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Note: This book will no longer be available on Sofanovel. If you'd like to read this further, please message me for the link. Thank you so much for giving this book a chance. Much love, A. MaNan Punit and Ankita have been the best of friends since school days. And when it came to their personalities, they were the weirdest. Ankita Agarwal aka "patakha" (as she was known by all) was exactly it: Dangerous. Her tastes and choices were more masculine. For instance, when it came to colors, she preferred anything dark and solid. She hated unnecessarily fussing and was quick to dress up, loved anything big and muscular such as heavy bikes, giant dogs, and strong cars. She was quick to anger and took no shit from anyone. Punit Soni, on the other hand, was a "Gentle Giant", thanks to his personality that had no match to his size. He was slow to anger, was immensely patient and understanding. He was a softie, unlike Ankita who was rough, brash, and often spoke without mincing words. When it came to his choices a
Why was I not able to say anything? “I…I…I will”, that’s all I could say. “Well, it’s okay baby girl, we seem to have that kind of effect, don’t we?”. The guys chuckled and groaned behind him. “I am not your baby girl, okay?” I said shakingly “Yeah, you won’t be able to resist being one, if I even bring a finger close to your skin… gurl!” He smugly said, caging me with his broad shoulders and tall height. All the other guys started laughing like a beast except him. His eyes were stark black and his looks were enough to send someone straight to the grave. The way he was trying to scare me was actually making my stomach flutter and my thighs were throbbing.
Once, she saw his work and it inspired her to start living the life she wanted and become a photographer. Later, she got the chance to work for him. When Joy leaves her family home and struggles to find a new place to live, Adrien Walker unexpectedly offers her to share an apartment. Their lives will never be the same.
I thought he just came to me naturally as if it was what I’ve been waiting for. Or so I thought. Have you ever felt such ecstasy as if it was just a dream? Have you ever felt such euphoria that made you feel so afraid at the same time ‘coz it might come with thousands of tears? And have you ever wished that it was all just a bad dream? Have you ever?
This is a collection of short stories. Some are sweet (relatively, as I'm always dramatic), others I wrote while working on The Dream Catchers and Gray Daze Some of my characters take me to quite the darker spaces, so I had to put down the thoughts. I hope you like them.
Victor is a college student at Lone Pine University who dreams of wanting to be a volleyball coach. He tries to balance school with the sport he loves. What happens when he's forced to help the kitchen staff?
"Let's get one thing straight, Red, once a deal is made with me there is no backing out. there's no loophole, no back door, no side gate, nothing. I own you now!" His hands were once again around my waist, but they didn't stay there. He started to slowly run his hands up my body causing me to get hot in places I didn't even know I could get hot. My breath caught when his hands grabbed my breasts and squeezed lightly, then they moved higher taking my hands with them until they were pinned above my head. Then hot soft lips crushed down onto mine and I swear I felt like gravity abandoned me. MATURE CONTENT! SEX, VIOLENCE, AND CURSING WILL BE FOUND THROUGHOUT THIS BOOK. BEWARE OF GRAMMAR MISTAKES...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!
I never believe in love at first sight because that was only a ridiculous thought but I feel like I'm eating what I said now. I think he's the one.
"I didn't know you wear white, Father," I was trying my best to avoid his eyes. "Don't start on me, Lucy. I told you to make those souls commit more sins so I could already toss them inside that pit." I was a bit flustered to see him in front of me in a split of a second. "Do you want me to seduce that devil?" I ask him with a grin. "You are a devil too, my dear daughter." He holds my hand and squeezed it a little. I took it as a warning from him. When he finally let go of my hand. I watched him turned the place into a very different sight from a while ago. The burning pit becomes a lake. He even covered the earth with grass. But there were no trees. No animals and no wind.
18-year-old Regina Crimson is alone for the summer. Her boyfriend is away at boot camp and her best friend is busy babysitting her baby sister. So when Regina decides to head to the beach alone, she meets a mysterious stranger and mysterious bottles of her favorite strawberry wine start appearing. Is it true love...or a stalker?!
A BI-SEXUAL LOVE TRIANGLE ~~~~ Where in Maisie Gibson has to choose between Tripp, her fiancee, and her hot new boss, Scarlett. ~~~ A young couple elopes to start their lives together only to find out that happily ever after involves, financial instability, hot office co-workers, failed dreams, and constant tests on their love. ~~~
Meredith Jane Lewis loved money but she loved it more when she made it. Soon after the retirement of her father, Meredith took over the position of the CEO of a successful tech company. People often laughed when they heard women and technology in the same sentence, she was here to prove them wrong. She was perfect in every way. However luck wasn't on her side and she lost investors. Samuel James King had everything he desired although, it wasn't easy for him. At a young age, Samuel handled the family business, his determination and hardwork moved the business at greater heights. With his queen beside him, he had everything sorted and was living the life everyone longed for. But when the queen betrayed and became a threat, he was willing to do anything to protect the only thing he loved the most, his reputation. The two knew each other since High school, they were rivals. Both struggling in their personal and professional lives were desperate to make things better. But unexpected things happened at unex
For as long as she can remember, Seraphina Cross has experienced these visions that made her feel like there was more to life. It wasn't until one moment, one accident that her life changed forever.She awakened the next day a new person in more ways than one. With no recollection of past night's events, she's forced to adapt to certain sensations she is experiencing all while trying to piece together what exactly happened to her that fateful night. Her strange, hectic life doesn't seem to make sense until she meets a handsome stranger. Only then does the puzzle finally piece itself together.What she doesn't expect is the new powers she has developed attracting all kinds of unwanted attention. Thrown into a world she never truly believed existed she is forced to come to grips with who she is becoming while staying out of trouble long enough to figure out what needs to be done to fulfill her destiny.
Tom and Jerry are the two individuals who can't be with each other and who can't be without each other also What happens when two people are same as Tom and Jerry
Boys were just distractions right, that was what Alexis believed going into her first year at university. But a deeper connection builds between Cole and Alexis as she falls for the surprisingly vulnerable Cole-Hamilton. Finding herself coming to Cole's aid, knocking down every single barrier. Jealous girlfriends are the least of her worries. Edited and completed ✔ 18/10/2020
Axel Donovan Ramos, a Doctor in the making, wasn't really sure what to do with his life after countless of unfortunate events that he encountered. His life was filled with nothing but rain; always cold and crying. But when he met the young Chelo Ojeda who paints her way to his storm with vivid colors—he realized, life without rain is clearly much prettier and livelier.
"Mistakes are not bad if you learn from them. You will know what you have lost and learn and what you need to value. Be careful though, you don’t always get a second chance. And whether this is fate or a déjà vu, if life has given you this additional opportunity, grab! "
Kyle is the hockey team's star. All the girls' eyes are fixed on him. His eyes are straying somewhere else. Jeremy's the weird new kid on the backseat, always dressed in black. What's so special about him, though that Kyle can't stop looking at him? And Jeremy's best friend- Eva is in the biggest trouble she wasn't prepared for when she meets Jeremy's brother Nathan. He loves fast cars, kick-boxing, and basically, everything that’s bad for Eva. And that changes her whole life in ways she never thought possible. The story of unlikely friendships, falling in love with the wrong people and knowing you are not like the others.
Due to poverty, Dana knows she couldn't possibly achieve her dreams so she did the least thing she ever wanted to do in life. Be a mistress of a rich old guy. She left her boyfriend to pursue her dreams. Only to find her mental health slowly deteriorate, due to guilt and disgust towards herself. Amid her worst state came a man who made her feel that her feelings are all valid, who understood her and loved her more than she could ever imagine, but what happens if she finds out who his father is?
The sacrifice is great but will anybody be aware of it, let alone remember? It's a mystery story set in the 21st century, where we all are equipped with so many electronic gadgets and social media apps but do we know how to use them in an appropriate manner. We all know that gadgets can be used to post pictures and stories but can it be used as a tool to save millions of lives. It's a stunning and irresistible blend of mystery, sacrifice and quick thinking.
When you dreamed about someone you don't know that means, they are the ones who are watching you every 3 am. •~•~•~• When Maria Annadea Morales became 18 years old, she begins to dream about someone that she doesn't know. She never met that someone in her entire life. She begins to ask about her dreams but she can't get any answers. But when she told her friend and parents about those dreams, her friend told her everything that she wants to know according to her perspectives. What if one day, she'll meet someone who looks exactly the person in her dreams? Will she know that person better or will she just avoid it? Will that person be the reason why everything around her feels so different?
Rachel is a complete fanatic about fashion, it's the only thing she wants to do and she has been preparing to do that during this spring break. Along with her friends she looks for inspiration to be the designer of her dream boutique. The only things that wants to limit her from fulfilling her that dream that she has ever since her parents divorced is the inspiration to come up with her biggest assignment. But when Kyle her best friend offers to be her boyfriend she she could come up with inspiration, Rachel then realizes that she has always like him. She realizes how tall he has grown, how manly he has truly been built into and yes, her world is been stirred up by her best friend. But, she isn't the only one that feels that way. They began to hang out just for spring break until she comes up with something profound, but when she realises that her friend also has a crush on him she is pulled back by her emotions, but her new found love will still triumph. And yes, she will be able to catch her dream by the t
"Are you still afraid of Medusa?" His deep voice send shivers down my spine like always. He's too close for me to ignore. Why is he doing this? He's not supposed to act this way. What the hell? Better to be straight forward ! I gulped down the lump formed in my throat and spoke with my stern voice trying to be confident. Actually trying hard to act like I'm confident. "Hmm" Don't look at me like that it's hard to even let out that "Hmm" word while he's up this close. All my imaginary confidence faded away within an instant as his soft chuckle replaced the silence. Jerking me forward into his arms he leaned forward to whisper into my ear. "I will kiss you, hug you and bang you so hard that you will only remember my name to sa-, moan. You will see me around a lot baby, get ready your therapy session to get rid off your fear starts now." He whispered in his deep husky voice and winked before leaving me alone dumbfounded. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? Is this how your death flirts with you to Fuck your life!? Th
It all started when I saw the seashell Louis had given me the last time we talked in person. Flashbacks swarm back and refusing to stop, reminding me how unreasonable I was, how I wanted to see him one more time, and how I messed up his life.