After Rayde's splits with his American girlfriend through phone, he is already thinking about what he would do next. He also bought a new sim card and he disabled his Facebook account as well so that his ex-girlfriend would not contact him anymore.

Even though they were broke up already, his ex-girlfriend still sending messages. He is a little bit irritated so he had to change his mobile number. Although he doesn't care about the contents of the messages because he doesn't read them either. He immediately deletes after receiving them.

A few weeks later, Rayde’s planned for introducing his girlfriend to his family.

“Do we need this gathering for just introducing that girl you’re dating with?” said his mother.

“Why not Mom?

“You are only going to introduce your girlfriend, not engagement.

“I want to do the best for my girl.

“I hope you will not regret this shortly.

“Mommy, why you seem to judge my girlfriend? Sounds, you are against her! You didn’t even meet her yet.

"Excuse me, Sir, someone is looking for you." Said the maid.

“She’s here,” he said. Her mother stopped speaking and left him in the living room.

He saw the maid approaching with Ranah.

“Hi baby,” Rayde greeted his girlfriend.

“Hello, are you alone here?” Ranah greeted back then asked afterward.

"No, they are coming."

“Ah, okay. I thought you were alone. You say it's a gathering so I was surprised to see you alone here.

“Sit down first. Let's wait for them.


"Coffee or tea?"

“Coffee please.

He serves his girlfriend a cup of coffee.

“Hi, brother.” Rayde’s eldest sister has arrived.

“Hi Rowan,” He greeted back.

"And who is this woman with you?"

“She is my girlfriend. Rannah meets my sister, Rowan.

“Oh, she’s that girl that mom’s talking about. By the way, hello Rannah.” Said Rowan.

“Hi, pleased to meet you.

Rayde’s sister just smiles on her.

“We're here,” Rayde's mother approached them as they are walking towards them.

They came closer. Rayde's father and relatives were also there.

Rayde introduced his girlfriend to his family.

He noticed how strange they were to Rannah. He felt the gap and they didn't like his girlfriend.

“Dinner is ready.” Rayde's mother invited.

“Okay. let's have dinner. ”Rowan said.

They then proceed to the dining table.

Rannah felt like almost all eyes were on her. So she was careful with her actions.

Rannah did not know which ones to eat because there were so many different dishes on the table.

"Rannah, eat well." Said Rowan.

Rannah just smiled.

“Try this. it tastes good. ”Rayde’s offer.

“Okay,” Rannah replied simply.

After they had eaten, they talked.

“So, what is your next plan?” Rayde's father asked.

"About what Dad?"

“Your future.

“I'm working on it Dad. I have nothing to worry about. What I'm thinking now is how I build my own family.

“I hope you think well before getting married. You should also choose the one you will marry. All right, I have something important to do at the library. Thanks for coming everyone. ”Said Rayde's father. And left them in the living room.

After a while, Rayde’s other siblings went home.

“Rayde, It’s getting late. I need to go home.” Said Rannah after seeing the time on her wristwatch.

“I will take you home.

“No thanks. I have my car.

“Are you sure?


Rannah said goodbye to Rayde's mother.

Rayde had just escorted his girlfriend out of the gate. He waited for her car to leave before going back inside their house.

His mother and His sister Larah are waiting for him.

“What’s that look means Mom?” Rayde asked.

“How long have you known her?

“I met her on the plane, 3 months ago.


“I just liked her.

“And how about your girl in America?

“I broke up with her already. I couldn’t stand with Long Distance Relationship. There is no guarantee.

“How can you be sure?

“I feel it.

“I hope you chose the right girl.” Said his mother again.

“I'm not comparing Rannah to Lovely but your ex-girlfriend looks a lot more decent. I hope you made the right decision of leaving her for another girl.” Said Lanah.

“What’s wrong with Ranah? Why does everyone seem to be against her?

“You said you only met her the day you came back here. How can you say she's the right girl for you? ”Said Lanah again.

“Does it take a long time to know she is the right woman for me?” Rayde defends.

“It's only been a few months since you came home. Don't you even think about getting to know her well?

"I love her, she loves me and that's all that matters."

“Really? Does he love you as you are? I won't be surprised if one of the next days you will plan to marry her.

Rayde sighed. As their mother quietly listened to Lanah's words.

“There is no point in these arguments. Think about what you want to think. I loved her, I would fight for her.

Lanah barely shook her head. After hearing what Rayde said.

"As I said, I hope you are doing the right thing! Anyway, I have to go to Mom.

“I’m old enough to know what is right for me.

“Okay. I’m going home. Bye...” She kissed their mother on her chick then leave.

After Lanah left, his mother left him too and follows their father in the library.

Rayde was left alone in the living room. He felt that his family did not like Rannah for him.

A few moments later, he received a message from Ranah, after reading it he decided to call her instead of replying to her message. They Talk over the phone a couple of minutes.

As he talked to his girlfriend on the phone, he temporarily forgot the problem he had been thinking about what their relationship might face. Lanah was right. He’s thinking about marrying Rannah and he wants it to be very soon. He wants to be with her for the rest of his life.

After speaking to his girlfriend over the phone he went into his room and think of his next plan which is about proposing to Rannah. He doesn't want to lose her, she is the girl whom he wants to be a mother of his future kids, the woman whom he wants to spend his life forever.

And it's final!

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