Chapter four: The new suitor.

This was a very crazy thing, what the heck is this, "Ahhhhhh!"

I quickly  dropped the orb and ran a few steps away from it, I checked my arm and found a very weird tattoo on my elbow.

It had a very unseen incantation on my skin, " What is this orb?," I said while picking the orb up.

 I had to keep it so I could know what was going on with me.

 I put the orb into my handbag and took off, I kept the items I bought in the kitchen and headed into a corner in my room.

I pressed the first botton earlier and all these weird things happened to me 'why.'

What happens if I press the second button which is blinking, Curiosity was pulling me in, but fear pulled me back.

"What is a very sophisticated technology doing in our Village?"

I looked at it for some time and kept it in a very secret untouched area


3 months later,

     It has been months now and I have suffered all through them. My mother kept beating me in the case of Adaego but I kept resisting my lesson and kept putting Adaego in her position.

On a Saturday morning I woke up to find the chief of this town in my sitting room for only God knows what.

"Ah!, here she is," everyone in the sitting room began to shout in a happy manner when my dad talked.

I still stood in my position in shock wandering what was happening.

"Chioma, come," I walked towards my Dad in his approach.


"Chioma, meet your new husband, Temilayo," said my father with his hands on the guy beside the chief.


"Yes, you would be marrying him in three days time, he is the suitor that would marry you, Aren't you happy, you should be happy that you are marrying the chief son, which means you would be the future queen of this town," my Dad explained.

"Don't that mean I can leave this village for life?"


"No, oh no no no, I can't do this," I pumped with my legs moving away from their sight.

In my closed distance I heard my Dad saying "Don't worry, she is just shy, let me go and call her"

Immediately I ran far so he wouldn't catch up, but unfortunately he got to me.

"Chioma, come back here now!" He yelled.

With anger and stubbornness I stopped my legs on the floor, "Daddy, I don't want to marry that guy" I complained.

"What!, what did you say?" He asked sarcastically.

"Well…." Before I could complete my sentence he shot me up.

"Now, let me tell you, you better go back to the sitting room and accept that marriage or else you won't eat for a whole year" he expressed.

"Ah, papa, that one is not possible, do you want to kill me."

"I am not joking," said my father, he brought out a red sleeveless gown and told me to wear it when I was done with bathing.

I don't think I can wear that, the tattoo that was written on my hand would be exposed to everyone if I were in the dress, but I can't tell my Dad, he knew I loved sleeveless dresses and there is no lie I can use.

For days I have been trying to scrub it off but it won't come off.

"Ok…, Okay" I replied with nothing else to say.

I don't really know how to cover the tattoos on my arms, and the worse part is that I don't like the guy at all.

If I marry the chief son I won't succeed in my plans of going to the city, I would be the queen and I can leave my village, I must find a way to stop this.

After an hour of taking my bath and getting dressed, I went into my sister's wardrobe to search out a jacket to cover my arms, because I didn't have a jacket, I told my mum I didn't like the jacket so they shouldn't buy it for me.

I slowly walked into the sitting room with my hand straight down to my leg.

Tobilola Emma Ogunlayo - Oval shaped face, lighten fair skin, in his oversized village typed suit, brother of my suitor, he looked in his 20's, in my guess he was his little brother.

Temilayo Inioluwa Ogunleye - same shaped face as Tobilola, dark skin white decorated shirt with tight blue jeans, in his 30's.

Chief Ogunleye - Sunken eyes, dark complexion, in his well sewed agbada and red cap.

I know all my mum and Dad want is money, Greedy parents, they don't even care about my happiness.

Where is your other brother Favour?" My Dad asked Temilayo.

"Sir, he is always late, but we gave him the address so he will be on his way" he answered.

Who could they be bringing now, I think this is turning into a party, I sigh.

A knock on the door banged into our hearts, that must be their  brother.

"Hello everyone, sorry am late" He apologized, my eyes grew in a bigger size in the sight of the guy.

The handsome guy I had a crush on my First sight with him.

To be continued…. .

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