Chapter 3: Save The Stranger

We finished our unhealthy dinner with lots of burps and belched.

I sensed he was eager to continue his story;

Somehow I also got attracted to the story, seven angels; what happened to them?

We sat on the comfy couch again;

"So where were we," he purred.

"You told me the seven names of the fallen angels," excitedly I answered him,

"It was a booming sound for the creatures of the earth; scared and unknown to what happened, they started running here and there," he concluded his last line.

"The angels fell with the limited power in themselves; if they had their full power, they could have destroyed this planet. But the most important thing was they were not immortal anymore except one,"

His information was a thin line, I thought; If I am going to miss a single word, I could not connect my dots; I had only three questions to ask; I didn't want to lose it, anyway.

He wanted to disclose each angel's story layer by layer; he started with Yaahadana.

But before that, he told me to close my eyes to feel the story more intensely.

Suddenly, I felt goosebumps and shivering as I heard the sounds of his snap.

My body became unconscious, and it felt like my soul left my body; I saw myself as the fallen angel.

Yaahadana POV

They call me the furious one; the protector, the strongest one.

I was the one who fought with great demons and defeated them in a single snap.

Gifted with immense power, my wings were created with the fire of the sun.

With all these powers, I jumped into the heavenly battle, though no angel could defeat me; I was wrong.

When proud mixed with power, it becomes easy to lose the battle.

My father taught me to be humble, but with these exceptional abilities, proud grabbed my spirit easily.

Defeated by the Archangels, I lost my battle and my self-confidence.

I fought hard, but at last, I realized I was wrong.

I took a wrong stand, proud, and the tricker tricked me; to fight the battle from the wrong side.

They kicked my spirit from the heavenly gate; took my sword.

while falling on the earth, I realized; I have never been on this planet before; Father created this beautiful planet for us to take care of; it was a big blue ball, like Naksh's eyes,

While falling, my eyes were looking towards heaven.

As I entered the atmosphere of this planet, my spirit felt a sharp pain; it started burning.

I tried to open my wings, but it seems I lost all the abilities to control my spirit.

I fell with a big booming sound; exhausted with the war, I hit hard on the surface of this planet; fell unconscious for a few days.

After a few days, when I woke up, I saw the fall transferred my stupendous metallic pinion into simple flying feathers; I lost my strength completely.

The vigorous and power were all gone. I lost everything when I took my decision; When I put my proud first, I lost everything.

The moment I fell, here I realized I need to work towards my way back to my home.

It was said, to enter this planet, you need a vessel; you can't survive in the spirit form.

I am not in a spirit form anymore. I have my own body to survive here. Who am I? Am I an animal or other creature?

Or I became a human?

Unable to understand, I stood up and saw myself first.

Looking at the sight in front of my eyes, everything was on fire.

The ashes covered my body and the ground. I looked around; found myself standing in a giant pit created by me.

With the thought of what the next to discover, I tried to walk out from that pit.

There are so many changes I need to face; I knew nothing about it.

Suddenly, something happened in my body. I feel rumbling coming from the middle part of this body.

I thought to sing my worship choir; it didn't work.

I heard some sound, saw a river; when I reached there, I saw my image in the crystal clear water; I am a human.

This thing shook me; I backed up with fear.

Slowly I came towards the water to see and feel my unfamiliar look.

I looked the same, but my spirit has taken a form of a body; a human body.

Looked at my hand, my hair; I was naked.

I never felt like this before, didn't know the meaning of nakedness.

Covered my body with my broken wings.

The place where I fell was still burning; It made a big hole on the surface; I lost all my strength in that fire,

This new body and my angelic body; I need to discover it,

The rumbling from my body didn't stop; I walked for a few days to search for other humans but didn't found one.

As I lost my spiritual strength, I was losing my human body strength too.

Naked fell unconscious on the ground; I heard something growling at me.

Suddenly, I saw my wings got invisible; I saw something walking towards me with my blur vision; it looked like an animal who sniffed my body.

I didn't understand what happened before I completely lost my sense.

Unknow POV

I saw a big man fell in copse; the wild animal attacked him, but my arrow defended this man as I shot it over its head.

It ran away; We walked towards the man; he looked exhausted with no clothes on his body.

I told my sister to call our father to help him, "We need to help him, he is alive," I screamed, with anxiety,

I took out my mantilla and covered his body.

My people came running; picked him. It took seven people to hold him as we went under the tent.

"Who is this; How did you find him?" My father looked at me with his curious gaze.

"I found him, Abba, the wild black animal, attacked him; I saved his life, the way you taught me with the bow and arrow," I whispered in a low voice.

"Hmm... let me handle it from here," he looked at him; held his hand, trying to figure out his pulses.

My father, a medicine expert; he liked to work with plant medicine.

"Strange, his heart is pounding more than a normal human heart,"

He told me to check for some water; need to wipe his body as he got some burn marks too.

"Let him rest; it is dark; let's wait till dawn to bring water," he warned me not to go out in the dark.

I nodded my head in a yes; we came outside.

We lit the fire around our tents; everyone needs to lit the fire; it keeps the wild animal away.

I saw everybody finished their daily chores; We came to our tent, prayed to the creator, as our mother taught us.

Two days back, we saw a burning ball came upon us; it didn't hit our people; we are thankful for that.

In the back of my mind, I had thought of that stranger man; he looked different from my people.

What happened to him; Why he was roaming like that,

With all these thoughts, I slept in my tent.

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