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[ sʜᴏʀᴛ sᴛᴏʀʏ - ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇᴛᴇᴅ ] They've been close friends for more than a year. Doesn't matter for whatever reason they first met, they just knew how much they actually mean to each other. And while he thinks being her friend is everything she wants, she thinks different in that being his friend is the only thing he wants from her. Which is the truth as he does have someone he wants to dedicate his whole life to. It never bothered her before, or that's what she would like to pretend to keep everything peaceful between them. So what happens when these two sweethearts actually get into an argument that neither of them wants to back off from? Especially, when he comes to her demanding answers for his unreasonable questions? Will she let him corner her for something she doesn't want to answer? Or will she speak out her feelings in the heat of moment? More importantly, what will be his reaction when he hears the truth from her? _ This is just a short story I wrote for SofaNovel Short Story Competition,
A fun girl, Treya, who has very little possessions of girly character enters a whole Social sites phase. Different people, different talks and most importantly different pleasures! From cute little moments to some crazy, wild stuff with full of twists.
"As long as I'm breathing, my heart will always hope. Because that is love, you hope in things without certainty." That's one of the terms Marie Castanieda holds. But how long will her heart be able to hold out hope for the love she so desperately desires? Will Marie finally find the passionate love of her dreams, or will her heart continue to yearn for something she will never be able to have? [June 10-12, 2020] A work of fiction by AquiraWP Photo by Daniel Monteiro on Unsplash
The priest who have been smiling since morning joined our hands together and asked Jason "Do you take Lexi Tyler as your lawful wife, to have to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?" I and Jason's eyes met and he sighed heavily "Yes I do" he answered and everybody clapped The priest faced me and asked me the same question "Do you take Jason Stokes as your lawful husband, to have to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?" I looked at Jason, he was a little bit scared "Yes, I do" I replied ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Those were our words to each other on our wedding day but Jason didn't keep to them. Jason is a liar and a cheater!
"Brian I am your Godmother!" Jayda reminded him in case he forgot she is ten years older than him. A whole decade. "Age is just a number, I don't care," Brian said as he continued to walk closer to her until her back hit the wall of his office and his arms secured on each side. "Adeline would flip in her grave to find out her best friend and son are romantically involved" She added "She would be happy for me" "What about society?" "Enough Jayda!" His eyes appeared bloodshot as he stared into the eyes of the woman that dominated his thoughts since his childhood. "I have waited long enough to have you. I. Can't. Wait. Any more. You are mine and I will kill anyone that tries to steal my happiness away from me. Get that into your thick skull" She was supposed to feel mad for being reprimanded like a toddler but instead, her core craved for him most sinfully. A night of passion turned her God-son into her lover but how long will this fairytale last?
Cadence Brown is someone who doesn't believe in love . She has insecurities, is scared to take risks and based on some of her acquaintances' past experiences with guys, she really isn't keen on trusting love. What happens when she is sent off to California to stay for the summer at her mother's friend's house who just supposedly has a son who very much believes in love? Would he show her a new side of love? Could this be her very own love story? Will she believe in love and fall in it? Find out in "My Summer Love."
No digest~Jay is the hot new neighbour that Chrissy couldn’t help but fantasize about. Being eighteen years old, and filled out in the right places, she believes that it was time to break her virginity with her hot neighbour. Making plans to do it before she goes off to college, she thinks of possible ways to get him to notice her and into her bed but nothing seems to work. What’s that saying? All good things come to those who wait. Presented with an opportunity to finally get her wish, she goes for the win. Clothes are flying, moans rising, feelings are emitted. Things are going well for them both but what happens when it’s time for her to go to college? Will they be able to overcome the obstacle of her going away and come up with a solution? Or will they fall into submission and break apart?
The story is about a girl who is oversized or fat. She rarely has any friends. She goes through lots of hardships in her life, be in her family or school or high school or her love life. The story starts from her school life and it goes on. But with all those hardships, will she give up? Or will she be able to survive and make herself stronger? Will she be able to make friends? Will she get love? >English is my third language. So, you can correct me if I am wrong somewhere.< <<…So, I was swayed for a moment." His words were like bullets piercing my heart. I still could not believe what he was saying, I grabbed his shirt and asked with tears in my eyes, "What about the time... the time we spent together? What about everything we did together? What about…" He interrupted me as he made his shirt free from my hand looked at the side she was and said, "It was a time pass for me. Just look at her and look at yourself in the mirror. I love her. I missed her. I did not feel anything for you. I just played with you.
The balmy breeze swept across the still sea, and I am sitting here reminiscing the day where I would run to my mother's arms, and she'd carry me all the way home. I felt a sudden disappointment when I caught myself absorbed with a memory that has long gone. It's impossible to live a contented life. We crave things we couldn't have, and while we envy those who have anything they desire, they also crave for real Happiness. We are all prone to misery. Prone to damnation and eternal sadness. But like Delos' daisy, a curse can be a cure. A cure to sempiternal grief. We all bother thinking about how others have wronged us, but we never took the time to think about how much we have abused our own selves. Forgive yourself first, then you can forgive others. Then Love will come next. And contentment. And then, Happiness.
Cagla and Asya have been best friends from a very young age, although a type of love-hate could always be noticed between Cagla and Gokhan, Asya's older brother ... Anyway, love is never easy, much less when it is not reciprocated. Fears, insecurities, sadness are many of the factors that will influence Cagla's life, anyway she has been used to them, since she was basically born. Gokhan the gallant, cold but seductive, he trusts no one, much less promises things that he would never fulfill. Can their love and hate fix their broken hearts? If you could avoid love, would you certainly do it?
Rated +18 Elena Wolve was rejected and hated from birth.. She is daughter of the powerful and well known Alpha of the Silver moon Pack but then she was termed devil!! Why?? Her birth caused the death of her mother through the most painful labour ever recorded, Not only that, she was born with two different colour of eyes balls, one was blue, the other was red... Everyone including her father rejected her and treated her like a slave, it all went worse when her father the alpha got another mate and had another daughter and son, Things got worser when she met her mate only to find out he is the son of her father's greatest enemy, She was left into the world of pain and rejection, no one knew who she really is, the secret behind her eyes, the power hidden in her, the kind of hybrid she was.. All that was unknown till the day her pack was attacked!
Mature content "Tell me... so...that I will...have a name you" I said between each Strokes "Not knowing...your name... makes it more fun" he replied as he grind harder into me. Lexi Tyler got a post of Secretaryship in one of the biggest companies in the city without an interview after having a one night stand with a stranger who couldn't even share his name with her and when she realized that the man she had a one stand with was also the billionaire the whole city have been talking about, she almost freaked out because the world she knew was about to end and she was about to start a new life with her cocky, rich boss
Their Saving Grace. Jordan Evans is being bullied, it wasn't her fault she hadn't lost her baby fat. They didn't let her forget the fact that she was fat. Her older brother; William, had interverned, even when she told him not to. The bullies find out Will's secret, Will is the laughing stock of the entire West High School, making the siblings a subject of mockery. One of the times she self harmed, she is caught by her class mate; Ryder. She finds he suffers from a mild case of Agroraphobia. Together they try to find solace in each other...they tried to save each other from themselves.
One who asked for one last dying wish. One who wished for a day. A rollercoaster of emotions from the past and the present... "Twenty-fours with you, starts now!"
Bobby is a broken 16 year old He has no friends and he's gay. He won't let anyone help him as he is stuck in his own silent world. Ashton, a boy who wants to help bobby but has a very long way to go. As they go along they fall in love.
Great Lovaria is a story about Desire; Hatred; Betrayal and Love. (King Ashford) He loved his brother but never knew that his brother's desire was to replace him as Great Lovaria's king. He (Prince Edric) desires and is ready to do everything he can to get what he wants. He is successful and will be crowned as King. He never knew that his brother (King Ashford) had a son. A son who can replace him as king anytime. He is a prince of Great Lovaria. He himself doesn't know that he is a prince.
He visits every year and brings a bit of sunshine with him. She's loved him since she understood what love was, but why is it that Daniel only looks at her now? Being a young single mother, Valeria just doesn't have time to waste while he's making up his mind. Spin-off of "The Steps To Love You" and "Zoom Your Heart"
16-year-old Rosalie Jansen resolves to save herself for marriage. But will meeting the new guy in school, a scandal, and her past ruin all that for Rosalie?
"Dream me a happy ending." A Dream Catcher never meets a person they saved in a dream in real life. Never. If that happens- it means only one thing- the pattern's been broken. After the War, Humans, and Specials live together. Hunters defeated the Order and locked all creatures in the Dream World, Her entire family are Hunters, and she chose to become a Dream catcher, breaking all rules. She's part of a small group of catchers, each specializing in dealing with a different kind of a dream. Until one night a handsome boy with bright green eyes and even brighter red hair kisses her. And when that boy is standing right in front of her as her new classmate that means only one thing. Trouble.
A story about an intern and an actor. One of them unintentionally helps the other who is in a middle of a mental breakdown.
She is a Lady, but she spews profanities like they were made for her. She is what you would call....A F*cking Lady. ....••••••.... [FAIRVERSE Book ~ 2] Zylith Sanders A.K.A Fake Lizzy didn't need someone to carry her into the sunset. Neither was she the one to care for someone to meet her halfway. What she wanted, was for someone to join her by her side as she went on her sarcastic mad spree of a crazy venture. An adventure of a lifetime. And thus, the Fair Lady's erratically funny adventure continues.
Constanza Larraurie is a lady made from magic. She was created to guard, and make sure that Princess Aurora will stay asleep. Constanza already accepted her fate: to live the rest of her life as a mere guard; someone who is destined to be alone in the middle of a forest with a sleeping princess. She already knew that her life has no hope; she was just wishing that in her next, she would be a normal lady with a normal family. However, a stubborn, foreign prince came forth and ruined her duty. Now, she needs to hunt the princess, and make sure that she will go back to sleep.
Jane is a stunningly beautiful young lady in her mid twenties, who in search for greener pastures literally runs into Jeffery , the very handsome CEO of a reputable company, one of the most eligible bachelor in the city of Lagos. Soon sparks starts flying between them. Their love which seemed like a match made in heaven is threatened when dark secrets about Jane begins to surface.
19 year old Madison Hill was a smart girl and put all her focus on her schoolwork, so she can graduate and live a wonderful life. 20 year old Nicholas grey was a smart party boy. He was nice and got good grades, but he also loved to party with his friends. His future was already planned out before he went to college, so he never really worried much. She mostly focused on work in college, people loved to tease her for it. One day, her encounter with her bully is what drew him towards her and defended her. How that day is the reason they are in love. Thing thing she hated most changed her life for the better. That day is a memory they would always remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. What will the future hold for Madison and Nicholas? Book 1- Their Past and Present.