New Business Partner

Soo-Yun threw herself on the bed. She was sobbing massively. “Why am I feeling hurt? I don’t love him, right?” Soo-Yun sat on the bed and ran her hand through her hair. “WHY? WHY IS IT SO HARD.” she screamed in frustration. Jun-Sang let out a sigh before resting his back on the hair. He frowned as he heard a scream coming out of Soo-Yun’s room. He rushed to her room and knocked on the door softly. “Soo-Yun, are you okay?” Jun-Sang said calmly to make her feel better. “JUST GO AWAY. I DON’T WANT YOU HEAR RIGHT NOW.” Soo-Yun took her anger out on him, making Jun-Sang more worried about her. “Please open the door and let me in.” “NO” “Soo-Yun, please open the door or I will break it.” Soo-Yun panicked and her eyes landed on a sharp knife. “Soo-Yun, please.” He begged, but she was on her thoughts.

“NO. I AM GOING TO MEET MY DAD.” Jun-Sang's eyes popped out in shock. “Don’t you dare SOO-YUN.” He started hitting the door with his shoulder. Soo-Yun took a knife and placed it on her wrist, ready to cut. “I am coming to you, dad.” She said and closed her eyes, tears falling down as they were at the edge of the eyes. Jun-Sang broke the door and rushed to her. He quickly grabbed the knife and threw it away from her. “ARE YOU CRAZY?” He yelled at her but his eyes turned soft as she fell down. “Soo-Yun?” Jun-Sang placed her head on his lap. He gently patted her cheeks to wake her. Her body was lying on the floor unconsciously. Jun-Sang carried her into his arms and took her into his room. 

“I injected her. She will be fine. It happened because she is dealing with depression, and it will be so harmful to her. Mr. Jang, please keep your eyes on her. In these cases, patients only need care and love to heal.” Jun-Sang nodded at Dr. as his eyes were fixed on Soo-Yun, who was still unconscious. He followed the doctor to the gate and let out a sigh as dr. left. “She is in so much pain after her dad's death.” Jun-Sang stepped towards his room and stopped when his eyes landed on a piece of paper. “What is this?” he took the paper on the floor and checked it. Jun-Sang frowned after reading Mr. Jang's name on it. He didn’t know about that. “Why did dad lie to us?

Jun-Sang's gaze turned soft as he saw her sleeping while hugging his pillow. “You are still the same Soo-Yun.” He shook his head and sat on the edge of the bed near her. Jun-Sang caressed Soo-Yun’s hair gently. “I missed you so much. I missed our cuddles.” A small curve on his lips on the flashback of their memories. “You are my shorty.” Jun-Sang planted soft kisses on Soo-Yun’s head. “I love you Shorty.” Jun-Sang moved her hair behind ear. He sighed and went to the other side to sleep. “Good Night.” He whispered as laid on the bed.

Moon Sang-Woon placed an empty glass of wine on the table as he was hell drunk. “Soo-Yun” he wiped his tears and kissed her photo. “Why did you do this to me? I want a proper reason.” His eyelids became heavy. Sang-Woon rested his head on the table and drifted into his dreamland. 

Jun-Sang woke up when he felt something heavy on his chest. He groaned and opened his eyes slowly. Jun-Sang chuckled seeing his wife snuggling into his chest. He caressed her back, giving her warmth. Soo-Yun clutched his waist and hid herself in him. “Wake up.” he whispered in a deep husky voice, causing her heart to skip a beat. She immediately stood up. “I–I am sorry. I didn’t know how I ended up here in your bed.” Jun-Sang pulled her back to him and placed her head on his chest again. “I brought you here last night.” Jun-Sang cleared her mind, causing her to think about something else. “Don’t think too much or your small brain is gonna hurt.” He teased her, making her sigh. “You don’t need to worry about me. It is not your concern.” She says coldly. “Wae, Wae? I am your best friend. I have all the right to worry about my shorty.” Soo-Yun’s heartbeat fast. “S–shorty?” she whispered in shock. “Yeah, Shorty my Shorty.” She got out of his grip and left the room.

“I know. It will be hard for her to forgive me this time.” Jun-Sang got up and went to get fresh. After getting fresh, they both meet each other in the dining area. There was an awkward silence between them. No one dared to utter a word. Jun-Sang stealing glances from time to time at Soo-Yun if she was eating or not. “Soo-Yun?” She choked on food because of his sudden voice. Jun-Sang rushed to her, gave her a glass of water, and patted her back until she caught her breath. “Are you okay?” she nodded, and he went back to his seat. “Say it.” Soo-Yun asked, while focusing on her food. “Can you come with me today to my company?” He asked with a smile on face. “Why?” Soo-Yun coldly asked. “Actually, Won-Chul is not in the city and today I am going to sign a new deal, so I need you to take care of the contract.” She let out a sigh and thought for some time before nodding her head in agreement. He smiled brightly and continued his breakfast. 

Sang-Woon woke up and felt a sharp pain in his head. He glanced at the wall clock and rushed to his bedroom for an important meeting. “Shit, shit, shit.” he cursed himself multiple times because of his carelessness. 

Jun-Sang stopped the car in front of his enormous company. Soo-Yun got out of the car and made her way to the entrance. The guard stopped her because he had never seen her here before. She glanced at him, confused. “Your card or appointment Mam?” He demanded and Soo-Yun smiled and shook her head. Jun-Sang came to them and guards saluted him. “She is my wife.” They nodded and opened the door. Jun-Sung entered the company along with his wife. Her beauty amazed everyone. Jun-Sang was a little pissed off because of male workers gazed at his wife. “Everyone.” He caught their attention. “Meet my wife, Mrs. Jang Jun-Sang.” He smirked at satisfaction as everyone bowed to them. Jun-Sang held Soo-Yun’s hand and intertwined his fingers into hers. She was staring at him, confusedly. Jun-Sang took her into his cabin and made her sit on the couch. “Sit here. I am going to check the preparation for the meeting.” She blinked her eyes multiple times and nodded. Jun-Sang caressed her cheek and left. 

Sang-Woon’s car stopped in front of the monumental building. He got out of the car and made his way to the entrance. Everyone bowed to him as he walked by them. One assistant was holding an iPad and the other on with a file, walking along with him into the company. Soo-Yun was sitting beside Jun-Sang in the meeting hall. Their gaze shifted on the door, which was revealing MOON SANG-WOON.

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