AFTER two months of preparation and waiting, Rayde and Ranah are now married.

Rayde feels that he is the happiest and luckiest man on earth for having Rannah as his wife. He doesn't care if his family were against his wife.

after their wedding, they travel to Australia as Rannah wished.

"I dream of this before, that one day I will be here;" Said Rannah with a priceless smile. He is happy seeing her happy.

They enjoyed their honeymoon.

After they came back from their honeymoon they moved to their own house which Rayde's family gift.

"Finally," said Rayde with a priceless smile.

"Thank you for bringing me to Australia."

"Your wish is my command," said Rayde and held her hand.

"I love you," Rannah said as she kissed him on the lips. Rayde kissed her back.

"I love you more," Rayde replied as he kissed his wife's lips again.

Rayde carried his wife to their room and carefully laid down on the bed without separating their lips. they are kissing passionately as Rayde starts undressing his wife. Ranah allows him to do whatever he wants without objection. although they did those things during their honeymoon she feels that it's more special in their room.

The next day. Rayde needs to go back to the office.

"Baby we need groceries," said Rannah while Rayde was getting ready to go to work.

"Okay, after work I will call you to get ready for shopping."


"I'll go ahead. Bye baby."

"Bye, take care," said Rannah then kissed him on his lips.

Rayde left their home. He has a bunch of unfinished office works that he didn't care about in recent months because he was busy preparing for their wedding.

Now he can focus on work. He can now concentrate on taking care of their company.

After office hours he called Ranah to get ready. He will pick her up. They will take dinner outside also.

She waited for half an hour for Rannah outside.

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting." Ranah apologized when she got into the car.

"Its okay baby," he replied.

"Rayde, can I have a new car?" She asked.

"Is there's a problem with your car? ''

"It's old."

"I'll see, I spent a lot of money back then for our wedding and honeymoon."

"Please ..." she begged.

"Okay but not now."


"I will see next month but we will sell your old car."

"Okay," Rannah replied simply.

While driving, Rayde was thinking about buying a new car. His father would surely get angry when he withdraw money from their company account.

After a few moments...

Ranah picking groceries while Rayde pushing the cart following her.

He let her pick whatever she wants, but at the middle of their shopping, he notices that Ranah doesn't pick some stuff for a cook.

"Baby take some stuff to cook. these are all junk foods and sweets. how about chicken, meats, fish, and vegetables? I also need cucumbers, tomato and some greens for breakfast." he approached.

"Okay," she replied simply.

After shopping, they went to a restaurant to eat dinner. After eaten dinner, they went home.

One month later ...

Rayde kept his promise to buy Rannah a new car but his father didn't like it because he used the company money.

"Where did you spend the money you withdraw from the company account?" his father asked.

"I purchased a new car for my wife."

"What?! Did you use the money without informing me? Not because I entrusted you the company doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. Do you spend a huge amount on a car? Is that how crazy in love you are with your wife?"

"what's wrong with that Dad? Did I use half of billions amount? No, right?"

"You wasted the money."

"You can deduct from my monthly salary, happy?"

"From this day forward you will never be able to take the money from the company. You have your monthly income its more than enough for your needs!"

"Fine Dad," he said then walked away.

After a discussion between him and his father, he returned home. She misses RanNah for even a few hours without seeing her.

But when he arrived, his wife's new car was not in the garage. When he got inside their house he called Rahnah but he did not answer her phone. Since Ranah was not responding to his calls, she went to the kitchen for a meal but he was disappointed that there was no cooked food and because he was tired from work he just opened a canned tuna and that is what he ate together with bread and mayonnaise.

After he ate, she went to their room only to find out how messy it is. Ranna's stuff was on the floor, her undergarments also were there. He sighed and picked up all his wife's scattered stuff.

After the tides, their room up he changes his clothes then went to the tv room while waiting for his wife to return home. After a few hours, Rannah is not returning home yet so he dialed her mobile number again but still no answer. He's feeling sleepy already but he doesn't want to go to sleep until her wife is home. But no matter what he does his eyes want to close and take a rest he fell asleep on the sofa.

The next morning, Rayde woke up only to realize that he falls asleep on the sofa. He later remembered that he was waiting for Ranah last night. he got up and went to their room to see if his wife is there.

"Where did you go yesterday?" He asked as Rannah is widely awake and seems busy on her phone.

"I went to my parent's house," she replied to him while her attention is still on her phone.

"Really? How many times have I tried to call you but you didn't answer your phone?" he said a little bit mad

"I was with my siblings. We went to the mall. It was noisy there so I didn't hear the sound of my phone."

"What time did you come home? I was waiting for you 'till past 9 o'clock."


"And you didn't even wake me up to move here in the room or even give me a blanket." he is a little upset.

"Are we going to argue at this early in the morning? I did not tell you to sleep on the sofa," she said rudely.

"Do you know how hungry I am yesterday huh? I did not eat in the office because I wanted to eat with you, only to find out that there's no cooked food? And all your things were scattered on the floor!"

"You are like an old woman, will you stop complaining? I did not ask you to tides them up, okay? I did not tell you to starves yourself, and you can cook food, I guess!" She said rudely then she hides under the blanket.

Rayde walked out and went into the kitchen to prepare his breakfast.

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