Chapter two: My mum is a liar.

I allowed my anger to take over my body, now I am so dead, I wonder What my mother would do to me, but no matter what she does I don't care because Adaego really deserves worse than what I gave.

The voice of my mother yelling and Adaego crying kept ringing in my head. My mum walked into her room and dipped her hand behind her box and brought out a very fat cane, I never really knew that was there.

"Didn't you know that I was the one that told Adaego to eat your food?", my mother shouted while the movement of her legs ran towards me.

She didn't care about the position I pointed out for her beating, she just started beating around my body.

The anger in my blood brought out the hot strong adrenaline push in my body, all the stress and effort my mum put in beating failed.

I am Nineteen years, why would she still beat me,

After about Ten minutes of beating my whole body she dropped the cane on the couch.

Come into my room, right now!", she ordered.

I did exactly as she said and followed her at her back, "Now, I want you to go down and go up from slow to fast, and I don't want to hear anything, start doing it now!",

Now this is a punishment I really hate.

It took me just 2 minutes to sweat out my adrenaline push, I couldn't help it but cry, the most annoying moment is when Adaego comes in front of my position and starts to show her tongue.

This girl is really stupid, why was she even born, or why is she my sister.


After 30 minutes of punishment my mother finally released me, I stood up and the pain all transfered to my leg, this was really painful.

"What a painful world to live in", I said as I stared up at the sky with a beaten up body, "What a life, just because of one little slap", I said sarcastically.

3 hours later;

I sighted my mother in the kitchen dishing out food, I was really hungry, just because I didn't eat in the morning, and the main cause of my hunger was Adeago.

She shared food into a plate and is about to keep it on the floor to continue sharing, I quickly reach out to the plate assuming it was mine.

My mother landed a painful slap right at the back of my hand, "What do you want to do?!", she asked knowing what I was doing but wanted to put me in a guilty state.

"I..., I am about to grab my food", I replied, stammering. "This food is not yours!", she said, pulling the plate of food from my hand.

I waited patiently for my turn but what I saw was three plates of food, "Ucheoma and Adaego!", my mother called, "Ma!".

"Come and collect your food", my two sisters rushed from their position down to the kitchen or picked their food.

"Mama, what of my food?", I asked curiously, "Which food?", she sarcastically asked with the knowledge of what I was referring to.

I kept my mouth shot because if I say anything I would just put myself in more trouble.

"After you finished beating my daughter you are still interested in good?You must be mad, you better disappear from here now!", she ordered.

I sat on the surface of my bed while hunger destroyed my stomach, I stood up to open the door when I heard a knock.

"Good afternoon sir?", I greeted when I saw my Dad with farming tools elak past me.

My mother stood up to welcome him with his food on her hand, "Thank  you", my Dad appreciated.

"Chioma, won't you eat, or have you eaten already?", papa asked, Before I could talk, my mother cutted in, "Chukwuebuka can you believe what Chioma did".

"What did she do?", my Dad asked while washing his hands to eat his food.

"She raised her hand and slapped Adaego", here we go again.

"What, why, why did Chioma do that...", my Dad surprisingly asked.

"Just because she was playing in the sitting room", she lied.

Immediately I gasped, why would My mum lie like this, what did I do to deserve this.

To be continued... .

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