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Kath Silvenia has five siblings who keep on ruining the date of their older sisters with her suitors. Right after they moved places, Kath met a guy named Daniel Elizalde, who admires and had planned on courting her. Kath just wants peace with her life and just wants to be loved, not just her but her whole family -- especially her five sweet brats siblings. Now, will Daniel ever accept Kath's five sweet bratty siblings when his life is in danger? Will Kath choose her family over love? Will Kath's siblings ever change?
Kanaze Deporezu failed to make her dream come true of debuting to her dream agency and group which her idols signed at that made her continue her college life and tie the knot with her fiancee whom her parents set for her ever since she was born.
Being a only child is what Aishana's love to have. In her parents house she can do whatever she want, no sharing, no noises, and she can enter every vacant rooms inside the house. Not until twelve guys showed inside their house with a suitcases.
Zenovia is devastated when she learned she may not be able to conceive in the future. Hence, before it happens, she must have a baby ASAP. The biggest setback? She has zero love life, and she has never been with a man at the age of twenty-five—pathetic it may sound—until she accidentally has an eye-to-eye contact with a super beddable man at the Black Church, Maksimillian. Maksimillian is bored out of his wits and doesn’t know what to do with his life. He’s had enough of parties and one-night stands. So when his beloved playful aunt suggested to go on vacay in southeastern Europe, he doesn’t even think twice. He packs his bags, and they jet off. Maybe he should thank his lucky stars—rather, his aunt—when a local girl offers him something he can’t refuse for a zestful life. Not in a million years, even if she has issues…
Two weeks shy of her 17th birthday, Charlene Ludlow accidentally met with the gorgeous blue eyed country boy named Thomas Raven who was going to turn her unadventurous, well planned upper class life, upside down. Even though her father, who was soon to be Mayor had chosen a suitable future boyfriend for her, she was already fallen head over heels for the boy, who was said to have slept on the beds of half the girls in town. Tom had never been attached to anything in his life before. When he met Charlene, he felt something that he didn't recognize, he wanted her all to himself, nothing more and nothing less. Despite how much they wanted to be with each other, they faced many challenges of circumstances, from other people and even between themselves.
Julie Greene hadn't had a boyfriend since she started college. The last time she was in a relationship, her heart was broken and it was hard to trust again. Having a best friend since childhood was a big advantage, she never really felt lonely. Kelsey had always been like a sister, they were almost always together. They were always there for each other, even when Julie had a bit of a fall out with Preston, her "other" best friend. That is until Kelsey had a new boyfriend that she met on her summer vacation.
Life is something which doesn't happen according to our wish, but thrills us with it's unexpected twists and turns. For most of the girls,life is an everyday challenge. From her birth,she faces problems in many forms- girl discrimination, love, lust, betrayal, s*xual harassment, acid attacks and many more. This book is a war against acid attacks on girls. Everyday we read about acid attacks on girls, in newspaper. In this book, let's see how RUDRANI fights with fate, life, society and wins her life. The real men never fall for outer beauty of a girl. He will try to read her heart and loves her as she is. Let's see whether ASHUTOSH is a real man to understand RUDRANI or a normal guy who hurts her as everyone do. Love is a magical word which had power even to tranform a life of a person who doesn't have any hope on life. It can heal a heart or break a heart. Let's see whether ASHUTOSH heals RUDRANI or further breaks already broken her heart one more time.
Minase Funeral Services is on the brink of bankruptcy. Ruru, as the owner, who's also the embalmer, have to think of an effective way to save her beloved business from falling. And, because of media convergence, she and her Funeral team came up with an idea: hire a famous heartthrob to be their funeral parlor’s endorser. But how will Ruru do that? They’re running out of budget! Until she accidentally had an encounter with the most handsome man she had seen in her entire living existence, Weeden Chandonne, who believed to be the twin brother of Walter Chandonne, the country’s famous actor! It would be easy for Ruru to convince the man—if their first encounter wasn’t a disaster, but sadly, it was. And, because of that, the handsome beast is out to hunt her.
She is a rape victim but decided to fight for her dignity in this society where rape victims are treated like shit and the one who has no right to live. He loved her in the past, but she refused him. But, when everyone left her, he stood by her and made her life a never-ending celebration. She is his everything, and he is her life. A story about a rape victim who fights to live a life with dignity. Everyone in her family pampered Advaita until a nightmare entered her life. That moment changed her life forever. Her family no more pampers her; infact, they abandoned her. But her life took another turn, which made her life happy forever. Snehith, the male lead of the story, and her ex would be husband entered into her life. With his entry, she got everything she lost in her life. Let's see their journey of life. Enjoy this beautiful journey and see how Snehith filled her life with colors of love.
“How long do you have to convince yourself that you don’t love her anymore?” David believed that he already found the love of his life at a very young age, but the girl broke their relationship and walked away without even telling him the reason why. A second chance knocked as three years later, they met again, and David was really determined to continue what they left behind. They reconciled, but their love story gets tougher this time! They never talked about what happened and just let destiny tear them apart, making them completely devastated. What really happened the second time? Would fate make a way for them to reunite again, or would David just continue to believe that he was intentionally hurt by the same woman twice, leaving him with no other option but to hate her for the succeeding days of his life?
Marisa, sweet and a talented dancer who runs a dance institute with her best friend. What happens when one of her students is the niece of her ex-husband. Will she be able to forget her past and give a second chance to Alex? Alex, a workaholic and a determined guy who has never failed to accept all his flaws. A guy who has always owned up to all his mistakes. But one of the biggest mistakes was to let go of his wife three years ago. Will the guilt-ridden Alex be able to convince Marisa to come back in his life? Two individuals who were once bound by the law; but circumstances tore them apart. However, after three years, destiny bought them in front of each other. Will they be able to move forward together with help of their friends and family? And will love blossom between them? Join the journey of Alex and Marisa! <3
Ella, an ambitious woman, left Daniel due to uncontrollable circumstances without officially breaking up with him. However, Daniel in the given situation embraced the role of a workaholic since he is unable to forget Ella. After six years, destiny brings them together through their beautiful 5-year-old daughter Lilly, who is the string that is holding them together. Will Daniel be able to forgive Ella for leaving him? Will Ella be able to accept Daniel after what she has gone through or will destiny play a cruel game and take Lilly away from Ella?
When Avah Dy agrees to be a proxy on a date for her friend where she meets the funny cool guy, Kevin Li, she becomes uneasy whenever she remembers him. His laid back attitude made her think that he maybe was one of the guys she had kissed in bars before, but it does not seem to be that case. Though determined to sort out her unsettling feelings, she could not choose if staying away, or getting closer to him, will help her find answers about the mysterious, collective memories her mind sent her in the previous years. Is he connected to Elisia Diego who frequents her thoughts?
Pinangarap ni Emerald na i-represent ang Pilipinas sa International Beauty Contest kaya naman she's been doing her best to make her dream come true. She's only one step closer to the crown, ngunit nauubusan na rin siya ng oras. Pakiramdam niya ay para siyang nakikipagunahan sa takbo ng oras at panahon. Unti-unting ninanakaw mula sa kanya ang mga memoryang itinanim niya sa kanyang puso at isipan... Magagawa pa kaya niyang masungkit ang korona?
Mr. Shin adored Aliah for being warm and kindhearted to the point that he wants to match his grandson with her. Thinking it was just a joke back then, she agreed on it immediately. But after she graduated in college, she finally met his grandson. She couldn’t believe that it was a real deal back then. And suddenly, she is engaged with a stranger.
Khrystyna Clemons and Tanya Wilkins have been rivals since middle school, vying for the cute boy in class. Now that they are in high school, they are once again competing for the same boy, Marshall Watkins. But in all the drama, they don’t see the real damage being done by Jerry Chandler, who decides to strike back after being bullied by Khrystyna and Tanya and the other classmates throughout the years.
Every person wishes to have love as the foundation of marriage. But it was not the same with Fiona and Justin. Their wedding was the result of their grandmother's emotional blackmail. Two people who want nothing more than to be in a loving and happy relationship. How can they overcome the difficulty of getting to know each other and making their marriage work, especially since the start of their new beginning was a disaster in and of itself? Justin Carter, CEO of Carter Enterprise screwed the day of his wedding by disappearing on his wife. Fiona McGuire, an exemplary employee of Carter Enterprise, wished nothing more than talk with her husband to figure out a way to move forward with this new journey. However, with each passing day the hope of having a successful wedding kept tumbling. Will Fiona and Justin's marriage be able to survive? Or will their marriage fail in a span of six months?
Emersyn transformed from a pauper to someone close to a princess overnight when her wealthy biological Father(whose existence she didn't know of) took her in after her mother and stepfather died in a fire, where she was the only survivor. Branded as a murderer, she tries to survive her new life by laying as low as possible. But this is no easy task, especially when the most popular guy in her new school was always around her. Can he not leave a girl alone in peace?!
Alexa is just your regular teenager. What are a couple hardships and relationship fails a girl can't handle? Come to talk about undiscovered feelings for someone you should never fall for. Join Alexa in a world that doesn't just revolve around just eating peanuts and excess gummy bears. Who knows? Maybe you might find something that puts you down tight on your seats.
While her friends have already settled down, Plume still could not decide what she wanted to do with her life. She believed that as long as she was self-sufficient, she'd be fine even without a partner. She had finally decided to step out of her comfort zone, leave the country, and find her fortune. But to do that, she must help Rebeka sell her house and take her share. One day, a man named Sheen appeared at her door. He had slender eyes, a pretty face, and a gentle voice. He wanted the house, and Plume must put her best foot forward to convince him to buy it. And suddenly, Plume found wanting Sheen for herself. She did not see that coming. But that was not big of a problem, right? She already had plans to stick with. And love could not even change her mind. Besides, Sheen already had his eyes on a woman who looked like an angel sent from above.
Amanda is addicted to coffee, she treated her coffee far better than she treated her men. She like to change partners faster than she restock her milk and creamer on her fridge. She never get attach to her men, she's very adventurous and even like to share her man with her girls. That was until each and every one of them find their man and she was left to play alone. ****** Dale had been a single dad since his wife passed away delivering their daughter Mable into the world. Since then he hadn't find the one person that can even come close to his beloved wife. He dated woman on occasions but find them all bland, shallow and not even the least intriguing for him. He was dedicating his life for Mable and his coffee shop, and was enough for him. ****** Until one day Amanda walks into his coffee shop and literally knock him off his feet. Since then she has been in his mind constantly, she was truly his opposite. The wildchild versus the calm and settled single dad. Will opposite attract? will they find th
Nang dahil sa mahiwagang kape ay bumalik sa pagiging 20 years old ang Lolo ni Ysabel na si Lolo Gael. Habang nag-iisip sila kung paano maibabalik sa dati ang lahat ay napagpasiyah ni Lolo Gael na mamuhay ng normal bilang isang 20-year old College student. Napagpasiyahan ni Lolo Gael na mag-disguise bilang isang estudyante sa kolehiyo kung saan nag-aaral ang kanyang apo para mabantayan niya ito,pero hindi niya akalain na magugustuhan niya pala ang kanyang bagong buhay,at marami pala siyang malalamang sikreto tungkol sa kanyang apo na si Ysabella... Matulungan kaya niya ang kanyang apo habang nakikisabay siya sa makabagong takbo ng mundo?
Grace is left alone in her flat now that her best friend -slash-sister-in-law got married to her brother and are on their way to their month-long honeymoon in Europe. Trevor, Grace's brother insists that he brings one of his friends in to look after his baby sister while they're away. So , the dashing heartthrob, Ross Matthews enters in the picture to save the day. Will Ross keep his word in looking after Grace? Will Grace learn to trust her brother's chosen guard to keep an eye on her? Will they learn to meet each other's expectations as they live under one roof for 31 days?
Diya is a great, bold, and adventurous journalist. She is known for bringing out the darkest secrets of the high profile people. But, none knows about the darkest secret of her life. Shourya is a sincere, emotionless, brave, and honest cop. He is a terror in the hearts of the criminals. His duty is everything to him, and love, relationships, and family are trash to him. Unexpectedly, Diya and Shourya were trapped in a marriage by the Central Home Minister, an enemy to both of them. Shourya doesn't know about the darkest secret of Diya's life. After a long time, Diya's trials to win Shourya's love became successful. But before they get closer, her darkest secret comes out, ruining Shourya and his family's reputation. And her secret is also connected with his past, which none of them knows it. What is Diya's past, and how is it related to Shourya? Is he going to forgive her for hiding such a big secret from him? Does he accept her after knowing her secret? Inspite of politics and many conspiracies, is it possib