The Prince Tale


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"Is it possible to fall in love when all you know is hate?

Is it possible to fall in love when you have a cold heart that they make?

Is it possible to fall in love with a person you can't take?

Is it possible even you never believe in true love and even fate?

Is it possible?"

This is a story of a cold-hearted Guy.

A man who fooled everybody.
A man who believes nobody.
A man who dares to fall in love with somebody.

Can Love changed his Life?
Can he falls for a girl that he dares to be a slave?

Isn't really possible to fall in love with fantasy?

Can that Fantasy become Reality?

"The Prince Tale: 100 Days with Fantasy"


Written By: PitchdarkqueenKleyr
Instagram: @pitchdarkqueen
Twitter: @Pitchdarkqueen1
Watty FB: @pitchdarkqueen Kleyr
Official FB: @Kleyr Tequilla


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