma is traveling, and I am always young." he laughed out loud.

"Travelling where?" I said.

"She will be back soon," he winked at me.

As I entered the home, it felt good, a cozy home, and a loving family. What else could you wish for?

"Now, my turn, you only come to my place when you want something, or you fought with your dad." he turned towards me.

"Tell me, is there any other reason?" He wanted an answer.

"You are a genius, this time I fought with my father, and at present, I don't want to talk about this. I am tired, grandpa." I surrender myself.

"Ok, but I need to know what happened between you two this time."

He purred.

It was an awkward moment for me, but he sensed it and changed the topic wisely.

"Would you like to have some coffee or tea?"

"Yup, coffee. Before that, I would like to take a hot shower. I am tired of the long drive," I answered.

"Go upstairs; the shower is not working here. Tomorrow the plumber will fix the faucet." He replied while preparing the coffee for us.

After a few moments, I came down as I grabbed the mug of my hot coffee.

We started the television,

After filliping a few music channels, my remote stopped working and stuck at the news channel.

With an annoying noise of the commercials and advertisements, the anchor showed a piece of news.

"I welcome you in prime time news,

Today's biggest news: Scientists and Archilogist came together to solve this biggest mystery of the decade.

As you can see in these pictures taken from google earth, they found seven different holes.

The strange thing is that the size and shape of them are the same, and the elements found in these giants pits are not familiar."

I looked towards grandpa as he was watching this news with pasted eyes and open mouth.

"Are these holes made by asteroids or aliens? We will discuss all this in today's news with our had scientist..."

I lowered the sound as I thought this news is a piece of crap.

While taking my last few sips, I said," These news channels, to get more TRP they use to make fake news."

I smirked and tried to flip the channel.

"They are not lying. Your generation will see all things with your small mind," he replied.

"Grandpa, I don't believe any of this exists; don't tell me you believe all this crap. Do you?

He furrowed his brow on me, "I believe they found something; they are working in the correct direction,"

"Grandpa, you're old now. Don't want to be impolite, but you don't know the outer world; the world is different from what these peoples shows us in here," I replied.

There was silence for a few seconds.

"So you think I am old enough not to understand these facts; do you believe the things which you can't see?" He questioned me.

"Yes, how can I believe in the things I can't see," I replied casually.

His brows pointed upwards,

"Then, I think you don't believe in God, angel, and devil."

"I am just telling you the fact; people used to stupid things; And yes, I don't believe in God, devil or angels, any of them. I believe what I see and feel, these holes might be some volcano eruptions or some movement of tectonic plates of the earth," I justify myself with science facts.

Silently he looked towards me with a smirked smile on his face;

I felt like something else was going on in his old rusty mind.

I contemplated the victory for this conversation, but his smile showed that here I am, the stupid one who doesn't understand the actual world.

"Why are you smiling at me like this? Prove to me if I am wrong,"

He backed himself.

"Nothing, I am looking at you. You believe, whatever you see or feel is the truth, what about those things which you can't feel or see?"

"Grandpa, I give up. It's hard for me to make old folks understand anything; it's you or dad," I rest my case.

But Grandpa didn't want to give up. He looked at me and said, "Your rebellious nature is your identity; I was rebellious to my father. He threw me out of his home." He purred with a hidden message in his smile.

"You're right to make our father understand about anything is difficult; our desires, our actions. But I would like to evince you something; there is a world beyond your senses and feelings; the actual one," he stood and kept his glasses on the old wooden desk.

I wished grandma to be here; she would have saved me. He is my dad's dad. How did I forget he will not quit without proving his standpoint to me.

"Grandpa, I told you what I believe; there is no way you can prove about the existence of God, devil or angels," uninterested, I answered.

He was smiling, and this time its ear to ear; I thought without resisting him; It captured me in his machination.

He bought two pegs of whiskey; the environment was getting strange.

"Grandpa, we just had coffee. Are we going to drink whiskey?" Confused with his strange behavior, I purred.

We never had whiskey together.

"I want to tell you a story, but the condition is you're allowed to ask only three questions from the story," he looks excited with his wrinkled face and eyes.

It looked interesting; He wanted to prove his point through a story; I wanted to say no but, I said, yes looking towards his changed attitude.

"Ok, let's see how you're going to prove your point through a story," I laughed for this reason.


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