RAYDE no longer likes what his wife did. Going out during the day then coming back home late. Whenever he asked her where she'd been she always answered at her parent's house. As months pass by, everything between them starting to change. Rannah is no longer like before. She talks to him rudely most of the time whenever he confronts her about her wrong-doing. She’s no longer the Rannah he known as sweet, attentive and lovable.

“Where are you going?” Rayde asked his wife.

“To my parent's house,” Rannah replied.

“No! We will go to my parent's house for gathering!” Rayde said.

“What?! You know how they act whenever I’m around them!

“Because you never hang with them! You never interact with them!

“I will not go with you.

“Then you will not be going anywhere!

“Fine! I'm going with you but I don't want to stay for long.” Ranah agreed with irritation. As she doesn’t like to be around with Rayde’s family. For her, they are so boring to be around with. Always talks about businesses. She doesn’t have any idea about businesses ‘cause she did not finish her studies. She sent away to America by her parents for her college, but instead of studying she became happy to go lucky spent all the money on going to the bar and when she met friends she also became a party girl. What her parents knew was, that she was studying. She keeps doing her bad habit until she met his former husband which is a doctor.

Rayde’s left her in the living room, he went into their room to dress.

A few minutes later they are already on their way to Rayde’s parent's house but Ranah seems slightly irritated.

“Why you did not allow me to bring my car?” She asked.

“What for? We’re going together why you have to bring your car?” Rayde said as he is driving.

“So that I can go whenever I want. I don’t like to stay for long as I’ve said. They are so boring.” She said rudely!

“And the people you always be with every day are not boring?

“My family are not boring to be with.

“Really? This is not the time to argue with you. Keep on doing what you are doing Ranah! I would not interfere with that, as long as it makes you happy.” Rayde’s said.

“Then why you force me to go with you then?

“I did not force you! You agreed,


“Because you told me not to go anywhere.

“Yes, I did. I got your car key.

“What?!” Rannah is annoyed with Rayde. She checks her bag and found out that her car key wasn’t there.

“You know, you are so childish.” She said rudely.

“Don’t try to lose my patience Rannah as well as my trust I can divorce you anytime.” Rayde threatens her.

“Sorry.” She apologized.

“It's okay,” Rayde said, he remains calm even though deep inside of him he’s annoyed if it's not only his mom's birthday celebration he will going to drive the car back to their house.

“Rayde, I’m sorry.” Rannah apologized once again.

“It's okay. Let's go,” he simply said.

Rannah follows him as he walks towards the door.

After those arguments between them, they became okay. But Rayde’s never trusted his wife's words.

One day, they are in their room early in the morning. “I want you.” He whispered on her ears.

Rannah faced him. Rayde kiss her on lips, she kisses him back, but it’s no longer as sweet as before, no longer passionate as before. As she kissing him like she's in a hurry.

“Please, I am sleepy. Do it now.” Rannah said which what’s makes him feel disappointed.

“Don’t forget to put on the condom.” She reminds him.

“I don’t want to use that anymore.

“What? But why!

“We are already married. I agreed with you about using this before we get married but now, I won’t use anymore! I want us to have a baby.

“I’m not ready yet for having a baby. If you will not going to use it, discharge outside. or else we will not be going to make love, ” Rannah told him a little bit irritated.

“What?! We’re not getting any younger. When do you want us to have a child?

“Someday, not now.

“Fine,” Rayde said then he gets up and got off the bed. The passionate feeling he felt was gone. He’s completely disappointed with her. He married her rushed ‘cause he wanted to have his own family as he’s already thirty-five years old. He spends his time studying for his future family but it seems like it will never gonna happen the way Rannah reacted about having a child. They discussed having children before they got married and she happily agrees, she even told him the number of children she wants them to have, but why she changes her mind now?

He went straight to the shower room. He fulfills his nature call by his hand, then he took a quick shower.

Ranah was already sleeping when he came out of the shower room. He did not waste time for waking her up. After preparing himself for going to the office, he went into the kitchen for his breakfast but there was nothing to eat on the fridge. He gave Rannah money for groceries but there was no food, he checks the storeroom and its also empty.

“Damn!” Word came from his mouth out. All he knew her wife went to the supermarket as he told her to do the shopping.

He went back to their room and get his jacket. He deliberately slammed their room door. He is annoyed, but he needs to be in the office as he has an early meeting with the boards, he will eat also his breakfast in the office. Regrets were starting to rise deep inside of him. Rannah wasn’t like that before. She’s no longer the Rannah he used to know.

When he got into his office he sends a message to Rannah asking about the groceries. He’s hungry and he can not go to the conference room without eating first. He calls his assistant to bring him some food.

While waiting for his food,

“Did I made the right decision?” Thoughts on his mind.

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