Chapter 2: The Perfect Son

Grandpa held his burning cigar and, whiskey peg backed himself on the rocking chair. He looked like an old Russian don; about to utter his legends.

Grinned, he seems eager to open his old box of stories, which he overheard from his grandparents.

"What I am about to say, you might feel it's just a fictional fantasy but, as we go deep in the story; you will understand,"

Grandpa furrowed his eyes on me with a convincing voice.

"Do you believe in angels; Ahh..., you told me what you don't see, you will not believe; But let's think if they exist, and mated with humans daughter," he threw, a question on me.

"I don't know grandpa; even if they exist, and mated with humans daughter; their children might have genuine power," I jumped in that stupid conversation with him,

"Up in heaven, everything was glorious; made beautiful and obedient towards almighty; but there was an angel called 'The morning star' not satisfied with what he has given; he wanted all he had given," his voice was intense with emotions,

"The time when the earth was an abandoned place. Slowly as life blew its wind on the earth; creation started, all the creatures started evolving, and after a thousand years, humans developed themselves as the dominion creatures of this planet," he purred,

"Woah seriously, are you going to start your fictional story from the beginning of the time," I was not ready to accept this bouncing ball.

"But up in heaven, something happened; the guardian who held a high-ranking position in the angelic host had exquisite beauty and great wisdom. Given a position of dominant power and influence, the master of music lost his way; He rebelled," he ignored my words and continued his story.

"Then a war broke into heaven in between the rebellious children and the obedient ones; the obedient ones were strong, they punished and defeated the seven rebellious angels from heaven," he closed his eyes while taking his last sip of whiskey.

Didn't know, but something touched me, I tried to ignore him, but my ears wanted to hear the remaining story; What happened to those angels? Why punished? What did they want?

"Grandpa," I purred.

He opened, his eyes were red. I didn't understand what happened to him; why he felt bad for them?

"Before you say anything, I want to remind you, I allow you to ask three questions, but if you listen to me carefully, you will get all the answers in our story," he smirked at me.

"The seven defeated angels expelled from heaven and kicked out. Powerful and highly ranked. Their mistake; they supported the one who wants to honor himself against his creator," he cleared, my first question without asking.

"Created as powerful; The angels of peace became the angel of war.

It expelled them with limited powers; they fell like a fireball on the newly developed planet called the earth," he took out his bracelet, and dropped seven beads from it, to show me how angels fell on the earth.

"It was difficult for them to accept this punishment; they came with full flash power to destroy this planet; which was now one of the favorite things to the almighty," he added,

"But it was a humongous planet, and to think they can destroy it easily was their mistake, do you want to know who are those angels and their names?"

The room was still bright with lights, but the environment was silent, with thousand of questions floating around in the air. When grandpa asked me something; my mind was busy collecting the story from the beginning.

I heard about angels and all stuff through my religious dad and mom, but never thought it might be possible.

I looked at him and those fallen beads with a constant stare, trying to figure out, is it even possible for angels wanted to destroy this planet.

He snapped at me; that shook me out from my foggy thought zone.

"Do you want to know the names of the angels?" he repeats his question.

"Yes," I answered,

"The first one was the strongest of all, Yahadana, He called to be vigorous; flight with the metal wings. His strength was unmatchable. The second one was Naksh; The moon lover, an immortal shapeshifter. The third one, Zayaan; definition of beauty and intelligence. The fourth, Dev; master of mental manipulation. The fifth one was the Lohit; control the elements. The sixth one was The Warjas; master of banishment."

Suddenly, somebody rang the doorbell.

Grandpa stood up and walked towards the door,

"Hello, are you, Mr. Levi?" an unknown voice comes from the other side of the door.

"Yes, I am. Tell me, young man." grandpa answered.

"Here, are your two pepperoni Pizza sir, with extra cheese, and here is your soda," pizza delivery guy gave his cheque to grandpa.

"Thank you, boy." He pulled some change from his pocket and gave it to him.

"Thank you so much, you have a big heart, have a great night, sir," happily, he answered and left.

The delicious aroma of melted cheese filled the room; I felt a sudden rumbling in my tummy; It's been a long time since I didn't eat.

"Grandpa, How do you know I am hungry." excitedly, I asked, looking towards pizza boxes.

"I am Levi, I know, everything." He winked towards me, told me to grab a plate for myself.

"Tell me, How do you know I like this pizza?" I asked like a little child.

"I knew boy, I ordered, it when you went for a shower. Now stop asking questions, grab a bite, first," he guzzled, his soda sip.

We enjoyed our delicious pizza with soothing sips of soda; I just not ate, with my mouth, I ate with my eyes too; I love my grandpa; he is the best.

He knew me very well when I came here; he knew I fought with my dad, and now he knew I was hungry.

I smiled and thanked him for everything; he is so caring for others.

"Grandpa, I love you. You are the best. I am sure you were the definition of the perfect son," I hugged him with love.

"You think I was the perfect son. But my dad didn't think so," he smiled and grabbed a big bite.

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