The Main Rule Of The Contract

Soo-Yun sighed and took a glance at the window. “He has changed a lot,” she stated, and went to freshen up. Jun-Sang took his phone out and glanced at the wallpaper. He smiled sadly and shook his head. “We were so happy, Haneul” Jun-Sang caressed his phone’s screen.

In the morning, Soo-Yun came down for breakfast, where Jun-Sang was waiting for her. “Good Morning Jun-Sang.” She greeted him with a soft smile. Jun-Sang nodded at her without taking a single glance at her. Soo-Yun sighed and sat opposite him. “You remember what I told you last night, Soo-Yun?” He asked in a deep voice, making her flinch, and a glass of juice spilled on her. She gasped and turned her gaze on Jun-Sang, who was shooting her death glare. “What the–'' Jun-Sang controlled his anger before saying further. “Why are you so clumsy, Soo-Yun?” He retorted, making Soo-Yun sad and embarrassed in front of the maids. One maid came to Soo-Yun with a towel and started cleaning the mess. “I-I am so-sorry,” Soo-Yun apologised while stuttering. Jun-Sang stood and left the dining room immediately. Mrs. Rim came to her and patted her back, Soo-Yun staring at her with teary eyes. “It's okay Soo-Yun, you know him. He got angry easily. “Mrs. Rim said to her to make her calm as she knew Soo-Yun was the most sensitive girl. Mrs. Rim is the caretaker of Jun-Sang. She is the most trustworthy person. Soo-Yun nodded at her and wiped her tears. 

In the study room, Jun-Sang and his lawyer friend were waiting for Soo-Yun, suddenly the door wide open revealing Soo-Yun. She bowed to them respectively. “Soo-Yun you have grown up a lot,” Won-Chul stated, and went towards her. She smiled and hugged her. She hugged him back but immediately broke the hug as she felt a powerful gaze on her. Jun-Sang cleared his throat, catching their attention. “Let’s discuss the contract,” Jun-Sand said and started reading the papers. Soo-Yun sighed and took a seat beside Won-Chal. 

“So. Soo-Yun the rules are,” 

No 1: You may not interfere with his matters, like office work and legal things.

No 2: You will not expect him to give you value as a wife.

No 3: You can’t fall in love with him, and if you did, it will be your responsibility, not his.

No 4: You can’t force him to attend parties and other activities with you.

No 5: You may not go to his room, study room.

No 6: You may touch nothing which belongs to him.

No 7: You may not invite your friends to his house, oh! Especially male friends.

No 8: You may not talk and spend time with his housemaids.

No 9: You may not meet his family without his permission.

And the last one, Soo-Yun, you know it is a contract marriage, so you can’t stop him from dating anyone or meeting anyone or he will also not stop you.” Won-Chal cleared her and took a glance at his friend, who was staring at Soo-Yun with no emotions. Soo-Yun nodded in order of agreement. Won-Chal passed her the pen, and she glanced at Jun-Sang, who was gazing at her emotionlessly. She sighed and signed the agreement. After that, she bowed to Won-Chal and left them alone.  

“Dude, this is too much. I know you liked her, but now why are you doing this to her?” Won-Chal asked his friend, who didn't bother to answer him. “Stop admiring things in your head and focus on your work,” Jun-Sang said rudely to his friend and went out to the study room. Soo-Yun was going somewhere when suddenly Jun-Sang's eyes met her. He looked at her, confused. “Are you going somewhere?” He asked her, making her frown. She nodded at him and took her file, about to go out of the door, but stopped by Jun-Sang. “May I ask you where are you going?” “She glanced at Jun-Sang, who was holding her arm. “It is none of your business, Mr. Jang.” She said and took her arm out of his grip. He rolled his eyes and someone giggled while looking at them from far away.

Soo-Yun was sitting in front of Dr. Deff, who was busy working on his laptop. She was so impatient, she just wanted her father's medical report. “Did you find it, Dr. Jeff?” she asked him while tapping her fingers on his table. He shook his head, making her sad. “I told you Soo-Yun, it is difficult to find the record, and I told you before someone cleared the records of your father's reports.” He reminded her again, but she had some hopes if she found something. After visiting Dr. Jeff, she felt disappointed in herself as a lawyer. She could still find nothing. She didn't have any clue or proof of her father's death. Soo-Yun entered the house. The lights were out. She frowned and took her phone out to her bag. She was about to turn on the flashlight, but flinched as suddenly the lights turned on. “WHERE WERE YOU AT THIS HOUR?” Jun-Sang shouted at her, giving her a death glare making her step back. “W-hy do y-you care? Y-you are the one who told m-me not to interfere in y-your mat-ters.” She said while stuttering, making him angrier. “That is not the answer to my question, Jang Soo-Yun,” Jun-Sang said, glaring at her. She sighed and made her way to the room. “STOP RIGHT NOW JANG SOO-YUN,” Jun-Sang shouted again, sending her shiver. She stopped at her spot and glanced at an angry Jun-Sang. “What's wrong with you?” She whispered to him and he sighed. He left her dumbfounded. Soo-Yun shook her head and headed to her room.

Meanwhile, Jung-Sang sat in his chair and sighed. “What is wrong with me? Why is she affecting me?” He questioned himself and rubbed his face with his palms.

Soo-Yun lay on her bed. She closed her eyes, and a tear escaped to her eyes, making her sobs. “Dad, I miss you.” She whispered in her sobs and hugged the pillow which was next to her. She didn't know someone was listening to her sobs behind the door. He was feeling so hopeless. Jun-Sang knows he can't hug her. He couldn’t comfort her. Jung-Sang clenched his jaw and went to his room.

Moon Sang-Woon was standing on the terrace where Soo-Yun and he used to spend time together. “I miss you, my love.” He whispered, taking a glance at the moon, missing his love. His eyes welled up with tears. He sobbed while wiping his tears away. “I will make you mine again Soo-Yun,” he said, and chuckled sadly.

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