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I'm not sure if I'm here, at the moment, I don't know if I'm screaming or begging him to stop as the weight of his hands on my back feels more apparent. Maybe I'm just helplessly drowning in my despair with only silent tears running down my face. Nothing matters because even my mind could not wander off and protect me for long enough to silently surrender to a horrific situation. "You lied to me, You lied to me! You said you wouldn't do this if I " The words slip away as I sob and cry out in pain. "Hm" Alejandro lets out a breathless chuckle, "I did?" One of his hands leaves my hip, reaching down to wrap around my throat, forcing my back into an arch so I'm faced with the reflection of myself in the mirror. It is so I can watch the deranged, lustful look in his eyes as he roughly thrusts himself in and out of me while choking me against his hand at my throat. This is cruel. This is disgusting. This is shameful. This is evil. But it makes Alejandro smile in pleasure, in pride, that he's able to break me
"I don't do business with monsters!" Mino sarcastically exclaimed, glaring fiercely at the lady with a thin cloth covering her face. "So was I with a pathetic human," Vreihya grumbled angrily. They both despised one other's kind because, in their own views, they were both monsters. Vreihya is the strongest vampire, fated by prophecy to bear a child who will substitute the Goddess of the Moon, yet she cannot live freely without the human who is her only remedy for her illness, and when the human perish, she dies. Their foes will object to having a half-human blooded vampire as their new Goddess, thus they will go to any length to slay the mortal and dominate the most powerful vampire in the vampire world.
hi what's up I'm new to this whole writing thig so please no hate if you see any mistakes feel free to comment
Kim Ngu is the third princess of the Water Tribe. She grew up with the prince of Heaven, Cuu Nhat. On the day Cuu Nhat came to propose to her, she ran away and went ashore to travel and accidentally saved the crown prince of Luong. Because he was hunted, his eyes were poisoned, and he became blind. Because Kim Ngu loves Luong Huu Thuan and remembers her promise to him, she accepts to trade her voice and suffers many disadvantages to get human legs. However, when she met him again, he had married another girl and did not recognize her. Then fate made her become a substitute for the princess of Ha and marry him. She thought her life would be peaceful with him, but the road to the emperor's throne was too thorny. He mercilessly sacrificed his favorite concubine to save his life, ruthlessly using his queen as bait to destroy hostile forces. She was extremely painful and desperate to see what he did, so she wanted to leave him and end it all, but now she discovered his true identity and her mission.
She never thought about her wedding day to be like this. She had offered her heart to the man nd he simply crushed it before leaving her there all shattered. And now here she is sitting as a woman of an unknown Man whom she hadn’t even met before. Aarohi Basu ~ A simple girl with innocent heart, carrying a dream of marrying the guy she had fall in love with over the period of their engagement, never knew that she will be abandoned by the same guy just few hours before their marriage. And now she had to marry the guy she didn’t knew the name of. Advaith Abhiraj Singh Khurana ~ A shrewd businessman, went with his family to attend his father’s best friend’s daughter’s marriage, unaware of the storm waiting for him. He was shocked when he got to know that the marriage he has came to attend will turn into his own marriage, that too when he is already in love with another girl. One is heartbroken and other is already in love with someone else. How will their love story bloom in such conditions??
Many beauties enter the palace. They all add up to the endless struggle for power and love of the king. When Ezra Azzar becomes part of the imperial harem he only imagines a quiet life serving alongside the king. But, everything changes when the king sets his eyes on her and with it, the jealousy of the concubines and even the queen. After several defeats and eventual fortunes, Azzar discovers that the only way to stay alive is to gain more and more power. Love seemed not to be an option, but eventually she ends up falling in love with the king. Yet the betrayals and conspiracies within the harem will cast doubt on their feelings. She will have to decide between love and power. But... And if love is not enough? There are many beauties of the king. Beautiful flowers at dawn but withered when it gets dark.
"Do you really wanna know sweetheart" he replied with a grin Urghhh what do I do now... "Don't you dare touch me again" I warned him He got up from bed, came in front of me... I was staring in his lite brown eyes ... With the "I am not afraid of you" look He came very close and said "Be ready, we have to go to your parents and also have your sister's reception to attend " huskily.... I became statue... And came back to earth when I heard the walk in closet door opened and then closed... **************** Zyva Mohammad... And Aarib Ibrahim... A billionaire, who Fell for an ordinary girl and got married to her forcefully.... Let's see what happens... with the family drama and flood of emotions, mixing Love, Anger , sadness etc.. journey of a simple girl going through massive changes of Life Do read it and Let me about it on wattpad Jazakallahu khairan kaseeran do like it Comment I hope you all like Inshallah I will try to satisfy you all.... so its my first story hoping for positive response..
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Zarah is a classy rich lady assists her brother in running her fathers company, however her father drops a bombshell on her out of the blues an arranged marriage with a business tycoon, a tycoon who was unashamed to put the beauty of the Greek gods to shame, with an arrogant attitude and a sizzling hot body, zarah's stubbornness and Farouq's arrogance blooms into a romance. #TAM2.
Allia, a sheltered Princess of the Kingdom of Ellister, has been living a fairly quiet life. Until a letter arrives at the Palace Gates stating that horrible monsters known as Ghouls will keep stealing the lives of innocents until she is married to the Prince of the neighbouring Kingdom of Freyn. Having never left her home, and terrified, Allia must face the dangers of traveling into unknown lands, to marry a man she has never met before, in order to save her people from nightmarish Ghouls. But all is not as it seems. Is Freyn just as barbaric and lawless as everyone told her it would be, and will her Prince Charming be the man he presents himself to be? Written by myself, edited with the help of a friend.
Despite the visible hatred Aaron and khair had towards each other. They were Arranged into a marriage. A marriage that came with great hurdles and emotional breakdown.
Ruthlessly rejected by her family after her mother's death, Eryna found comfort in the arms of a sweet and caring guy Simba, He was in every sense a perfect life partner who loved Eryna deeply. And once Eryna was 18 she decided to marry him. But life had other plans for her. On the day of her marriage after they had exchanged their vows, They met with an accident that parted them for a lifetime. Eryna managed to live through those years with Simba in her heart, until one day when to protect her sister she married a cold-hearted prick who was the polar opposite of Simba. What would happen when two similar forces are brought together, would they repel like the same sides of a magnet, or would something spark between them as time passes by.
Xara Wilson, a 25-year-old struggling student is forced to marry a ruthless billionaire to save her family from poverty and their struggling business from collapsing. Her elder sister was the one to marry Kai Maximilian, but she eloped with her college sweetheart and Xara had no other choice to marry the rich, pompous, jerk. Kai Maximilian, the greatest jerk that ever lived on the face of the earth and a chronic womanizer as well was not pleased by the news of him marrying a peasant before he could by over Wilson's firm. The deal had already been signed, so both Xara and Kai have no choice than to do their parent's bidding. How is Xara, a shy, quiet girl going to survive this marriage?
"Winter" I gasp quietly, shutting my eyes tightly as his lips continue to make their way down my skin. "We're going to get caught! I'm supposed to get married tomorrow." "Then you better be quiet, because I'll be damned if I let anyone take you away from me." He mumbled against my skin. She was broken. He fixed her. She was lost. He found her. She's become a heatless and cold monster. Then she finds out she was supposed to get married to the man who broke her heart.
Life is something which doesn't happen according to our wish, but thrills us with it's unexpected twists and turns. For most of the girls,life is an everyday challenge. From her birth,she faces problems in many forms- girl discrimination, love, lust, betrayal, s*xual harassment, acid attacks and many more. This book is a war against acid attacks on girls. Everyday we read about acid attacks on girls, in newspaper. In this book, let's see how RUDRANI fights with fate, life, society and wins her life. The real men never fall for outer beauty of a girl. He will try to read her heart and loves her as she is. Let's see whether ASHUTOSH is a real man to understand RUDRANI or a normal guy who hurts her as everyone do. Love is a magical word which had power even to tranform a life of a person who doesn't have any hope on life. It can heal a heart or break a heart. Let's see whether ASHUTOSH heals RUDRANI or further breaks already broken her heart one more time.
Mandaline is entangled in a web of darkness, revenge, and despair. Mated to the cruel and oppressive Alpha Cosmos, she is forced to endure many things. However, she is determined to mend what’s left of her shattered family and this drives her to take drastic decisions that will change her life forever. The past intertwines with the present, creating a complex tapestry of betrayal, power, and deceit.
Nora, a self made billionaire, who had being searching for love across the years but couldn't because of the high standard she had set for herself, which regular men could not meet, until she met Raymond a young, handsome graduate who was jobless at the moment, Nora takes advantage and uses her financial muscles into getting him to marry her but little did she know what she had gotten herself into
Pretending to be someone you don't want to be, is the most difficult thing that Mallory have done. She needs to do this, in order for her to continue helping her parents. She will pretend to be Canon's wife. Canon, the most intellectual man when it comes to business, he's unpredictable and hard to read. A ruthless man who will eventually meet a soft spoken lady that will make his life turn upside down. “Pretend, don't cross the line. You just have to pretend, Mallory. I will never consider you as my real wife. Never in my life.”
Do girls are meant to live their life for someone else? Shouldn't they have dream for themselves? Though they have, shouldn't they fullfil? Whether Girls are just born to sacrifice for their Parents, Siblings, Husband, in-laws and Kids? Anchal Singhania, A Girl with Dreams, who wish to live her life to the fullest on her own with lot of ambitions. Will her life ever be like she wish or she has to do sacrifice for others just like any ordinary girl? Will she be a fragile girl, being a Daddy's little Princess or Strong girl, being a Father's Pride?
Marisa, sweet and a talented dancer who runs a dance institute with her best friend. What happens when one of her students is the niece of her ex-husband. Will she be able to forget her past and give a second chance to Alex? Alex, a workaholic and a determined guy who has never failed to accept all his flaws. A guy who has always owned up to all his mistakes. But one of the biggest mistakes was to let go of his wife three years ago. Will the guilt-ridden Alex be able to convince Marisa to come back in his life? Two individuals who were once bound by the law; but circumstances tore them apart. However, after three years, destiny bought them in front of each other. Will they be able to move forward together with help of their friends and family? And will love blossom between them? Join the journey of Alex and Marisa! <3
Meet Khadeejah Muhammad Agogo, the beloved and only daughter of Alhaji Muhammad Agogo and the heiress of a multimillion company. A headstrong, spoiled brat, who has a strong dislike for the poor. But what happens when she crosses paths with the witty Yushraf Sufyaan Imam and develops feelings for the lower class man, whom after the death of his parents was left to take care of his twin sister. Will their relationship work out? Or will there be hurdles hindering it? Find out by reading this mind blowing book ❤️
This is a story of two people with their own troubled past and present who see no chances in changing that, neither when they were proposed to get married nor when they met each other. Will love happen or will they face long odds in that too? Lets go along with them at their journey of pain, suffering, comfort, protection as well as love.
When Alyssa's boyfriend dumped her after a five-year-long relationship, little did she know that she was in for a toe-curling slow burn romance that turns into a wild ride with another guy from another time. Through a bizarre phenomenon, she wakes up as Allena, a Celtic tribe chief's daughter in ~200 BCE. With secrets to keep, adventures to go on, and a man to love, a timeless heartwarming love story spanning tens of centuries unfolds as the tides of destiny bring two fated, star-crossed lovers together.