Final apocalypse

Chapter one: Why me?

Chioma Adaeze Isiwu - oval shaped face, slightly slim, straight pointed nose, dark hair, normal bright eyes, average height, nineteen years, cute pink mouth, pretty but trying hard not to be, in my baggy village dress and glasses, balances a big bucket of water on my head.

Ucheoma Merabell Isiwu - a little bit of round face in her oval, a little puffy, straightly pointed nose, dark hair, black eyes, reddish lips, tall, 29 years old, a run away from the set of my private Idaho, then we might notice a few thin gashes cutting across her cheek, she stayed near me uplifting the same size if bucket on her head, but by the looks of the Unstressed movement it looks like she carries a smaller bucket.

I meet myself on the view of our home, "Ucheoma", I called, "What happen?", she groaned, "Hope you don't want to tell me about going to the city", She warned, "Because that is what you have been saying throughout this distance".

I kept shut in the awareness of her words, why can't she just agree to my plans for going to the city.

A movement disturbed my thoughts.

Adaego Magret Isiwu - fat, overwhelmed with food, pointed nose, green special eyes, short in height, pink lips, same as mine, 8 year old, wearing a pink pjs, birth mark on the appearance of her cheek, coming close to the position I heard a soft groan humming from her frozen dry lips.

Jealousness pours out of all known holes in my body, the feeling of coming from a hard morning's work and you find your last born waking up.

I don't know why she can't just commit to the time given, the funny thing is that my mother would never do anything to her, she pampered her too much, "Why are you waking up by this time, ehn?", I yelled glaring, I couldn't hold my anger anymore.

Before I altered another word, I felt a heavy sound slap on my back.

Obama Tochukwu Achike Isiwu - My mother, wife of Chukwuebuka Eberendu Isiwu [My father], daughter of Tobechukwu Obiefule and Michel Obiefule [My grand father and mother] Sunken eyes, slightly pointed nose, Normal black eyes, 55 years, average heighted woman, and a blure lip.

"Why would you be yelling at Adaego, bià gà fu [Come and see], My mother cautioned.

I couldn't find the right word to put together, this was a very awkward moment with my mother, "Well, she didn't wa..., wake up at the appropriate ti..., time", I replied with my viewing sight in another direction, I knew whatever I said would never be right in the ears of my mum, Nigerian mom and their ego.

"Ehn - ehn, if she didn't wakes up on the exact time, does that mean you would be yelling at my daughter?", she scolded, "Let me ask you, what does my daughter want to do for you, does she have any work here?", she asked.

I was completely silent because I knew no matter the reply I utter she will never accept it, "Chioma, look at me when I am talking to you or I will reap that eyes of yours", she threatened in the realisation of my look.

I am so foolish, why didn't I mind my business Now?, see the trouble I have put myself into now.

"Before I close my eyes and open it, let me not see you in front of me", my mother expressed, I saw this as an opportunity to dismiss her presence.

I ran out to the bathroom to prepare water for my bathing, why won't my mother Understand that Adaego doesn't deserve special treatment?

My mother treats her like a golden egg because she thinks my sister brings the money, ever since the birth, my mother became enriched because of her, my father knows this is just a coincidence, but she doesn't listen.

My father just sees she has a normal child but my father doesn't notice my mother's special treatment towards my younger sister.

My motherhood thinks she is special just because of her natural green eyes, my mother named my sister 'Adaego' because she thinks she possesses money, the meaning of Adaego is 'daughter of money'.


One hour later;

"Chioma, come!", my mother called, interrupting me from eating, "Come and buy tomatoes and pepper for night use, I would need it to cook stew this evening", she ordered.

"Mama, I..., I am not yet done with my food", I argued.

"Are you questioning my demands?", my mother rebuked, "No, I would do it now", she dropped the money on the bed she layed on, I took the money on the bed and went to the dinning room to cover my Unfinished food.

Hunger held me up but I would manage because I did not want trouble. I went to the nearby shop where they sell tomatoes. After my mission to the shop, I headed back home, On my way, I saw a very handsome boy walking past me.

Pink lips, well shaved and shaped beards, long dresses hair, yellow eyes, pointed nose, and a very ferm status and figure.

My eyes couldn't believe my sight, what shocked me was that he noticed my reaction towards him, I walked passed him and he waved at me, Wow he actually waved at me, everything just seemed like a film, it came to me like slow - mo.

I hope I see him around often, because he is so dreamy. I resumed my actual life and got into my home, I dropped the tomatoes and pepper in the kitchen and notified my mom that I was back.

I went back to the dining room to find my food and eat, but I didn't see it in the position I left it.

I went to the pot to find out if anyone returned it back there, but the pot was empty, I checked the link and found my plate empty there.

I went to our room to question my sisters. Firstly I found Ucheoma sitting on a nearby seat, "Please, Ucheoma, are you the one that ate my food?", I asked curiously.

"No, but I saw Adaego eating another plate of food in the dining room", Ucheoma replied.

I went straight to Adaego to ask the same question, "Adaego, are you the one that ate the food I kept on this table?", I said pointing on the dining table.

"Yes, I didn't know that the food was for you, but I ate it", she said in her annoying voice.

"Are you mad, don't you know the food was mine?", I asked with anger, before she could reply I landed a very heavy slap on her face, My eyes caught my left view, I looked at my left side and found Ucheoma and My mother watching

To be continued... .

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