She Is His Possession


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Unknowingly moans left her throat with increasing breath and her sex throbbed to get more attention. She squeezed her bosoms just the way he does moaning his name, pinching her right nipple very hard. Her left fingers traveled to her navel to down. Just before she reaches the desired spot she felt wet warm lips capturing her vaginal lips.
She gasped opening her eyes pushing away the head and gaped him surprised as she can feel his touch. His dark gaze, thick lips, naked frame surprised her to the next level.
"Didn't I warn you not to touch yourself?" his husky threatening tone shivered her.
She's still in a daze to find her husband naked in front of her. He held her both arms moving to her back. She knows what comes next but she needs clarification whether she's hallucinating or he's real in front of her naked ready to ram her like a beast.
He placed her right palm up above her left one tangling his fingers in hers. He locked her as usual with his strong aura.
"Thought to surprise you vixen, but you planned d

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