Chapter six: Teleportation.

Ucheoma' s pov

"Chioma, Chioma!, WHERE ARE YOU!"

I looked for her in every corner of the house, but still no sign of her.

"Mama, mama!," I screamed with a note on my hand that I found in my bag.

"What happened, why are you screaming?"

"Chioma has ran away, I don't know where she is but she left this note in my bag," I explained.

"Ucheoma, if you are reading this letter, it means you Have noticed my dismissal.

I have my reason for this, no one should panic, I'll be save, I won't tell any of you my mission Or my location, but what I can say is that I am going to save your lives by doing this, you guys should live without me hopefully, I would be back, stay safe over there.

And be careful... .

Did I Chioma?

"What is all this one now, how will she save us, na," my mother distressed.

"Am sure she would have her reasons," I tried to raise hope.

"Favour do you know where she might be, because you were the last person with..." Before Temilayo finished his question we all noticed he was also not in our premises.

"Has anyone seen Favour?" Asked Temilayo.

"The last time I saw him was when he went to the restroom and Chioma followed" I replied.

"That is very true" My Dad agreed.

"Let me search around the house, Temilayo try calling him."

I search every single corner of the house and every second I call out his name, but still no sign of him.

I came back to hear Temilayo's attempt, but they found out that his phone wasn't taken by him, we all found it on the sitting room chair where he sat earlier.

"First my wife, now one of my sons," the Chief cried.

"No No No, no one is dying or is going to die, I am sure they will both be fine wherever they are," My Dad cheered.

Chioma's pov;

The I chartered from the bus station drove at a very high speed as it followed the free express road to Lagos.

After 6 hours of sitting under the roof of a very hot bus of a spoilt (A.C) air condition, I dropped myself down.

"Where would I stay now?" I silently asked myself.

At least I have 20 thousand with me that I saved from my monthly allowance, I will use some of the money to rent a room in a hotel, after that I will hustle out the remaining.

"I walked out of the sandy ground and placed my leg on Lagos road, "After spending my whole life in the village, I have finally experience Lagos weather and feelings, my parents and sisters always disagree with me when I talked about going to the city, I don't still get Why they don't like good life here.


I lived in the hotel for over two weeks before I could get a petty job that gave me some income, I used some of the money to rent a house that was near a shop I worked in, I worked in a small supermarket as a receptionist, the job really got to me joy.

I lived in Lagos for almost a year, I was starting to think Favour was lying until... .

I woke up on a Saturday morning for a very long sleep, I walked tiredly to the bathroom and let out a loud scream when I found my face in the mirror.

"What is this?" I said with my hands on my face.

Suddenly I started hearing weird noises banging in my head, I kept hearing loud voices and seeing weird faces, I was deeply In confusion.

Weird thing just kept happening to me, my body part just kept disappearing and appearing, it was like a spoiled light bulb trying to be good again. Then... .

I was nowhere to be found.

Ucheoma' s pov.


"What is it?"

I struggled with my words while raising my hands to the sky, "Mama, what Is... is th... That?"

"EWÒ" My mom exclaimed.

I didn't believe what I was seeing, "Mama, do you know what that is?"

"No oh, how would I know"

This seems like A dream to me, but this was real, very real.

"Mama, it is coming nearer oh" I fearfully said, every house owner around us was as surprised as us.

Suddenly blue light struck the floor where we all were, making the ground shake.

To be continued... .