One week later. The court has issued a summons.

"What does this mean Rannah? Why there's a divorce summons sent to you? Is your husband divorcing you?"

"Yes, Dad."

"Why? What did you do?"

"Dad, help me out. I don't want Rayde and me to get a divorce." Rannah begged her father.

"You will get divorced for the third time? Have you not learn from your past mistakes? You did not finish your studies, we sent you to the USA before 'cause we want to keep you away from bad influence friends, but you became worst. You got married there twice then turns outs with divorce for the same reason. Don't tell me Rayde divorcing you for the same reason!"

"I didn't know he was following me, because all I knew was he was in the office."

"I don't know what else to say and do Rannah. Are you not ashamed of what you are doing?"

"I'm just doing what makes me happy!"

"You shouldn't marry Rayde if all you want is to be free doing what makes you happy."

"Dad I made a mistake. I beg you to help me."

"You have done nothing but shame. Do you know how wealthy and powerful Rayde's family is? I can do nothing to help you.

"I will not waste money especially if I know you will eventually lose."

"Dad, please."

"I can't do anything!" His father spoke sternly.

"Why your heart so hard to me Dad? Is it because I disobeyed your wish? You sent me to America to study the course you wanted for me. I tried Dad but business management isn't my heart desire." She said and her tears start falling down.

"Don't you have a dream in life huh?! Is this the kind of life you want? You are lucky Rannah despite your disloyalty they have never hurt you physically."

"Dream? I had a dream before but you kept me from reaching it! You never let me fulfill the desire of my heart!"

"Is that the reason why you are destroying your life? You can paint, you can draw you can do all of them even you study business management. Did you think of that even once?"

"You manipulate me ever since Dad, now you are reacting like you are a good father? You destroy all my paintings, and designs. You kill my dreams. You ruin my life, you are the reason why I am miserable." after he released his thoughts he left his father in the library. She runs in her room and cried out loud as she feels hopeless all she is thinking now is to keep begging to Rayde.

Rannah fell asleep with tears in her eyes.

RAYDE went to his parent's house, he is happy hearing the good news regarding the divorce.

"Did your wife still bothering you?" asked his mother.

"She did not come today, so I had a good mood and day."

"Son, what's your plan after your divorce? Are you coming back here and stay with us?"

"Sorry to say Mom, but I will say in my house I'm independent now."

"Are you sure of that?"

"Yes, Mom."

"Alright if that your decision. I feel sorry for you son."

"Don't be Mom, no one to blame why I am in this situation but myself."

Mrs. Haiti hugs her son. After that moment with her mother, he decided to go home.

While driving, he prayed that Rannah would not be outside his home as he had been doing the past few days.

He first checked if there was a car parked near the door of his house, he smiled when no other car was found so he was sure Rannah wasn't there. He feels relief without seeing his wife for the first time all day he went straight into his room to take his office attire off then he decided to wash his laundry he put them inside the washing machine and wait for them to finish while watching tv having a cup of brewed coffee.

RANNAH woke up with a splitting head 'cause of crying. She gets up and went out of her room to have some cup of water as she feels dry throat.

"Rannah aren't you going out?" asked her brother.

She looked at him. "No, why?" she asked.

"Can I borrow your car?"

"Okay, I'm going to get the car key, but please be careful"

"Yeah, don't worry."

She left his brother in the kitchen, she went back into her room to get the car key. After she gave her car keys she decided to go back to bed, but she doesn't feel sleepy anymore, she picked her phone at the bedside table and dialed Rayde's mobile number but it cannot be reachable. She took a deep breath then put back the phone on the table.

"He might change his number," thought on her mind. She tries to sleep again but she can't sleep, she gets up and took her bathrobe to have a quick shower to freshen her body up. While under the Rannah reminisce their memories in Australia when they took a bath together but tears suddenly falling from her eyes when she realized that everything between them turns into memories. "No, I will do everything to have him back, I won't give up," she promised.

RAYDE decided to go to sleep earlier 'cause he has a meeting at 9 o'clock. but before laying down he prepares his stuff for tomorrow like he usually does that his wife never did for him.

The next day, Rayde is in a very good mood. Everyone around him notices his smiling face.

Upon he got inside his office he saw a white envelope He picked and open to check what inside. He opens the folded paper and read. Her smile widened as she read what was stated on the white paper. The court set the first hearing regarding his divorce. He returned the white paper inside the envelope.

"I'm sure Rannah has a notice too," thought on his mind.

One week passed. The first hearing of their divorce case has arrived. Rayde purposely shrugs as he is sure Rannah will approach him.

Everything was set when he arrives in court. Rannah is quietly sitting with her lawyer.

After a few minutes, the hearing has begun. The court heard each other's side. Rannah brushed in tears while speaking.

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