The Wedding Day

Soo-Yun stopped the car in front of a huge, beautiful mansion. She opened the car door and went out of the car. Soo-Yun heaved a deep sigh and started taking steps towards the main gate. As she reached the gate about to ring the bell, he opened the door wide. He was looking at her with a deep glance.

"You are finally here Soo-Yun"

He said in a deep voice and was about to hug her. She took a step back and tried to avoid his touch.

"Sang-Woon, I came here to clear you something."

He looked at her, confusingly, about to touch her again, but she stepped back.

"At least let me hug you, So-Yun."

She shook her head as no. He understands there is something wrong with her. Sang-Woon invited her in.

"Come in Soo-Yun, let's sit and talk about it."

She glanced at him and smiled.

They entered the launch and Soo-Yun sat on the couch. Sang-Woon passed her the glass of juice. She took a deep sigh.

"Sang-Woon, I—I'm SO-sorry"

He frowned and went towards her and sat beside her.

"What happened to you, Soo-Yun? Are you okay?"

She nodded her head, and a tear escaped from her eye. He looked at her with a worried gaze.

"Soo-Yun, you know you can tell me. What happened?"

She nodded and looked at his eyes with a deep glance.

"I—I'm Getting Married."

His heart skipped a beat and tears started building in his eyes.


She stood up and looked away from him.

"Y-yes I-I'm so sorry."

Her voice was shaking, she was scared to lose him. After all, he is her love. She doesn't know that he is not his first love, but it scares her.

"I'm going. This is the end of our story. Don't contact me."

She left him behind and went out to his house.

Sang-Woon looked at the door and a tear rolled down from his cheek.

"I love you, Soo-Yun. I will always love you."

After a few days.

It's the day of their wedding. Everyone is busy with preparations. Soo-Yun is standing in front of the mirror, admiring her wedding dress. She is wearing a tea pink wedding gown with simple diamond earrings, her messy bun looking so pretty with this dress. She was doing her makeup and suddenly the door opened, revealing her mother and Mrs. Jang.

"Honey, are you ready? The guests are waiting for you."

Mrs. Leon asked her with a bright smile. She slightly nodded at her and forced a fake smile.

"You are looking so gorgeous. Jung-Sang is going to fall for you."

Mrs. Jang said teasingly. Stella just smiled at her.

Placing the ring on her finger without taking a glance at her. Soo-Yun was focused on Jun-Sang’s face, admiring his features, and suddenly the priest said something which made both of them frown.

"You are husband and wife now. You may kiss the bride."

Jun-Sang looked at her with a stony gaze as he moved towards her. Her heart was beating so loud she was trying to control her heartbeat. Soo-Yun closed her eyes tightly. Jun-Sang leaned down to her and kissed her forehead. He moved back and everyone started cheering.

After greeting so many guests, Soo-Yun felt a little tired of the fake smile, so she left the place immediately and went to her room. Soo-Yun looked at the wall. And there were so many pictures of her father. She went closed in the fall and took a deep sigh. A little tear rolled down from her cheek, which was describing her feeling right at the moment.

"Dad? Why did you leave me alone in his cruel world? You know, it's so hard to act like a powerful person in front of everyone. They just understand nothing."

She took a picture of her and her father. A small smile appeared on her face.

"I love you dad, hope you are doing well in heaven." Look, I made it. I wish you happiness."

She placed the picture back on the table. She sat on the bed and looked at her wedding ring.

"Jang Jun-Sang, you have changed a lot."

Stella closed her eyes, and a flashback came to her mind.

A girl was running in the hallway, trying to reach her class on time. She bumped into someone falling on the floor, making a loud noise. She groaned in pain while closing her eyes. Someone offered her hand. She slowly opened her eyes and saw a hand in front of her.

"I-I'm SO-sorry, are you okay?

She looked at the person and forced a smile.

"Y-yeah, I guess."

She held his hand, and he helped her to stand up.

"Thank you so much"

She said to him with a bright smile. He was about to say something and suddenly they heard the ring. She started panicking and ran from there, leaving him dumbfounded.

She opened her eyes as the flashback of her past ended in her mind.

"It was him, Moon Sang-Woon." I'm sorry Moon, we were about to be with each other, but fate wants something else."

She was in her thoughts, and suddenly someone knocked on the door. She stood up and went towards the door.

She opened the door and Jang Ju-Sang was standing there without taking a glance at her; he said.

"Let's go, everyone, asking for you."

She nodded and walked forward. He followed her. She was about to take a step on the stairs suddenly her foot twisted and she was about to fall. Jang ran towards her, held her by her waist, and bumped her on his chest. She closed her eyes tightly, waiting for a fall, but as she bumped into his chest, she looked at the person who saved her. She glanced at him. Jang Jun-Sang was gripping her. She gasped.

"Jun-Sang? I'm okay. You can leave me now."

She said in one breath. He loosened his grip and sighed.

"Be careful, Soo-Yun. I don't know why you are always so clumsy."

He said in an indifferent tone and went away from her. She pouted and followed him.

After greeting her parents, she went to the car and sat in. She waved a little at her brother as Jun-Sang started the car. After some time, they drove off. He was focused on the road and didn't care about a beautiful bride sitting next to him. She took a glance at Jun-Sang and smiled.


He just hummed in response.

"Do you remember how we were in our school days?"

She asked him in the hope of a little conversation, but what he said made her sad.

"No, I don't."

She smiled sadly and looked out of the window. Soo-Yun thought there was no way to talk to him anymore. She closed her eyes and slept. He took a glance at her and sighed.

"I'm sorry"

He mumbled and focused on the way home. As they reached the home, Jun-Sang pulled the handbrake, which made Soo-Yun wake up. She opened her eyes and tried to clear her view. After that, she got out of the car and arranged her wedding dress. Soo-Yun tried to take a step, but her wedding dress didn't let her do it. She sighs and Jun-Sang notices it. He came close to her and took her in his arms. Her eyes widened.

"Don't be happy. I'm just helping you."

He said in a bitter voice and took her into the house. Jun-Sang Entered the house while every one of his maids and guards watched him with jaws dropped. He took her into her room and put her down. She didn't know that she was staring at him all the time.

"This is your room. We don't need to share rooms. Don't come to my room without my permission. Get ready. We are going to discuss the contract tomorrow at 9:00 AM."

He said and left her alone in her room.

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