FROM that simple dating turns into a love relationship, Rayde is now cheating with his American girlfriend. He stops communicating with her, even Lovely sent him a bunch of messages he just ignores and deletes without reading them. Ranah knew about Lovely, but who’s she to refuse with Rayde's proposal? A man from a good and wealthy family.

“So, what’s your plan between you and Lovely?” Asked Rannah.

“Don’t worry baby, I will end up everything soon.

“Aren’t you love her anymore?

“I don’t feel anything for her anymore.

“She would probably get hurt.

“Don’t worry about her. What's important now is you and I.

Rannah pasted the sweetest smile on her lips.

After taking dinner, Rayde had brought Ranah back to their house.

“Thank you,” Rannah said with a pretty smile. That angelic face and smiles make his heart falling in love again and again.

“You’re welcome. See you tomorrow again baby.” Then he restarts the car.

Rannah had to wait for Rayde to leave before entering their house. And She was very happy.

After 15 minutes of driving. Rayde got home.

“Hi, son.” Her mother.

“Hi, Mom.” He replied. And went towards her to give respect.

“Do you want me to prepare for your dinner?

“No thanks Mom, am full.

“Rayde, are you dating somebody?” Her Mom asked unexpectedly.

“Honestly, Yes Mom!

“How about Lovely?

“We’re complicated Mom. Let's talk about her some other time.

“But son, she seems a good girl.

“I fell out of love with her Mom.” His mother's facial reaction has changed after hearing what he had said.

“And who’s this somebody you are dating with?

“You’ll meet her soon. I have to go, Mom, Am sleepy.

Her mother just nodded.

He wasn't sleepy at all. He only made that as an excuse because she wanted to talk to Lovely about their formal break up.

After he got into his room he turns on his phone. As expected, huge messages from Lovely. He didn’t reply, he calls her instead.

He didn’t open his camera but Lovely seems happy. But

He doesn’t want to make the call long.

“I call you because I wanted to talk to you. Lovely, I am giving up. I don’t want you to wait for me and assume that I will come to see you. Let's end up our relationship.” He frankly said.

Lovely began to cry after hearing his words.

“I’m sorry, but I want someone who is near me, someone that I can hang with.” He continues.

“You have to move on, and I have to. Goodbye Lovely.” Rayde’s last words before dropping the call.

He took a deep breath and relax. He knew he had hurt Lovely, as she did not utter any word. All he saw was her tears keep on falling and the pain base on her face reaction. But those tears and pain have nothing to do to change his mind.

He did not expect all this to happen. He also could not understand why his love for the girl was so easily lost. But that's not important to him anymore. What mattered was that he knew he had done the right thing so that Lovely could not wait and hope.

He was happy because of what he did. Because he knew that he is now free to continue his relationship with Ranah without thinking that he was cheating.

THE next day...

The next day, Rayde is excited to see Ranah. He has not yet said anything about the break up he made with Lovely over the phone. He wanted to tell her in person to see her reaction.

They met in a restaurant. Rannah was there already when he arrives. He walks straight towards her.

“Hey!” He approached her.

“Hi, Ranah response with a smile.

“Sorry, I’m a little bit late.” He apologized.

“It’s an okay baby. How have you been?

“Pretty good baby. How about you?

“I’m good. You seem happy.

“Yeah, I have good news for you.

“Huh? About what?

“I broke up with her, last night.

A sweet smile spread across Ranah's lips when she heard Rayde's words.

“Woah? So we’re now totally free with our relationship?

“Yeah. No more doubt?

“I never doubt on you Rayde. I was just worried. You said you’ve been in a relationship with her for quite a long time then you just split with her easily.

“It doesn’t matter. I did the right thing, I guess.

“Yeah, and I’m so happy about that. this deserves a celebration.

“You're right,” he says.

Ranah picked up the menu at the top of the table to choose what to eat. While Rayde staring at his new girl. He let her choose food for them.

After a while, they had fun eating together. Rannah is also attentive and that's one of her girlfriend's traits he loved too.

After they ate, Rayde invited Rannah to the mall.

“Rayde, when are you going to introduce me to your family?” Rannah asked as they drove to the mall.

Rayde looked at her for a moment.

“Very soon baby. I need to prepare for that, okay?

“Did they met your ex too?

“Yes. In the USA, Lovely has never been here.

“Ah, okay.

“I have to talk to my parents first so they can prepare.

“As you wished.

“Don’t worry. It will be very soon.” He says and held her hand to give her assurance.

Rannah simply nodded and became quite.

“Let’s go, shopping. Smile at me. Don’t be sad, it will happen very soon. I promise you.

Ranah Sigh instead of smiling.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing. Let’s go.” Rannah says and walked into the mall. He just follows her.

“Help me choose shirts for me, and we’ll buy for yourself too,” Rayde said.

“Okay, thank you.

They get along the mall.

“Ranah, this will be fit with you. You’ll look even better when you wear it when I introduce you to my family.” Rayde said after seeing a dress.

Finally, Ranah smile. And take the dress. After in female department. They went into the male department to look for some stuff for Rayde.

After they complete everything they want then went straight to the cashier to pay the kinds of stuff they have chosen.

Rannah is happy as she has new kinds of stuff from Rayde. After a few minutes, they left the mall and Rayde drive into an ice cream house.

"Thank you for all of this baby," Rannah said.

"Don't mention baby, they were my gift for you."

"You're so sweet," she said then she hugged him.

Rannah doesn't know what's running on Rayde mind.

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