Chapter five: The run away.

Now I wish this Favour guy should be my suitor, his red lips shined like red apples and his eyes popped  like the shining sun.

"Excuse me please" I said to everyone and walked out of the awkward sitting room, confusion kept running into my head with all of this, my true crush is the brother of the suitor I don't like.

I stayed outside for almost 20 minutes to clear my head. When the sun began to storch on me, I headed inside, I really don't like the sun, especially when it spoiled people's skin.

I was about to open the door when I bumped into Favour with all my distracted body, "Oh, I am really sorry" I apologised for my actions.

"No problem, I should be the one apologising" he mentioned with his hands on my arm lifting me up, "Wait, he said confused and pulled my sleeves up, "Oh, no."

Am so dead, someone has seen my secret, what will he tell others? Immediately I pulled my down forcefully like someone that just got angry, "I don't know what that is," I tried covering up.

"You have tatties of 'kindredin. Apocalypse '' he smiled with the look that he knew what was on my own body.

"You know what is on my skin?" I asked.

"Sure." He replied.

"Please explain more about this kindar…, kinderai" I tried pronouncing.

"It's called kindredin apocalypse" he corrected.

"Oh thanks" 

"Did you touch a substance that is blue and shiny?" He asked.

"Yes, about three months ago, there was this blue stuff coming out from it…. ."

He interrupted my explanation when he brought out the orb from mid air.

"Wow!, how did you do that?"

"Lower your voice, It doesn't matter now," he said with a rush, "Is this what you saw?" He asked with the same orb on his hand.


"You and your family are in grave danger Chioma," 


"You need to run, run without setting your eyes back, your family especially is in serious danger," he echoed, "The enemies need the orb but you've sucked the power from it."

"What power?" I asked with tears already coming out from my eyes.

"It will develop in about a year."

"I don't want powers, I don't want any of this," I complained.

"There is nothing you can do, the earlier you run the better," he ended and went into the sitting room.

"Chioma!," My Dad shouted from the sitting room.

"No, no, no, no!" I kept on saying silently, "Sir?" I replied to my Dad.

"Do you want to keep your future husband waiting?, you have been gone for the past 30 minutes," he blurted.

I kept my mouth shut with nothing to say, after my experience with Favour.

My Dad shaked his head and continued his gist with the chief, "So where is your mother, isn't she attending?" He asked.

"She passed away three months ago, only God knows what happened to her, the police said something fried her skin but her right hand was blown off, they all said she must have touched something with her right hand that made her die" The chief explained.

I am still contemplating if Favour is right or it is a made up story, is this some sort of prank or play, but some of it makes sense, all the supernatural things happening to me, it all makes sense that they all happened when favour talked to me.

And everything looked real, all the blue tech and the related story of the chief wife, maybe she touched the orb like I did, but why did she blow up, how does all this relate to my family, what power are they talking about, some part of this makes sense while some doesn't.

Favour wicked at me with their Ongoing explanation, "Please I need to use the toilet," Favour excuse, when he reached my position he gave me a sign to come over.

I met him in front of our house to hear whatever he wanted to say, "What, which lie do you want to blow now?," I asked with my two hands folded together.

"All what I am saying is not a lie, I am telling the truth, just hear me out."

"So what do you want to tell me now?"

"Didn't you hear the story my Dad told your Dad?"

"Ya, I heard."

"My mother touched the same orb that you touched,"


"Well, because my mother was not the chosen one, she tried up,"

I gasped.

"What would have happened if I wasn't the chosen one?"

"You would have been fried like my mother"

"So if I am the chosen one, what am I meant to do," I asked but my fear didn't.

"No one knows, if the enemy's find you they won't hesitate to kill all your loved ones."

"So what should I do?

"Run, run far away, let no one find you, do not look back,"

"Can I go with someone?"

"No one must go with you,"

"Wait, how did you know all of this?, did you touch the orb?, or did anything happen to you?, did all this you saying happen to you?" Many questions just ran through my head.

"Well, I am a protector," he replied with just one answer while I rushed out tons of questions.

"Of what?"

He began the explanation after a big inhaling of air and exhaling, "Long ago, AC [After Christ], three children from no homes and parents that doesn't know how good life was were very tired of this world earth, they believed that nothing good came out of it,"

"So what did they do"

"Calm down I am coming to that" 

"Oh, okay, sorry," I apologised and immediately he continued.

"They found a way to create something epic that would help their life, they got in contact with a rich multimillionaire, they went to the best school in the country, and they all became very intelligent, they met friends that loved them.

They all grew up and they worked on a science project which made them create another dimension, but unfortunately they died during the process.

But people knew about the project so they experienced it, they all made the science experiments into a life time achievement.

But of course they would be evil minds, they form a team and influence people to destroy the active king and rule the world

They all took over the world and made themselves the new king of 'Kindredin' that is what they called the world," Favour explained in full details.

"So what happened to the world?" I asked.

"The world wasn't destroyed, it seems to everyone that it was destroyed, right now it is a forgotten world." He added.

"What should I do?"

"When the time is right, you would be teleported to the world to save it."

"How would I do that?"

"Only you knows,"

Time for more questions were over, I needed to get far away from the house even if he is right or wrong, if he is right it has its advantage and if he is wrong I would at least get out of this family drama and marriage.

I rushed into my room to begin my packing, the first thing I remembered and took was the orb. I had to run off without telling anybody, but I didn't want to leave anyone worried, especially my sister who has been really good to me through these tough times, so I left a note in her bag.

Ucheoma' s pov.

"Chioma, Chioma!, WHERE ARE YOU!"

To be continued…. .

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