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Isabelle Noah is a beautiful girl, who just lost her father in a car accident. Her mother had died when she was just 10. Now she's 19 and had to look after her younger siblings who are twins, Ava and Axel, they are 12.

No body was hiring her on a job due to no experience. Somehow she became a janitor in one of the top, posh university and the pay was enough to keep her family from dying without food.

Blade Tyson a 24 years old is one of the baddest boy in that University. He was ridiculously handsome, but unfortunately was the biggest bully with a charming smile.

The situation got worse for Isabelle when Blade got to know the janitor who wore fake beard is actually a beautiful girl working as a male janitor.

Things became heated and much more difficult for Isabelle.



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story time


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dreame story


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