Second Time Around


RAYDE feels mixed emotions while he’s waiting for his flight back to Jordan after living in the USA obtaining his accountancy degree for how many years.

Happy ‘cause he will be able to be with his family and enjoy the thing called a life outside world. Sad, ‘cause he has to left his girlfriend in the USA and they will be entered into Long Distance Relationship.

“Chat me when you are free huh? Don’t forget me.” Lovely said instead of goodbye.

“Yeah. Take care of yourself. I will come for you whenever am free.” Rayde said and hugged his girl tightly like there’s no tomorrow.

“I will wait.” Lovely whispered. Then she simply wiped her tears.

“Don’t cry, baby. I am just going home, not dead.” He jokingly said.

“I will miss you too.

“I have to go, baby.

Lovely nodded and held his hand. She almost doesn’t want to let him go but she has to do so.

He waved at her before entering the gate for check-in.

WHEN he finally got inside the plane, random thoughts came across his mind.

Those are; What awaits right after he went back to Jordan?

Will he enjoy the life outside world after studying for such a long time?

Will his relationship with Lovely will work even in long-distance?

He fell asleep thinking those things.

He awoke as he felt someone cling on him.

“Something wrong?” She asked the girl beside him. The woman looked towards the flight attendant on his other side.

“Time for meal Sir.” The flight attendant said with a smile.

He smiled then fixed himself.

“Chicken or meat?” The flight attendant asked.

“Chicken please,” Rayde replied.

After a minute he starts eating his food.

“Hey, thank you for waking me up.” He gladly said to the girl beside him.

“You’re welcome. Seems you fell asleep deeply.

“Yeah. I was feeling tired.

“Oh I see, so you’re going to Jordan?

“Yes. I’m half-British but grew up and living in Jordan. How about you?

“I’m a Jordanian.

“Ow? By the way, I’m Rayde, and you are?


“Nice meeting you Ranah.

“You too Rayde.

Along with their flight, he got comfortable talking with the girl and never get bored and sleepy. He couldn’t deny that the woman he was talking with right now has an angelic face, the way she speaks he could not stop himself staring at her. She’s far different from Lovely. As his girlfriend is a silent type and not talking a lot when they are on a date. That's why most of the time he got bored with her but he loved his girl as he has known Lovely as a very respectful and loving woman.

After almost thirteen hours, the captain announced them to prepare for take-off. So Ranah stops talking and fixed herself.

“I hope to see you again,” Rannah said afterward.

“It's not impossible.” He simply replied.

“We will make it possible. Here’s my contact number, beep me up on WhatsApp when you are free.” Rannah said and give him a piece of paper where she wrote her mobile number.

“Okay, thank you.” He said with a smile.

They also went together to the luggage area for picking their stuff.

Rayde got his stuff first so he left Rannah. He doesn’t want his parents waiting for too long for him.

He was very happy seeing his parents again. And after an hour he finally reached home.

“I am going to my room Mom, Dad.

“You don’t want to eat first before going to sleep?

“I’ll eat later Mom, I’m tired and sleepy.

“Alright.” His mother said. And they let him go to his room.

Right after he entered his room he connects his phone to their home internet to inform Lovely that he was home. While typing a message for his girlfriend he remembered the piece of paper that Rannah gave him before the plane take-off. After sending his message for Lovely he saves the mobile number on his phone, after few moments the device informed him that the number was connected to WhatsApp and he suddenly found himself typing a message for Rannah. After sending the said message he took off his shoes and ready to lay on his bed but his phone beeped twice.

One message from Lovely and others from Ranah.

He replied to Lovely that he is about to sleep... But his sleepy feeling suddenly gone when he was exchanging messages with Rannah until they already on a call.

He was enjoying talking with her and forgot about sleeping. If his cellphone's battery didn't shut down, their conversation probably wouldn't have ended.

He recharges his phone, but he doesn’t feel sleepy anymore. He went out and go straight to the kitchen to take some food.

“Rayde, I thought you were sleeping.”Approached his mother when she saw him in the kitchen looking for food.

“Yes Mom, but I am feeling hungry,” he replied.

“Okay, you want me to help you?

“No Mom, I can manage. Thank you.

“Are you sure?

“Yes, Mom.

“Alright, enjoy your food son.” His mom said and then left him in the dining room. He was living alone in the USA so he can prepare things himself.

WEEK later, Rayde's father gathered a celebration for him as he succeeds in obtaining his second degree, and it’s not just a simple celebration as his father takes the opportunity to announce that he will be entrusting their company to Rayde.

Everyone was happy and greets. Rayde. Ranah was there too.

"Congratulation," Rannah greeted him after she hears about what his father plans for him.

'Thank you," He said gladly.

He will take his father's place in their company, he will be the one who will manage it as his father announced about his retirement.

Days Flies so fast...

Rayde and Ranah get along and started dating. He couldn't explain his feeling, he couldn't understand why he has the feeling like he known Ranah for such a long time.

Everything between Rayde and Lovely has started to change.

Rayde feels that he has lost his love for his American girlfriend.

If she doesn’t send him messages he might forget her especially when he is with Ranah. He also deleted all their photos together on his phone. And also stop using his old facebook as he created a new one. He makes everything private on his new Facebook. He doesn’t even use his real name and photo for his profile.

Everything has changed.

He's with Ranah all-day, having good times. He is enjoying life after he studied. He stays in the US for 5 years, during his first year there he met Lovely, he approached her for a few things even they are not in the same class as she was in medicine course. She became his first American friend. Until his feeling for the girl develops into something special. From being a simple friendship turns into a love relationship. He courted Lovely in a right courting, he met Lovely's parents and asked permission for courting their daughter. But now he forgets those efforts he made just to have Lovely as his girlfriend. He forgets all his promises to her, those good memories they had and the relationship they built and

protected because of somebody new.

How could Lovely handle the pain that she is about to feel?

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