My Drunk Wife

Jun-Sang started the car and glanced at his wife's sleepy figure who was resting her head on his shoulder. "You are so bad. What took you so long?" Soo-Yun said cutely while pouting her lips. Jun-Sang shook his head and smiled a little before driving away. "Answer me, do you like someone else?" Soo-Yun asked out of the blue, causing Jun-Sang's eyes to widen. "Yaahh, Let me." She shook him a little. "You are always rude, cold-hearted and annoying." Soo-Yun crossed her arms on her chest and made a grumpy face. Jun-Sang chuckled slightly at Soo-Yun cuteness. "You know Jun-Sang?" He hummed softly. "I missed you, I missed us." Jun-Sang eyebrows frowned and he shifted a glance at Soo-Yun then back to the road. "You know when my father died I waited for you to come and comfort me. You didn't give me a single look, I was so hurt by your cold behaviour. I will never ever forget how you threw me away when I needed you the most as a friend." She chuckled in pain as a tear rolled down to her eyes. "Y-you know, I miss my father so much. H-he was the man whom I trusted the most. After my dad you were the second man in my life, I loved you the most and then Sang-Woon. I hurted him so much, I broke his heart. I am such a bad person. I am not able to do anything right. Today I lost the case because of my fault. I am such a bad lawyer." Soo-Yun sobbed and looked out of the window. "Dad, why'd you left me in this cruel world alone? Please come back. I need you by my side." She rested her head on the edge of the window. "I don't wanna live anymore." Soo-Yun said and closed her eyes. After a few minutes she fell asleep.

“I am sorry Soo-Yun, for not being able to help you when you needed me the most.” Jun-Sang sighed and smiled while patting her head. “I will not do it again. I will try my best to make you happy as a best friend.” A small smile curved his lips as he heard soft snores. “You are still a baby Soo-Yun.” He shook his head and shifted his gaze on the road. Soo-Yun groaned as Jun-Sang lifted her in his arms to take her into the room. “Yaa, where are you taking me Mr. Bunny.” He chuckled and headed to the room. Jun-Sang placed Soo-Yun on the bed, took off her heels and jacket. He went to the bathroom and took a bowl of water and a towel. Jun-Sang bent down to her level And wiped her face with the wet towel. He wiped her hands, neck as well.

"You are drunk too much, Soo-Yun." He mumbled and sighed after cleaning her.

His eyes landed on Soo-Yun's uncomfortable figure. Jun-Sang sighed and fixed her position as her head was not on the pillow. “You’re making me weak once again and I don’t wanna be a soft hearted again. This is a cruel world.” Jun-Sang smiled while caressing her hair. “You are still like before. Cute.” He whispered and made his way to his room.

In the morning as the sun rays hit Soo-Yun's face she shifted her position suddenly a soft knock gained her attention. “Come In.” She permitted in a deep sleepy voice and gazed at the door after sitting properly on the bed. "Mrs. Jang Mr. Jang is calling you for breakfast." Soo-Yun nodded before getting up off the bed. She took her dress and headed to the bathroom to freshen up. After taking a quick shower she made her way to the living room. Jun-Sang took a secret glance at Soo-Yun before heading to the dining area. "Good Morning Soo-Yun." He greeted her and took his seat. "G-good Morning." Soo-Yun stuttered a little as she also took a seat. "Mrs. Rim, please give her a hangover soup." Jun-Sang told Mrs. Rim the elder caretaker of the house. Mrs. Rim nodded and went to the kitchen. Soo-Yun gasped and glanced at Jun-Sang. "I-I am sorry–" he cut her words in the middle. "Save it for later. You need to take soup as you know you were drunk too much last night." She nodded a little with a pouty face. Jun-Sang smiled and shook his head. "So, are you going somewhere?" Jun-Sang asked out of the blue, making her flinced. "W--what?" Soo-Yun questioned. "Yeah, you are in a formal dress. So, I guess you are going somewhere. "She nodded before giving him an answer. "Actually, I am going to visit my client. I lost a case yesterday." Soo-Yun lowered her gaze as she mentioned the case. "It's okay, things happened." Jun-Sang replied to her, making Soo-Yun smile a little.

After having breakfast they made their way to work. Soo-Yun started her car and drove away. She was driving peacefully but her mind was stuck somewhere else. She sighed and parked her car. "What happened to him today?" Soo-Yun whispered and got out of the car. Soo-Yun entered the hospital where her father came after the accident. Her eyes widened as she saw a familiar figure. "Mr. Jang?" Father of Jun-Sang was talking to the doctor and she stepped close to him. "Mr. Jang, what are you doing here?" Soo-Yun asked, making him flinch. "Soo-Yun?" He looked at her confusedly. "Yeah, what are you doing here, is everything alright? Is Mrs. Jang alright? She asked while gazing everywhere trying to find Jun-Sang's mother. "Y-yeah everything is fine. Umm Actually I came here for a regular check up. N-nothing else." He covered up something which was unnoticed by Soo-Yun. She nodded and smiled. "Okay, Take care of yourself" Mr. Jang nodded and left from there furiously. "What happened to him?" She shrugged her shoulders and about to go but stopped as her eyes landed on the paper on the floor. She crouched down on the floor and took the paper. Soo-Yun's eyes widened. "Dad's death report?" She gasped and made her way to Dr. Deff's office.

"I don't know about it, Soo-Yun." Dr. Deff said while checking the report. "You told me that all records were cleared but how is it possible?" Soo-Yun ran her hand through her hair. "Look here, Soo-Yun. There is a sign of Dr. Haneul." She frowned and looked at the paper. "Who is he?" She asked. "He is a junior Dr. He works here in the evening shift sometimes." She nodded her head.

Jun-Sang sighed as his work was done. "I have to call her." He took his phone and dialled Soo-Yun's number. After a few rings she cut the call. "Huh? She must be busy." He mumbled and took his car keys and headed out of the office.

Jun-Sang entered the house and dropped himself on the couch. He heaved a deep sigh and glanced at the wall clock. "It is too late, where is she?" He thought about calling Soo-Yun but stopped as her weak figure entered the house with a bottle of wine. Jun-Sang's eyes widened as she sat next to him. "You home" she smiled at him. "What's wrong with you. You are drunk again?" He sighed and tried to take the bottle to her hand. "NOoo" she yelled at him and gulped the full bottle immediately. "You lose Mr. Husband." She whispered in his ear sending shivers down his spine. His heartbeat increased as her words hit his mind. "Husband?" He whispered under his breath. She immediately nodded. "Yeah, my beautiful husband." Soo-Yun warped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Jun-Sang gasped and tried to get out of her grip. "Wae, wae?" She whined and tightened her grip around Jun-Sang's neck. "Soo-Yun, leave me. You are not in your right mind." He calmly tried to avoid eye contact. "Look into my eyes, Jun-Sang. Am I ugly?" Her voice cracked and Jun-Sang stopped moving. Jun-Sang sighed and gazed into her eyes. His eyes softened after seeing her tears. Leaning his hand towards her cheek, she closed her eyes as Jun-Sang touched her softly and wiped Soo-Yun's tears away. She opened her eyes, Jun-Sang caressed her cheek softly. 

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