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Being married isn't easy at all especially when both of you have misunderstandings. This story tells of a married couple falling out love only to discover how their faith are connected with each other. Once more, finding their way back to love.
Jade Briar Lisben is known for being eccentric, it's not just because of her fashion choice or how she behaves but it's also because she isn't obsessed with dating at her age. She's far from being a lady but has the looks to make anyone fall at her feet even if she doesn't know it herself. Her friend has been trying to set her up on dates and she thought it would be easy because Jade didn't have a preference but she was quickly proven wrong. As I mentioned before, Jade isn't too keen on dating. But what if that all changes when she meets a man named Boston who also shows signs of interest in her. He is kind, smart and a hard worker but he does have a few skeletons hiding in his closet and Jade knows it. Fate seems to want to tie them together but what if there is something in Boston's skeleton closet that threatens to keep them apart? (Disclaimer: Remember that this is a work of fiction. Some of the facts in this story are fictional and should not be taken seriously. My intention is not to offend anyone)
"Until today, I've always wanted to know: where did I stand in your plans A to Z?" Divertissement (n.) - "enjoyable diversion"; a short dance within a ballet that displays a dancer's technical skill without advancing the plot or character development. A story of love and dreams. Some people say they will do whatever it takes to reach their dreams, even if that meant love will be put on the back burner. Does it always have to be a question of sacrifice?
After waiting for two years finally Care Davidson's boyfriend returns home. Will they have a happy ending or will this tale of love take a new twist.
To some, freedom was a need: a necessity like food and water. But for Hephzibah, freedom was a luxury: something she wanted but that always out of reach. With an insanely religious and controlling father, the 18 year old thought college would be the ticket to the freedom she always craved. The freedom that, just like the wind, always breezed right past her. But count on her father to take that from her, boarding her to the first Catholic College that caught his eye. The 'Catholic' in College was enough to scare Hephzibah to death, but when she comes across rumours tying the school to cult like activities, she felt like her nightmares were coming to life. On the front, nightmares were always terrifying but in the college she would learn that it's what manifests in the dark that is the real threat. Cults were child's play. There was always a monstor behind a scary mask, a shadow brewing in the dark. A haunting to every horror.
Superheroes have always been on a kid's mind, whether it's make believe or on the big screen. Every child wants to be a superhero, especially in the year 2134 where superheroes actually exist and make up 25% of the world's population. The only catch? You can't use your powers until you've graduated from college due to a law that passed when the first heroes came around, stating that you can only use your powers in an official organization that typically first becomes available at college age. And that is perfectly fine with Anneliese Andrews, a girl who blocks her own electric abilities because she got her powers in an accident that she doesn't even remember. However, when Anneliese moves to a new school district and gets into a club full of kids just like her, who've developed their powers early, she quickly discovers that not everything in her seemingly perfect society is what it seems. As she and the other kids in this superpowered club uncover a plot to hurt the superheroes, Anneliese needs to decide to
Ian's past relationships have been nothing but a failure. So he promised to never fall in love again. Love can only lead to deep hurt. His heart is all closed off. Ian is Chloe's brother's best friend. Chloe has had the hots for Ian since the first time she met him when she was nothing but a bratty teenager, but he never noticed her. All he ever saw her as was as his best friends little sister. But she's all grown up now, she is going to make him notice her and fall for her. She's determined to make it happen.
"You can't handle it. If you try too hard to understand me, what you'll unbosom, that is if you're able to uncover anything, will drive you mad. Because my mind is a dark labyrinth, never understood". A dark, lonely, numb soul wanders the face of the Earth in search of peace. Running and hiding from her hunters and her captives. She's trying all she can to feel something, anything, at all as proof that she's living but all to no avail. She's neither human nor werewolf, Satyr nor mermaid, she doesn't seem to have a place to fit in. Her only mission and the goal that drives her very being is how to get rid of the curse she was born with. A curse that seems to spread its wings of death over any one she dares to care about. A curse that doesn't hesitate to suck the happiness out of all beings of close proximity to her. Will her strive to break this curse be fruitful or futile? Will she be able to protect others from getting consumed by this curse that plagues her very existence? Will she thrive over this seemin
A summer fling, or true love? Mithra has lived all her life on the sidelines, preferring books over company and exercise. But now, she decides to take control of her life and become a more rounded person. In the midst of working, exercising and hanging out with friends, she meets Jason, an insufferable jock. But there’s more to Jason than what meets the eye, and soon, she can’t keep away. Set in Cyprus, the island of love. A sweet and summery romance novel, filled with the usual angst and drama. If you’re looking for a light read and guilty pleasures, look no further! Who will she choose? The sunny and confident Jason, or the dark and cynical Blake?
As Gretchin Wilson grows up, and becomes a woman, she figures out things are a little bit harder to understand than she thought they were--and solutions aren't always clear-cut and obvious from the start.
A near-death experience allowed Jade to discover beings that serve as humans' guardians. His soul’s escape from his body and his absence prompted his guardian, Naya, to temporarily occupy his body to preserve his life. But how do they get back? For some reason, Naya couldn’t leave his body and he couldn’t take possession of it again. She had to act like him in front of his family and friends to avoid any suspicion. That is, until they find a way.
An innocent action brings about some smexy reaction between a pair of husband and wife longing for each other admist festival and family!
She was cool. I mean I know that sounds kind of pathetic and all but she was. She was everything I wasn't and that kind of made me sick in a way I couldn't explain. I mean sure, I was known around the school, got invited to all the parties and was star quarterback of the football team, but her? Wow, she was amazing in ways I couldn't fathom a way of explaining. Even just looking at her now made my heart speed up and my chest begin to rise and fall because yeah, sure I could have any girl in this school I wanted but not her... she belonged to no one.
Selina Roberts has always been amazed by the thought of being loved back by her long time high school crush named Kyle Austin, the campus heartthrob and a multi-talented artist of their generation. Later on, she will found out that her love for this guy eventually grows as time goes by. But what happens when the past came back? Is it possible for the right time to arrive when you least expected it? Will she take the risk to jump off the ledge and meet it halfway? Read to find out their story and begin to fall in love all over again.
Because of an accident, Shawn Lucas forgot the woman who he only loves wholeheartedly, Luna Florence. He decided to marry the woman who’s guilty of losing his memories of Luna, Liza Ferrer. During his engagement party with Liza, Shawn met Luna who sacrifices everything and even begs for his love in the past just to make him remember who she was. When he finally remembered her, it was already too late because Luna decided to let him go and marry his best man, Maximus Frost.
When Monica tries to win Brian Andrei Rowe's heart, she did not expect to see him, almost naked with another woman leaning down on a table one Saturday night. She's been chasing Brian for years and the latter couldn't even muster to return back the same proximity of feelings. However, Monica is still persistent to have Brian that she even ask his permission before leaving him, finally letting Brian go. She did not expect what happened next... "I am too broke for loving you, Brian. Please, do build me, engineer."
Alexa is just your regular teenager. What are a couple hardships and relationship fails a girl can't handle? Come to talk about undiscovered feelings for someone you should never fall for. Join Alexa in a world that doesn't just revolve around just eating peanuts and excess gummy bears. Who knows? Maybe you might find something that puts you down tight on your seats.
I am the nature's wintry call; My touch freezes the earth for I am a being who only knows to dye the world in white. But then, I was touched by something scorching Red; And my world was caught in flames. ••• This is the tale of How I Fell! •••
Faith and Cason share the same pain of loneliness but they are unaware of it and hate each other's guts. But what will happen When fate brings them together can they heal their tainted hearts?. Cason is the bad boy who is the center of attraction where Faith is that girl who always challenges him and despises him at any cost. Rian is the golden boy who is loved by everyone being a good boy goes in his favor. Faith and Rian have chemistry it depends where it will take them? What will happen when both boys fight their way for Faith?. Who will she choose?.
Emersyn transformed from a pauper to someone close to a princess overnight when her wealthy biological Father(whose existence she didn't know of) took her in after her mother and stepfather died in a fire, where she was the only survivor. Branded as a murderer, she tries to survive her new life by laying as low as possible. But this is no easy task, especially when the most popular guy in her new school was always around her. Can he not leave a girl alone in peace?!
Khrystyna Clemons and Tanya Wilkins have been rivals since middle school, vying for the cute boy in class. Now that they are in high school, they are once again competing for the same boy, Marshall Watkins. But in all the drama, they don’t see the real damage being done by Jerry Chandler, who decides to strike back after being bullied by Khrystyna and Tanya and the other classmates throughout the years.