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Amber's mind shut down entirely at his touch. For a split second, she stiffened, wondering if this was really happening or just a figment of her imagination. But when Hunter moved slightly and grazed her lips again, harder, a second time, Amber was lost, her brain turning to a puddle heap once more. His first kiss was light as a feather, just a mere brush of their lips. Amber barely felt a thing. His second kiss was questioning, inquiring. Asking if it would be all right and if it so, would Amber reciprocate? And she did so by parting her lips, inviting him in. Hunter maneuvered in on her signal, sinking deep and demanding her mouth, her tongue, her very soul. With his lips, he teased, with his tongue he chased, and Amber could do nothing but obey. When she tried to turn, he simply chased her mouth back, capturing her lips once more with a tilt of his head. His kisses were overwhelming. He was overwhelming, taking everything she offered and more.
Sarah says she prefers to be self-partnered because all the men she meets are sub-par. But when she meets her new boss, she finds herself wondering why she ever thought men were invaluable to her life. If only he would strip her of prejudices and much much more, she'd see the errors of her ways.
Rich Guy is at the top of the food chain with its multi-billion dollar business. Only the sound of his name makes men's blood boil with envy, and women go too long just to get a second look back for his other worldly good looks. He's known to be a player, and he's getting any woman he wants with a snap of his fingers. This girl is the awkwardly clumsy girl most of the people wouldn't even take a second look at. So when the Girl who's been looking hard to find a good job after being unjustly fired from her previous one gets desperate and applies for a job at The Company knowing she's not going to get in but life is full of surprises and The Girl receives exactly that in the form of a smirking and looking This Guy. Join them for their journey.
This story is about a girl who falls in love with a man he is her dream guy and though she is only in high school she thinks she is in love with a 19-year-old billionaire that owns his own business.
Luke Williams CEO of Williams Corp. was obsessed with the idea of finding someone to love forever. This idea of his came from when he watched his parents Natalia and Chase Williams find their way to each other after years apart and the obsession of the woman named Amber. His ideals changed when his heart was broken by his childhood crush Amelia. She was everything he wanted but it turns out she was only with him for his wealth and when a much wealthier man came along she was only too happy to go. Luke became cold after that. He was always cordial and polite, never showing too much emotion. That all changes when Camilla Cortes enters his life. She's feisty, sexy, caring and knows how to make him see stars. She melted his heart and taught him how to love again. He was all too happy to be with her until he found out just who her mother was.Will Luke look past Camilla's heritage or will he walk away from her forever. Will that be there only test or are there more challenges in store? This is the sequel to
Sleeping with him for three years, she received nothing but a check and a letter of dismissal. How could he know she required nothing but his love...
"Let me borrow your husband for one night and I spare your dad's life." Trishia Meyer, the only daughter of Senator Meyer demanded. To save her father's company, Arabella had agreed to marry the evil billionaire, Bill Sky. She dared to kiss him to show off her ex-boyfriend that night, but she never expected the kiss would deepen and he didn’t want to let go. That night was just a mistake, but they were bound to meet again. They agreed to sign a non-disclosure contract and they swore not to love each other. Sacrificing herself to be with the domineering cold man and turning a blind eye to his sexual affairs with other women were just some of the things she needed to endure every day. Now that she conceived his baby, he wanted it to be aborted instantly. Arabella Jones then made a promise to herself that she would do everything to live a happy life with her baby far away from him. Little did she know, it's not for her to decide, that if the billionaire's wrath would allow her.
Plain office girl Kayla's normal life went into haywire the moment she met handsome CEO Warren De Jesus of AlphaCorp. From how he affects her, to the weird dreams she was suddenly having. Adding up a series of murders surrounding her, her life was now far from ordinary. She must now find out how all of these are connected to the rich, intelligent and drop-dead gorgeous CEO to put her life back to how it used to, boring and all.
Everything messed up when the ambitious and arrogant C.E.O, Brand Mauritius, found out that he had a son and was diagnosed with a terminal disease. And the woman he was desiring and got pregnant with didn't want anything and didn't want to be indebted to him. So, he offered something. One month living together. They would act as a husband and wife in front of their son until the contract ended. Oleya Campbell needed work. She applied as a C.E.O’s Secretary in Brand’s Intell and was surprised when she found out that the C.E.O was the father of her son. Things seemed to be on her side as she planned something: made his boss suffer even if it meant giving him her body, again. [Warning: This contained matured scenes. Parental Guidance is advised]
An annoying superstar or a cheerful CEO? Between the two of them, who will Elise choose to fall in love with? Especially when one of them is an old flame she loved dearly sixteen years ago.
She was more trouble than he could handle and just the right person to bring him to his knees. Vulcan Alvaro had a plan... to build a new hotel in Little Hill. The contract was signed. The construction workers were ready. Everything was set and nothing could stop him. Well, nothing except the beautiful, smart, feisty and annoying young woman who threatened to ruin his plans. But Vulcan wasn't going to let some young woman ruin his business. No matter how beautiful she was or how much she made his blood boil. Davina King was a troublemaker and he knew better than to associate with her. But could he stay away from her when she keeps coming back? And could he risk his business for a troublemaker?
she was normal working women who never get involved much with her colleagues and one day, she was standing with her colleagues to welcome her new boss but when she saw him she started to run from there, she was afraid, her whole body was trembling, suddenly a man hugged her from the back and told on her ears " why did you run away from me? this time I won't let you go". she thought " because I don't want to be your girlfriend's substitute " this is my first novel here, hope everyone like this
Cejay Merryweather has resigned to be the marketing head of Huntington Inc. because of an incident that happened causing havoc in the internal auditing department. Sebastian Huntington, a charismatic, egocentric, and ruthless businessman has offered her to be his personal assistant. Little did she know, upon agreeing to his offer, her life would be in danger once she starts deciphering his boss's secret. A secret no one should know but Cejay, with her curiosity got the best of her, will be the first one to find out. That is why curiosity kills the cat. Would you still dare to know Mr. Huntington's Secret?
What would happen when an Independent and melancholic model meets the soul of her soulmate waiting for her for five hundred years! Will she choose her soul mate over her fiancé who is her childhood friend? Will she kill herself to be united with her soulmate? Or will her finance bring her back from the clutches of death? This is her story. Stay tuned!
He is hot. Nobody may have seen him naked in pictures but seeing him all the time in suits and ties is enough to make anyone wet. He is mysterious, a puzzle everyone seems to want to figure out. Ladies and gentlemen alike love the unknown—makes them crave to know more, to dig deeper, to satisfy their internal need to be enlightened. He is simply someone everyone wants to get his or her hands on. “He is Juan Miguel King—the most sought out bachelor everyone wants a piece of—and all you need to do is to court this King.”
UNREQUITED LOVE Eight years working your butt off for someone you love, only to watch them fall in love with your own sister and propose a marriage by your help, is not something everyone have guts for, to do. Follow the journey of Heath Evercrest and Hazel Scarlett, as Hazel struggles to put up with her employer's sudden unexpected odd request, while her own heart threatens to betray her sooner or later, in her own quest. ___________ ~Based on the same theme of unrequited love, but with the different sort of love-triangle. Written with feelings and passion, so hold your seats pals, it might give you Tachycardia if you ever had serious one-sided love for anyone lol.
She could do just anything for her family. He could do everything for power and money. When he asked her to marry him, she was happy. But little did she know, she was entering hell. She had a crush on him. But not now, not anymore, not when she knows his deepest secrets. But she can't run now, he had already noticed her and now, he wants her. And damn, he gets what he wants.? Can they ever love each other? Or will it always be what it was-- hate? Love blossoms in the most unexpected circumstances. And damn, they are right, opposite attracts. Follow me on the game fate decided to play with these two.
After running away for the first time because of a bet Zyan made with his friends, Jessie told herself that she won't be fooled the second time around. Upon returning to Singapore, Jessie was labeled a Man Hater, Lesbian and Miss Reject as a lot of capable bachelors sought after her heart but she always turns them down. Having the position of General Manager in the Diamondella Group of Companies, The Chairman heard about her. Mr. Benjamin then thought about his grandson and made a bet, He is to promote Zyan as the President of their company if he managed to soften the stone heart of the fearsome General Manager. Zyan accepted the challenge without knowing who the General manager is. Upon countless courting of Zyan to Jessie, her heart then finally gave up. But a shocking news crumbled Jessie's World as she heard about the bet Zyan made with his Grand Father, Jessie was about to Run away with their baby, but Zyan managed to get to her on time, Will Jessie stay with Zyan? Or will she run away like what she di
Damon curled a hand into her hair and pulled back, savouring the startled yelp she let out and the exposed line of her throat. He took the opportunity to bite down on her pulse, feeling her heart rate spike beneath his lips before licking a stripe over it to soothe the sting. "Beg me to make you come, Mia." She scoffed. "In your dreams, maybe." *** Mia Grace's life would have been picture perfect if not for her new boss, Damon Rossi. Hes demanding, insensitive but also completely irresistible. After Damon Rossi returns from his trip to Spain, he fills the position as the new CEO, replacing his father. Mia expected him to be sweet and kind like her, also a lot older but he's completely opposite. Almost instantly, she hates the man yet lusts after him all together. As they continue working together, everything around them is put to test, from their will to remain professional to their feelings, desires, only to reach a point where nothing ever will be the same again. ***
Once, she saw his work and it inspired her to start living the life she wanted and become a photographer. Later, she got the chance to work for him. When Joy leaves her family home and struggles to find a new place to live, Adrien Walker unexpectedly offers her to share an apartment. Their lives will never be the same.
I thought he just came to me naturally as if it was what I’ve been waiting for. Or so I thought. Have you ever felt such ecstasy as if it was just a dream? Have you ever felt such euphoria that made you feel so afraid at the same time ‘coz it might come with thousands of tears? And have you ever wished that it was all just a bad dream? Have you ever?
Sebastian "Bash" Hughes IV, the Golden Boy, and the only son of Seb Hughes III and Abby King. He has the looks, money, and brain, and soon to be the heir of Hughes Industries. He's always nice to everyone, well, except to Trinity. He bullied when they were just kids. They eventually became best friends when he needed her art enthusiasm, and Trinity needed him to solve her math assignments. But they ended their friendship badly when Bash left for college abroad. The plan they did for years didn't go well as Trinity backed out before college started. They went separate ways. After his parents sent him to study abroad, now he's returned, and their paths yet to cross again, and they're both two different people. Will their friendships still have chances to reconcile? Or they want more? Will Bash back to being the same bully to the now beautiful and sassy Trinity? Or he will finally realize why he was mean to her in the first place?
A BI-SEXUAL LOVE TRIANGLE ~~~~ Where in Maisie Gibson has to choose between Tripp, her fiancee, and her hot new boss, Scarlett. ~~~ A young couple elopes to start their lives together only to find out that happily ever after involves, financial instability, hot office co-workers, failed dreams, and constant tests on their love. ~~~
~~~~~~ She told him she loved him in high school; he laughed in her face. And, ever since then, Lucia Brielle Renaud had vowed never to fall in love again. Ten years and a successful career later, Lucia's first love... or is it her mortal enemy, Dylan Thomas is back in her life with one sole task; to claim the one position Lucia has ever dreamed of taking on: Vice president of Retro Corp! Oh, another cool fact... he doesn't remember her. At all. Lucia is determined to do everything... even go the extra mile to ensure that she gets that position, and possibly her lost pound of flesh while she's at it, but how far will she go? Dylan Thomas returns to his father's company after so many years also vying for the position of vice president. Little does anyone know that he comes with his own ulterior motives and personal agendas. He meets Lucia, otherwise known to him as Brielle, and the level of attraction he has for her is maddening and almost instantaneous. With lust, feelings and physical attractions getting i