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Loving both young women to reach his dream of becoming a Billionaire and a Spy. Will he redeem his soul as a payout for scheming the secret game of love? Marco Fernando's humble beginning came with such an innocent guy that his ambition to study in the city. Poverty befalls his family that he found the rigors of life, and accept the system wherein he succumbed to the evil ways of mankind, to reach his goals in life. He used his manipulative character to find easy money and influence Danielle Gustilo. He used Ayah Isabel Gonzales and Danielle Gustilo to finish his college course. Likewise, he used his best friend Edward, as a refuge wherever, problems occurred. He cannot fathom the love for Ayah Isabel Gonzales and Danielle Gustilo that when an incident occurred to the Gonzales Family while celebrating their marriage, his feeling turned to change and responsibility engulfed his ever-changing character. He decided to live in Manila with Ayah Isabel Gonzales while discovering the place in which, molded his
Amelia was a secret from birth because she was illegal; she was not included in the family book and was home-schooled all her life. When it was time to get married, her father wanted her to remain a secret from the world. She had promised herself that she was going to take charge of one thing in her life – her marriage. Regardless of how her life had been controlled so far by her father and stepmother, they won’t pick her husband for her. So, when her father had arranged a marriage for her with her friend’s son – one they have never seen, he lived abroad all his life. Again, they wanted a secret marriage. Amelia swore to run away before the marriage. Would she succeed? Mike cared nothing about marriage. But, when it was time to inherit his family business, his father made marriage to his friend’s daughter compulsory. He was ready to obey, so he could disobey later. He would get married to her, inherit his legal property, and divorce the wife – finally gaining his freedom back. But when he saw Amel
Manuela Siqueira is a hardworking woman who, with the end of her failed marriage, had to go through bad times, but even with all the events of her busy life, she did not leave aside her greatest gifts, her daughters who are her greatest pride. But in the face of all this, she still feels that something is missing, Manuela wants to have her happy ending. Come and discover this story full of drama, reality and pain... You can't lose!
Synopsis In a world struck by a deadly pandemic, a mysterious disease is rapidly spreading that endows the infected with incredible powers, but at a great cost. As the virus continues to spread, the infected individuals begin to lose their minds, becoming monstrous and uncontrollable, making them a danger to themselves and those around them. A small group of uninfected individuals forms the Meta Advance Human Army, to fight against the spread of the pandemic and to uncover the secrets behind the outbreak. They quickly realize that the virus is not a natural occurrence, but rather a man-made bioweapon created by a rogue government agency. As the team races to find a cure, they discover that the pandemic is just the tip of the iceberg. The agency responsible for creating the virus is planning something even more catastrophic, and it's up to the Meta Advance Human Army to stop them before it's too late. As they navigate a world on the brink of collapse, the team must fight not only against the infected but a
a modern prophetic book, and the work of the Chinese kris, a classic of Christian communism, is dominated by Christianity, which puts forward new thoughts, as well as new thoughts, on communism. There is also a lot of thinking about the current society and life, and the solutions to all these problems. The key words of the “wordofgod” are peace, equality and love. “wordofgod” has 27 chapters, current 550 thousand words, “wordofgod” has foreign version.”wordofgod” first edition has been published in Hong Kong four seasons press in September 2014, the book number: isbn 978-988-13762-1-3.
Contents: Volume 1 the age of innocence of Ge Shenyi's anecdotes(january1969 – July 1990) Volume 2 Ge Shenyi's anecdotes: rivers and lakes years(june1989 – July 1990) Volume 3: Ge Shenyi's hearsay: flying over the madhouse(december1990 – present) Volume 4 Ge Shen and his women(august1990 – present) Volume 5 Ge Shenyi's network career(March2001 – present) Volume 6 Ge Shenyi Hearsay: the road to becoming a God(april2001 – present)
It was a rainy night. A cold wind mercilessly blew the fallen leaves around the city. Lea and I stood at the entrance of the Hospital, holding umbrellas. "Sunny, I'm pregnant." I was stunned for a moment and stared at her, "Go find the guy who got you pregnant. Why did you call me out?" Lea's tears were about to overflow. She clenched her lips, looked at me, angry, disappointed and regretful.